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The Best Baby Diaper Bags

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🕚 Updated March 2022

Diaper bags are a must-have for parents of infants and toddlers. You don't want to be unprepared for a diaper change. Plus, diaper bags can hold far more than diapers! Keep hygiene essentials, snacks, toys, clothes, pacifiers, etc., on hand in one of these quality diaper bags.

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  Top Choice Best Leather Design Premium Choice Best Tote Best with Changing Pad
Unisex Diaper Backpack
miss fong
Leather Backpack Diaper Bag
Itzy Ritzy
The Boss Diaper Bag Backpack
Baby Essentials
5-Piece Diaper Bag Tote Set
Pop-Out Crib/Changing Table
Our SummaryThis lightweight and gender-neutral bag is waterproof and has pockets for just about everything you might need.A spacious, washable PU leather backpack offered in eight modern colors. This chic diaper bag backpack comes with a removable changing pad and lots of pockets.A classic diaper bag design with a fully lined interior.This is a fantastic everyday diaper bag with a pop-out changing pad and napping spot.
ProsStyle is suited to both moms and dads, lots of storage, compact backpack design. Chic, classic design, beautiful PU leather, sits upright for easy organizing and access. Cute, unique color options, large capacity, multiple interior and exterior pockets. Large capacity, fully lined washable bag, easy access. Portable and walled crib and changing station, compact, sleek design, lots of storage pockets.
ConsOccasionally faulty zippers. Zipper issues, not machine washable. Zipper issues, tassel falls off easily, more expensive.Hard on shoulders, heavy with all accessories added in. Awkward to assemble, added weight from poles.
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The Best Baby Diaper Bags

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Whether you’re running to the park for a playdate or dropping your baby off for their first sleepover at grandma’s, you’ll need a diaper bag that fits your needs. Check out our favorite baby diaper bags.

Buying Guide for Baby Diaper Bags

Bag packed for trip with baby.

Why buy a diaper bag? 

You’ll inevitably need to leave the house after bringing a newborn home. When you do, it’s important to be prepared with the basics and for the unexpected. Diaper bags can be considered as parental preparedness kits. You can put hygiene products like wipes, diapers, and diaper cream to bottles, toys, pacifiers, a changing pad, and an extra change of clothes (trust us on this one) inside your diaper bag since you might end up needing all of those things while you’re out with baby.

What should you consider when buying a baby diaper bag? 

  • Size: Pick something that will accommodate all of the diapers, wipes, gadgets, toys, snacks, and accessories that you need to take along with you. If you have multiple young ones to care for, you might want to get a larger diaper bag to accommodate more toys and snacks.
  • Sets: A set can be ideal to have smaller and larger bags for shorter and longer trips, respectively. You might just need something small for quick trips to the store, but when it comes time for a long day of travel, you’ll be glad to have a larger diaper bag, too.
  • Style: Do you want to throw it over your shoulder or carry it like a backpack? Both options are available; it will come down to what makes you more comfortable. Also, consider if both parents will be using this bag—you might want a style that you’ll both like.
  • Additional Changing Station: Some bags come equipped with a built-in changing station; this is ideal for taking care of those surprise blow-outs or diaper changes away from home.
  • Storage: If you like to keep your things super organized, opt for a bag with lots of pockets.

Do you need to sacrifice fashion for function? 

Not anymore! Diaper bags have gone through a major revamp in the last 20 years, and the bulky, black nylon bags and hook-and-loop straps of yore are long gone. Think of it as your new everyday purse, because you’re rarely going to want to take a purse in addition to the diaper bag. Luckily, there are many stylish diaper bags out there that can accommodate your purse essentials as well as your baby essentials.

Our Picks for the Best Diaper Bags

Top Choice

RUVALINO Diaper Bag Backpack

This lightweight and gender-neutral bag is waterproof and has pockets for just about everything you might need.

Pros: This diaper bag backpack has impressive storage capacity with 16 pockets and two large compartments. Some pockets are conveniently sized for specific items like bottles and diapers. You can even zip it and unzip it with one hand. It has easy-grab handles and custom D-rings, so you can carry it by hand or hang it from your stroller if you don’t want to wear it. The gender-neutral style is suitable for both moms and dads, and it comes in several colors, so there’s a style for just about everyone. The lightweight material is waterproof for extra durability and peace of mind.

Cons: Customers noted that the zippers can get caught and come apart.

Bottom Line: This unisex baby diaper bag is classic and ultra-functional with its capacity and features. Plus, backpacks are generally much easier on shoulders and backs than cross-body bags, so this is a fantastic pick for parents who use public transportation or walk with their children often.


Best Leather Design

miss fong Leather Backpack Diaper Bag

A spacious, washable PU leather backpack offered in eight modern colors.

Pros: Get all of the style of a leather bag or purse but without the difficult maintenance. This bag is perfect for holding all of your baby’s essentials as well as yours. It even has a bottle warmer and a removable changing pad to make trips and running errands less stressful with baby. It can be hand washed and carried by hand, over the shoulder, or as a backpack. It has two insulated pockets and comes in several neutral colors. You can even use it after your child is potty trained.

Cons: While this bag is washable, it can’t go in a washing machine nor a dryer. If you like to put all of your baby’s things in the wash at once, set it and forget it, this is not the right bag for you. Additionally, some people noted zipper issues after continued use.

Bottom Line: This bag is very similar aesthetically to some of the most high-end, on-trend bags but at a fraction of the cost. It will make transitioning away from your favorite regular bags easier, with lots of functionality for baby’s needs.


Premium Choice

Itzy Ritzy The Boss Diaper Bag Backpack

This chic diaper bag backpack comes with a removable changing pad and lots of pockets.

Pros: This is an elegant backpack-style diaper bag. It sets itself apart from others with a more feminine silhouette, but it doesn’t skimp on any of the functionality. It has 10 internal and 7 external pockets, a portable, cleanable changing pad, and rubber feet to keep the bag upright.

Cons: This is less gender-neutral than other bag options. Some felt that the bag started to fall apart after regular use.

Bottom Line: While this won’t work for every family as an everyday diaper bag, it is a gorgeous and nifty diaper bag offered in several trendy but unique designs. It’s great for fashion-forward families looking for a high-quality bag.


Best Tote

Baby Essentials 5-Piece Diaper Bag Tote Set

A classic diaper bag design with a fully lined interior.

Pros: While this bag is a more traditional style, it’s built with tons of modern amenities. The tote option also allows for even more capacity than messenger or backpack-style bags, and it doesn’t require as much fiddling with zippers. It includes a changing pad, a bottle holder, a wet wipes case, and more. This is a great all-in-one buy.

Cons: Tote bags can cause some discomfort on the shoulders when extremely full. And with all of those accessories, you’ll lose storage room.

Bottom Line: This option is perfect for parents who want a one-and-done shopping solution for diaper bags and their accessories. And each piece in the set comes in an adorable print.


Best with Changing Pad

YooFoss Baby Bag with Pop-Out Crib/Changing Table

This is a fantastic everyday diaper bag with a pop-out changing pad and napping spot.

Pros: The most exciting feature of this diaper bag is the expandable crib/changing pad area. By expanding the bag, you have a walled pad that makes nap time on the go easy and prevents rolling away during diaper changes. It’s also made from durable materials that naturally repel dirt.

Cons: Even though it has collapsible poles to create the crib structure, they are still a little clumsy to put together and take apart. Additionally, because of the extra crib area, the bag is considerably heavier than most diaper bags.

Bottom Line: If you want a bag that can double as a place to sleep or change your baby, you can’t beat this unique design. It’s a diaper bag with impressive features.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right baby diaper bag can be a daunting task when there are so many great options now available to parents. Be sure to consider your family’s daily needs like where you’ll be going most often, which parent will be the primary user, and any extras that are important to you and your little one. We hope this list has helped to make your shopping experience a little easier as you prepare for a newborn or shop for a loved one.

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