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The Best Diaper Caddy

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🕚 Updated September 2022

With all the diaper changes babies need in a day, it can be a pain to take those wiggly little bottoms back to the nursery's changing table every single time. Stay organized and prepared with these diaper caddies you can keep close by.

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  Top Choice Best with Lid Best Hanging Model Best with Changing Mat Best Large Tote
  Parker Baby
Diaper Caddy
Extra Large Diaper Caddy
Changing Table Diaper Organizer
Tot Diaper Caddy with Changing Mat
Lily Miles
Baby Diaper Caddy
Our SummaryThis lightweight and portable diaper caddy can hold all of your baby's diapering necessities in one place.With a zippered lid, you can carry this diaper caddy on-the-go.This space-saving diaper caddy can hang from doors, cribs, or changing tables for your convenience.From a trusted brand in home products, this convenient caddy has storage drawers for all your diapering needs.This stylish diaper caddy is perfect for busy parents.
Pros✓ Stands up to years of use
✓ Customizable
✓ Gender neutral
✓ Looks nice
✓ Lightweight
✓ Water-resistant
✓ Three adjustable dividers
✓ Zippered cover
✓ Space-saving
✓ Holds over 50 disposable diapers
✓ Many ways to hang
✓ Wipes compartment
✓ Diaper changing mat included
✓ Easiest to clean
✓ Stylish
✓ Easy to carry
✓ Water-resistant
✓ Great for travel
ConsX Small items may slip under the dividersX Bulky
X Lid means less direct access
X Doesn't come with setup instructionsX Less room for diapers
Issues with the drawer
X Thick handles may get in the way
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The Best Diaper Caddy

A diaper caddy filled with baby toys, diapers, and accessories in a person's hand.
Alim Yakubov/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Diaper Caddies

An oatmeal colored diaper caddy sits on a bed. It's filled with diapers, rash cream, and baby accessories.

Parker Baby

Why buy a diaper caddy?

If you have a new baby on the way, you’re going to need diapering stations at the ready. We say stations because chances are, you won’t want to carry your baby back to the nursery’s changing table every single time they need a diaper change. Diaper caddies are the perfect accessories for storing all of your diapering needs wherever you need them. They’re made to fit a lot of diapers while still keeping them easily accessible. Most also have pockets for a portable changing paddiaper rash cream, baby powder, wipes, toys, pacifiers, burp cloths, and more.

What should you consider in a diaper caddy?

  • Size and Capacity: One thing to consider when buying a diaper caddy is its size. How many diapers will fit in your new caddy? How much space do you have for the caddy? Diaper caddies come in many different sizes to suit different needs. For instance, if you’re a part-time caregiver, you may not need a massive diaper caddy like a new mom of twins. Just be sure there’s enough room for all the things you need to get through plenty of diaper changes so that you don’t have to restock it all the time.
  • Configuration: A wonderful thing about most diaper caddies is that you can change up the configuration, so you can customize where your diapers, wipes, and accessories will go. This isn’t true of all diaper caddies, however. Some have a pre-set configuration. And if that’s the case, be sure you’re ok with how it’s set up before you buy.
  • Portability: Most diaper caddies have handles so that you can tote them around the house for quick and easy diaper changes. Others are made to be even more portable with zippers or flaps so you can haul them along in the car like a classic diaper bag.

Can you wash a diaper caddy?

Some, but not all, diaper caddies are washable. Plastic diaper caddies are the easiest to clean. Simply empty out the contents and wipe it with a disinfecting wipe. Most cloth diaper caddies can be cleaned with a warm, damp cloth with mild soap. It’s not recommended to throw any of the diaper caddies on our list into the washing machine or dryer.

Our Picks for the Best Diaper Caddies

Top Choice

Parker Baby Diaper Caddy

This lightweight and portable diaper caddy can hold all of your baby's diapering necessities in one place.

Pros: Made from tough, thick, felt, this lightweight diaper caddy stands up to years of use. It has everything you might need from a diaper caddy: plenty of pockets, a large center opening that can fit dozens of diapers, and a removable insert so you can customize your diaper caddy or reuse it as a toy caddy later. This unisex caddy comes in an adorable oatmeal color or a classic cool grey. And it has strong, durable handles, so you can tote it along wherever you go. Also, this diaper caddy is completely collapsible, so you can store it away as your family grows and changes.

Cons: Small items may slip under the dividers.

Bottom Line: This diaper caddy makes a fantastic gift for new parents. It’s one of the smaller diaper caddies on the list, but it does the job, fitting many disposable diapers or about six cloth diapers at a time. And there are eight external pockets for everything from toys to creams and diapering essentials.


Best with Lid

Moteph Extra Large Diaper Caddy

With a zippered lid, you can carry this diaper caddy on-the-go.

Pros: This is one of the largest diaper caddies on the list, measuring a whopping 16 x 10 x 8 inches. Though it’s bigger, it’s still lightweight. It’s made of durable water-resistant polyester, so it’s also easy to clean, which comes in handy for an item that’s used near dirty diapers. The inner structure is made of BPA-free plastic, so it is sturdy instead of flimsy and won’t collapse. And the interior has three adjustable and removable dividers that are easy to remove and adjust with high-quality Velcro. Best of all, this diaper caddy has a zipper cover to keep dirt, germs, dust, and sand out of your diaper caddy. And because it’s zippered, you don’t have to worry about your baby items flying out when you’re traveling.

Cons: Some buyers found this caddy a bit bulky, especially since it doesn’t collapse.

Bottom Line: For parents or caregivers who need a large, multifunctional diaper caddy and don’t mind that it takes up a lot of space, this may be a great choice for you. It can also be used as a crafting bag, a knitting basket, or a supply bag for pets. And it has high-quality leather handles for easy transport.


Best Hanging Model

Maliton Changing Table Diaper Organizer

This space-saving diaper caddy can hang from doors, cribs, or changing tables for your convenience.

Pros: This diaper caddy is a space saver’s delight. It can hold a bulky wipe warmer or an extra-large container of wipes plus over 50 disposable diapers. There are also four mesh side pockets for convenient storage of other diapering accessories such as creams, powders, burp cloths, or emergency outfits. And there are many ways you can hang this diaper caddy bag. The C-clips and buckle straps can help you hang this bag over a crib, changing table, pack ‘n play, or even a place in your car. And this diaper caddy is reinforced, so it will never collapse from the weight inside it.

Cons: This diaper caddy doesn’t come with setup instructions, so it can be difficult for some new parents to figure out how to configure it and hang it.

Bottom Line: If you need a diaper caddy that doesn’t take up tabletop space, this may be an excellent solution for you. It can be a bit of a challenge to set it up the way you’d like. But once it’s set up, it’s a convenient storage solution for your nursery.


Best with Changing Mat

OXO Tot Diaper Caddy with Changing Mat

From a trusted brand in home products, this convenient caddy has storage drawers for all your diapering needs.

Pros: The makers of this plastic diaper caddy tub have thought of just about everything. It has a compartment that holds nearly every brand of wipes on the market today. And it comes with a diaper changing mat that folds neatly and fits in its own compartment. There’s a drawer for accessories such as baby powder, ointment, lotion, or even baby toys. Plus, the handle folds and locks into place, so it’s convenient for carrying but out of the way for emergency diaper changes. And since it’s made of durable plastic, this diaper caddy is super easy to clean.

Cons: This diaper caddy doesn’t fit as many diapers as many other options. And the drawer has a couple of issues: it can be too loose and come out, or it can stick if there’s any weight on top of it.

Bottom Line: For an easy diaper storage solution that can be completely sanitized, this is a great diaper caddy. So, it’s perfect for public places such as in-home daycares or childcare centers.


Best Large Tote

Lily Miles Baby Diaper Caddy

This stylish diaper caddy is perfect for busy parents.

Pros: Great for busy parents, this diaper caddy organizer is stylish and convenient. It stores and organizes everything you need for a diaper change, and it’s easy to carry. It’s one of the larger diaper caddies on the list, measuring in at 15 x 10 x 7 inches, yet it’s lightweight and easy to manage. Since it’s made of durable polyester, this diaper caddy is water-resistant and easy to clean. It has an adjustable and removable divider plus eight exterior pockets, so you can carry everything you need for your baby. Plus, it’s fully collapsible for storage or travel.

Cons: The handles are thick and may get in the way a bit.

Bottom Line: Large and lightweight, this is the perfect diaper caddy for storing all the things a busy mom will need throughout the day. It’s both sturdy and collapsible, the best of both worlds. And the pattern and color schemes are modern and gender neutral.

Final Thoughts

Diaper caddies are the most convenient solution for organizing your diapering supplies. You can choose the size and setup that works for you and even customize the setup for your convenience. That’s why diaper caddies are one of the most sought-after baby shower gifts for new parents.

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