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The Best Dice Cups for Your Next Game

Professional dice game players love dice cups for a reason: they make rolling dice smooth, consistent, and easy. But you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy the benefits of a dice cup. During your next Catan, Backgammon, or even a Monopoly game, your dice will stay organized and controlled with a dice cup. The felt interiors keep clattering dice noise to a minimum, making it fun for kids to shake around without giving their parents a headache. Here are some great dice cups we recommend.

What to Consider in Dice Cups

Keep these things in mind:

  • Material: Real leather can be great to look at, but it does require some maintenance to keep clean and soft. Synthetic leather can give you that appearance with some added durability since the dice cup will be handled by multiple people. Simple plastic cups are less rigid but can be better for young kids that play rough.
  • Noise: If your dice game requires each player to shake the dice on each turn, look for dice cups that are designed to reduce noise. Felt and velvet interiors significantly reduce clattering as they absorb the sound. Avoid plastic-lined cups if you prefer quiet dice games.
  • Construction: If your dice cup is plastic, ensure that the interior does not have a seam so that it doesn’t disrupt or damage the dice inside. Dice cups with lids are helpful but not necessary as an adult palm can cover a 3-to-4-inch area, which is enough space to seal the cup while shaking.

Best Classic: RERIVER Felt-Lined PU Leather Dice Cup Set

Whether you are about to play a game of backgammon or setting up for Dungeons and Dragons, this dice cup can help you control your dice throws. The outside of the cup features a smooth black leather that fits nicely into most decor. The inner red felt lining provides a bright contrast that helps you view the dice while also reducing noise when shaking the dice. The 9.5-centimeter height has ample room for the six white dice that come with this cup.

Best Classic

RERIVER Felt Lined PU Leather Dice Cup Set with 6 Dot Dices (Black, Pack of 1)

Enjoy a smooth dice roll with this felt-lined cup that reduces the shaking noises of the dice when used.

Best Set: Brybelly Bundle of 5 Professional Dice Cups

With five dice cups ready for game night, you and your friends can expect hours of fun. This set’s cups feature soft PU leather and a vivid velvet interior that serves to cancel out the noise of clattering dice. The reduced noise makes these cups perfect for use in big families, parties, or even classroom game days. With 25 white dice ready to be dispersed between the cups, you will be set to play right when the package arrives.

Best Set

Bundle of 5 Professional Dice Cups – Red Felt-Lined, Quality Bicast Leather, Includes 25 White Six-Sided Dice by Brybelly

With this affordable set of five PU leather dice cups, your whole family can join in on the fun of game night.

Best Color Options: Leather Dice Cup Set Felt Lining

If the classic black cup and white dice design isn’t your style, these leather dice cups from RERIVER can give you some decorative options. With five different cup and dice color combinations to choose from, your dice rolls will have as much personality as you. The cup is designed with straight walls rather than using a tapered design to make it more sturdy. While the colors may be different, the classic leather exterior and felt interior makes it durable and quiet.

Best Color Options

Leather Dice Cup Set Felt Lining Quiet Shaker with 5 Dot Dices for Farkle Yahtzee Games,Brown

With five color options, players can add a grey cup or a set of red dice to bring some style to their games.

Best Style: Yellow Mountain Imports Liar’s Dice Golden Cup

Add an element of luxury to your dice games with these reflective gold dice cups that will shine during any game. These four cups are designed with textured fabric that increases grip while remaining bright gold. Dice players will also get 20 six-sided white dice to utilize in a variety of dice or board games. And if you are not sure what game to play, take out the Liar’s Dice game instructions that come with the set of four cups to participate in a high-stakes dice game.

Best Style

Yellow Mountain Imports Liar's Dice Golden Cup Shaker Bluffing Game - 4 Cups with 20 (16mm) Dice

Upgrade your gameplay with these glittering gold cups that come with instructions to Liar's Dice.

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