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The Best Dice Sets for Playing Board Games

two shots of colorful six-sided and polyhedral dice

If you enjoy playing board games, you should invest in a set of dice that will make everything a lot more fun and exciting. Nowadays, you have a plethora of options. Dice sets are now trendy because they come in a range of hand-crafted designs and colors. They are ideal for role-playing games that help you immerse yourself in the experience. They can also make a great gift for birthdays and holiday celebrations.

What to Look for in Dice Sets

These are the features that stand out with every dice set:

  • Six-Sided Dice: Six-sided dice are better for traditional board games, such as Candyland and Monopoly. You can also use them for games that don’t require role-playing, such as Yahtzee, Farkle, and Bunco. Six-sided dice are also great for teaching children about the basic principles of mathematics.
  • Polyhedral Dice: Polyhedral refers to any pair of dice that has more than six sides. Most polyhedral sets of dice come with number engravings and a bag to store and transport them. They are often used in role-playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Translucent Colors: Most dice sets now come in various colors to add more variety and excitement to your experience. The various color options also come in handy for themed parties and celebrations. Among the more popular colors are black, red, orange, and purple.

Best Overall: CiaraQ Polyhedral Dice Set

A polyhedral dice set featuring five different colors and black bags

This is the best available dice set that you can buy. It offers plenty of color variety as well as double-colored individual dice. Made of acrylic material, these dice are incredibly durable and lightweight, allowing you to take them with you everywhere. The printed numbers on the dice are also incredibly easy to read.

 Best 6-Sided Dice: 50-Pack of 6-Sided Dice by GALIREN

A six-sided dice set with 10 dice in five different colors

If you are searching for six-sided dice, then this is the best available set that you can buy. They come in a pack of 50 with five different translucent colors. They are also made of an eco-friendly acrylic material that makes the dice a lot more durable, and you can use them for various purposes.

Best Six-Sided Dice

Best Polyhedral Set: Double-Colored Dice by Awpeye

25 sets of polyhedral dice

These polyhedral dice are perfect for every role-playing game, such as Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder. They come in a set of 25 along with a wide range of colors. They feature white and gold painted lettering, and you can use them on virtually any surface. The entire set also comes with a black flannel bag that makes it easier to store and transport your dice.

Best Color Variety: AUSTOR 100 Pieces Dice Set

Six-sided dice in 10 different colors

This 100-piece set comes in 10 different translucent colors. The colors include black, red, orange, pink, yellow, green, black-blue, sky blue, lilac, and purple. You can use this set for a wide range of games, such as Yahtzee and Monopoly. What better way to enhance your game night than with an ornate and colorful set of dice?

Also Consider: SmartDealsPro Polyhedral Dice

Multi-colored polyhedron dice in five colors with small black carrying bags

This set of dice will be great, no matter how you plan on using them. The set comes with five separate pouches to store and transport your dice by color, and there are no duplicate colors. Made of acrylic, we promise that you will get plenty of use from this particular set of dice. The bright, golden lettering also makes them easy to read.

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