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The Best Digital Scales

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🕚 Updated December 2022

A digital scale can provide the precision and ease of use you need to stay on top of your weight goals. We've gathered some highly rated digital scales to keep in the comfort of your own home.

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  Best Smartphone Compatible Best for Weight Loss Best Weight Capacity Best Modern Design Most Affordable
Smart Scale for Body Weight
Body+ Smart Wi-Fi Bathroom Scale
Precision Extra High-Capacity Digital Scale
Bathroom Scale for Body Weight
Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology
Our SummaryA bathroom scale compatible with a range of health apps and that allows you to track your weight and other data automatically.A high-tech digital scale and app geared to help people achieve optimal health.A scale with a sturdy foundation and step-on technology.This simple, reliably accurate digital scale offers a streamlined look.An affordable scale with step-on technology and multiple color options.
Pros✓ High-precision calibrated sensors
✓ 0.2-pound increments
✓ Monitors 13 health aspects
✓ Syncs with multiple health and fitness apps
✓ Wide platform
✓ Body composition
✓ Step-on technology
✓ Health Mate app
✓ Store data for up to eight people
✓ Solid and sturdy scale
✓ Attractive
✓ Wide platform
✓ EatSmart step-on technology
✓ Tempered glass construction
✓ Ultra-slim
✓ Transparent tempered glass body
✓ Comes with batteries
✓ Large LCD screen
✓ Readings within 0.2 pounds
✓ Calibrates automatically
✓ Straightforward operation
✓ 400-pound capacity
✓ Easy-to-read display
✓ High-precision sensors ✓ Tempered, shatter-resistant glass
✓ Anti-slide padding
Cons✗ Must rely on app for full benefit
✗ Too much data for some
✗ Pricey
✗ Scale may slide
✗ Not equipped with smart technology
✗ Beep is too loud for some
✗ Not equipped with smart technology
✗ Batteries are not rechargeable
✗ Requires batteries
✗ Not equipped with smart technology
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The Best Digital Scales

Female bare feet standing on a scales.
Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Digital Scales

feet standing on electronic scales for weight control.
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Why buy a digital scale?

Whether you want to keep track of your weight once weekly, get a full-on body composition reading, or aim to lose substantial weight, accuracy should be a given. The digital scale models we’ve reviewed have advanced technology to give accurate readings, which is crucial. Digital scales are often preferred over mechanical scales because they are more accurate and easier to read. They also offer additional features, such as the ability to switch between different units of measurement, and some models can even connect to other devices, such as smartphones, for added functionality.

What should you look for in a digital scale?

  • Durability: The scale should have a supportive structure since it’ll have the full weight of people placed on it. Look for bathroom scales with PVC or stainless steel foundations with a tempered glass supportive layer or platform. Anti-slip pads are key for securing the scale in place.
  • Features: Modern-day scales have more features than ever, owing to smart technology. Smart digital scales come with apps to record and store your weight and body composition over time and sync with other apps like calorie counters and fitness trackers. Remember that the more features a scale possess, the more expensive it will likely be.
  • Design: There are a few design aspects to keep an eye on in a scale, as you want to ensure that it matches your bathroom and personal style. Bathroom scales are usually black, white, silver, gray, or clear in color. Some are solid colors, while others have lines or circles in each corner. Keep an eye out for a scale with a lower and wider platform, as these are easier to step onto.

Should you go with a smart scale or a regular scale?

This is a matter of personal preference and your fitness or weight loss plan. Smart digital scales may be a good option if you already use fitness apps for their convenience and customization features. Smart digital scales typically connect via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with smart devices and come with apps to track body composition, which you can sync with your fitness app, for example, to track your progress. If you’re on a medically necessary weight loss plan, you may prefer the simpler alternative, a scale that gives you your weight only. The same goes if you want a reasonably priced, uncomplicated scale.

Our Picks for the Best Digital Scales

Best Smartphone Compatible

RENPHO Smart Scale for Body Weight

A bathroom scale compatible with a range of health apps and that allows you to track your weight and other data automatically.

Pros: One of the most popular digital scales with intuitive apps, the Renpho Smart Scale monitors your health and fitness to the nth degree. The proprietary app charts, stores, and updates your other devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with multiple fitness apps. Step on the scale for accurate readings of 13 aspects of body composition, such as BMI, bone and muscle mass, protein, and subcutaneous fat. It entails high-precision calibration, four high-sensitive electrodes, and high-precision sensors that measure in 0.2-pound increments.

Cons: The main benefit of the Renpho Smart Scale hinges on the app, so it’s not a great buy if you’re sick of being tethered to your devices. Also, data from 13 precision readings may be overwhelming.

Bottom Line: This advanced precision scale and Renpho app tie seamlessly into the busy life of those big on smart technology. It even adds a touch of style with its tempered glass platform and is available in black or white to better match your bathroom decor.


Best for Weight Loss

Withings Body+ Smart Wi-Fi Bathroom Scale

A high-tech digital scale and app geared to help people achieve optimal health.

Pros: This smart digital scale is known for its impressive technological calculation of body composition and wide platform. The step-on bioelectrical impedance technology (BIT) measures your body’s fat, water, muscle, and BMI. The data syncs automatically via Wi-Fi in the companion health Mate app, which can store and secure data for up to eight people. The ample storage makes this digital scale a nice tool for family use—for example, recording an infant’s weight gain progress and an adult’s weight loss program separately but together.

Cons: It’s on the pricey side. Also, some users find that the scale slides around.

Bottom Line: With an app that can track up to eight users simultaneously, your whole household can take advantage of this scientifically conceived digital scale. It measures keeps track of each person’s body composition progress.


Best Weight Capacity

EatSmart Precision 550 Pound Extra High-Capacity Scale

A scale with a sturdy foundation and step-on technology.

Pros: This durable and attractive high-capacity body weight scale makes keeping track of your weight a simple task. Just step up on the wide 15- x 13-inch stainless steel platform to get a quick and accurate reading, thanks to the EatSmart step-on technology. Wait for the three beeps, look down at the large, blue LCD display, and take your time stepping off. The 8-pound tempered glass construction and precision sensors make a safe and reliable scale for bodies up to 550 pounds.

Cons: The scale is not equipped with smart technology. Also, the beep is too loud for some.

Bottom Line: This EatSmart has a basic design, robust construction, and accurate technology without much fuss. If you’re on a weight-loss program with a long-term goal, you might appreciate this reliable and simple scale.


Best Modern Design

Etekcity Bathroom Scale for Body Weight

This simple, reliably accurate digital scale offers a streamlined look.

Pros: This battery-powered and ultra-slim bathroom scale has a transparent glass body and sleek lines. Its thick and durable tempered glass offers strength and longevity. The digital LCD screen shows your weight, turns on and off instantly, and indicates when the batteries are running low or if the scale is overloaded. The scale has four built-in, highly precise sensors that give you your weight readings within 0.2 pounds of accuracy. It also calibrates automatically and has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. This scale comes with a user manual, two complimentary AAA batteries, and a tape measure.

Cons: The batteries that come with the scale are not rechargeable. Also, the scale is not equipped with smart technology.

Bottom Line: The sharp, modern look alone practically makes this digital scale a winner. With quality high-precision sensors and tempered glass, this Etekcity digital scale offers the whole package—style plus function.


Most Affordable

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology

Read Review Geek's Full Review

An affordable scale with step-on technology and multiple color options.

Pros: Staying on top of your health can be stressful enough, especially with all of the weight loss, fitness, and nutrition-tracking apps available. Sometimes, simple is best. This 400-pound capacity digital scale features an easy-to-read display, high-precision sensors for accurate readings, and a resilient design. The 6-millimeter tempered glass offers a secure foundation, shatter-resistant security, and anti-slide padding.

Cons: Batteries are required for operation.

Bottom Line: What we like about this digital scale is that it really is that simple. You don’t have to download apps and depend on Wi-Fi and smart devices to get a daily weight.

Final Thoughts

A digital scale makes a handy tool for health and fitness goals. We hope you found a few options to consider to add to your home gym or bathroom.

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