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The Best Dining Room Chairs

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🕚 Updated May 2022

If you're ready to upgrade from basic dining chairs that have seen better days to something more stylish and sturdy, we've gathered some quality dining chairs in various decor styles. Take a look at our top picks.

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  Best Traditional Best Mid-Century Modern Best Rustic Best Upholstered Best Wooden
  Christopher Knight Home
Phinnaeus Dining Chair Set
Modern Mid Century Chairs Set of 4
Industrial Vintage Dining Chair Set of 4
Parsons Classic Upholstered Accent Dining Chairs
Signature Design by Ashley
Owingsville Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Chairs
Our SummaryA neutral choice that's modern yet timeless.An affordable, vintage-meets-modern selection.Metal and wooden chairs that are great for commercial use.A classic choice that comes in multiple colors and patterns to go with most home decor schemes.Classic chairs that are easily upgraded with cushions or covers.
ProsWide color selection, fully cushioned seat and backrest, real wood frame.Great bang for the buck, set of four, available in five colors, trendy look.Set of four, stackable design, supports up to 300 pounds, four color choices.Fully upholstered throughout seat and backrest, wide selection of upholstery, classy, comfortable.Durable construction, holds up to 250 pounds, will work with most home decor schemes, easy to wipe clean.
ConsExpensive, only a set of two.Assembly required, lacks cushioning.Lacks cushioning.Can't choose wood finish on legs.Assembly required.
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The Best Dining Room Chairs

a dining room with a set table.
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Buying Guide for Dining Room Chairs

a wooden round table with four wooden chairs around it
Signature Design by Ashley

Why buy dining room chairs?

If you want to have a dedicated table for eating or connecting with friends and family, whether in a formal dining room or a multipurpose space, people need a place to sit. In theory, you could use folding chairs, but they’re not nearly as comfortable or stylish. And if you’re interested in creating a home decor scheme that looks like you’ve graduated from the college dorm life, you’re going to want to invest in quality dining chairs that will stand the test of time.

What should you consider when buying dining room chairs?

  • Style: From metal (which can be great for indoor and outdoor use) to wooden (typically a more traditional style), there is no lack of styles when it comes to dining room chairs. The style of your chairs should match that of your dining table or dining room. They don’t have to be the exact same wood or finish, but the setup will look best when the decor style is cohesive. For example,
  • Comfort: How comfortable do you want your family and guests getting in the kitchen? You can find cushioned options as well as upholstered, wooden, or metal options. If you spend a lot of time at your dining table, look for comfy chairs to accommodate you.
  • Height: If your table is higher or lower than the standard, make sure the chair’s height will fit well underneath it. You want to comfortably reach your food without hitting the tops of your knees on the bottom of the table.
  • Assembly: If you dislike (or simply know you’ll struggle) putting the chair together, then make sure they come preassembled.
  • Set: Most dining room chairs come in a set ranging from two to eight seats. Depending on the size of your table or the number of people you want to accommodate, make sure you can get the right amount of matching chairs.

Which is better: preassembled or assembly required?

You might think that this is a straightforward question, but the short answer is that it depends. If you’re not particularly handy, then preassembled dining chairs are preferable. However, if you want to save money, a little bit of “assembly required” can help you cut costs. Additionally, depending on the style you select, you might not have a choice. For example, more stylized dining chairs often don’t ship disassembled.

Our Picks for the Best Dining Room Chairs

Best Traditional

Christopher Knight Home Phinnaeus Beige Fabric Dining Chair

A neutral choice that's modern yet timeless.

Pros: Whether you’re just starting out with decorating your home or you want a style that won’t look dated in a year or two, this two-piece set of dining chairs from Christopher Knight Home is a great investment. They feature a slightly rustic vibe thanks to the lightly weathered natural wood finish. Each chair can support up to 300 pounds and is fully cushioned through the back and seat.

Cons: While you can upgrade to a four-piece set, the two-piece version isn’t exactly the cheapest option. And while there are a lot of colors to choose from, if you want to upgrade to the velvet-upholstered versions, be prepared to spend more.

Bottom Line: A timeless design combines with sturdy construction for a fantastic set of chairs, especially for formal dining rooms. The neutral beige color is lovely.


Best Mid-Century Modern

CangLong Modern Mid-Century Dining Chairs

An affordable, vintage-meets-modern selection.

Pros: If you love mid-century modern design, you’ll appreciate this ode to a throwback style that is enjoying a resurgence right now. This CangLong four-piece set of chairs features durable construction that can support up to 250 pounds. While some assembly is required, you can choose from five colors, and you’ll like the wallet-friendly price of this dining set.

Cons: While on-brand for mid-century style, you may find that these aren’t the most comfortable chairs. Although stylish, they lack cushioning, which might not be ideal if you’re sitting in them for extended periods.

Bottom Line: These starter chairs are on-brand for mid-century aesthetics and are also a great wallet-friendly solution. Just note that some assembly is required and that they lack cushioning.


Best Rustic

Costway Industrial Vintage Dining Chair Set of 4

Metal and wooden chairs that are great for commercial use.

Pros: If you own a cafe or need more practical seating, you’ll want to invest in durable chairs that can easily be moved away for cleaning or parties but also won’t occupy too much space when not in use. This four-piece set of chairs from Costway is a great option. They feature an industrial, vintage, and rustic style that blends wood with metal and is also stackable with a high backrest. Each chair can support up to 300 pounds.

Cons: These chairs are functional and stylish, but you might not find them that comfortable for extended periods of sitting. And given the more utilitarian look of the design, some people may feel that this set is too expensive.

Bottom Line: If design aesthetic is a priority, the industrial and rustic style of these stackable chairs is very appealing. Plus, it’s a four-piece set. Just note that the lack of cushioning in the seat might not be best for extended sitting.


Best Upholstered

HomePop Parsons Classic Upholstered Accent Dining Chair

A classic choice that comes in multiple colors and patterns to go with most home decor schemes.

Pros: Even if your design tastes skew toward rustic farmhouse, these high-backed armless dining chairs from HomePop will fit right in. You’ll get a fully cushioned and upholstered backrest and seat, along with your choice of 20 different upholstery styles, including some unique and lovely patterns. Each chair in this two-piece set can accommodate 250 pounds.

Cons: You can’t switch up the wood finish on the legs; you just have to go with the color Additionally, you can’t choose different wood finishes for the legs and are essentially stuck with whatever pairing the brand has decided to use.

Bottom Line: If you want a classic option to outfit your dining table, these high-backed, armless chairs are a solid choice that will look fine in most homes. And the fully cushioned back and seat will make for a comfortable place to relax. But while you have a wide array of upholstery options, you don’t have a choice for the accompanying wood finish.


Best Wooden

Signature Design by Ashley Owngsville Modern Farmhouse Chair

Classic chairs that are easily upgraded with cushions or covers.

Pros: When it comes to furniture durability, Ashley Furniture is a trusted name in the space. If you want a simple set of wooden chairs, this two-piece set is a smart choice. Available in two finishes, they serve as the perfect blank slate for your dining room decor needs. You can easily upgrade your style by adding cushions or seat covers. Each chair can support up to 250 pounds.

Cons: People who just aren’t that handy need to know that these chairs require assembly. However, they do come with everything you need to complete the task.

Bottom Line: If you prefer wooden chairs, this two-piece set of farmhouse chairs is a solid choice. Once assembled, they should last through many, many mealtimes.

Final Thoughts

If you want to eat at a table, you’ll need chairs. And a good set of dining room chairs can last you for a long time. No matter what design aesthetic speaks to you, there’s something out there for you.

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