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The Best Disc Golf Bags to Carry Your Gear

For disc golf enthusiasts and beginners alike, a high-quality disc golf bag will greatly add to your experience on the course by giving you the ability to comfortably bring all the necessities with you. While disc golf bags feature different sizes and designs, their aim is the same; to give players a convenient means to store their discs and other personal items while playing disc golf. We made this guide to simplify your search for the best disc golf bag that suits your unique needs.

Shopping for a Disc Golf Bag

Consider these important factors when searching for a new disc golf bag:

  • Capacity: A quality disc golf bag should be roomy enough for a variety of discs, a refreshing beverage, and personal items such as your phone, a pen and pad for scoring, sunscreen, bug spray, and anything else you might need. For beginners who haven’t amassed many discs yet, it is a good idea to start out with a smaller bag that still affords plenty of space for your gear. Also, keep an eye out for designs with useful pockets that can be easily accessed on the fly.
  • Comfort: Wearing a disc golf bag for long periods can be pretty rough if it does not feature a comfort-first design. Some nice features to look out for are padded shoulder straps, good weight distribution, and quality, non-irritating material.
  • Durability: Since you will often be placing your bag on the ground while you are playing, a disc golf bag’s durability will be key. Look for a bag with quality stitching and rugged material that can be stood up on the ground with ease.

Best Storage Capacity: Innova Adventure Pack Disc Golf Bag

For those who like to bring a lot of discs to the course, the Innova Adventure Pack Disc Golf Bag is a great choice that combines a 25-disc capacity with premium comfort. This bag is very lightweight at only 2 pounds and features comfortable padded shoulder straps that prevent even a tight-packed bag from becoming a burden on the course. It can be placed standing up on the ground without falling over. Given the ample storage space (for discs and accessories) and a large beverage compartment, this bag is a great option.

Best Storage Capacity

INNOVA Adventure Pack Backpack Disc Golf Bag - Holds 25 Discs - Lightweight - Includes INNOVA Limited Edition Stars Mini Marker (Black/Grey)

This bag features a 25-disc capacity and comfortable padded shoulder straps. It also sports plenty of room for gear and accessories.

Best Value: Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Bag

The Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Bag is perfect for beginners who haven’t acquired a lot of discs yet as well as minimalists who prefer to travel light. Featuring a 10-to-12-disc capacity, this bag is durable enough for years of frequent use despite its budget-friendly price tag. It sports a mesh pocket that is large enough for all the essentials, including your keys, bug spray, and wallet, and it comes in four unique styles. While the beverage pocket is not the largest you will find on a disc golf bag, it will comfortably fit most medium-sized water bottles with ease. This bag can also be stood up on the ground for easier disc access, although this is especially effective when the bag is weighed down with some discs.

Best With Cooler: The Throwback Sack – Frisbee Disc Golf Bag with Cooler and Extra Padding

For those who like to hit the disc golf course with some ice-cold beverages, The Throwback Sack is right up your alley. This compact bag comfortably fits four 12-ounce cans and an ice pack in its leak-free cooler compartment so that you can stay hydrated all day. Its pockets have more than enough room for personal items, and it can stand upright and keep its shape on the ground. Also, with a 12-to-15-disc capacity, your average disc golfer should have more than enough space for all their go-to discs to rest securely while not being used.

Best With Cooler

The Throwback Sack - Frisbee Disc Golf Bag with Cooler and Extra Padding, Comfortable Strap - Holds 12-15 Discs and 6 Cold Drinks

This cooler bag has excellent insulation to help keep your beverages ice cold. It also sports a 12-disc capacity with room for extra gear.

Best for Comfort: Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Backpack

Featuring comfortably padded straps and a cushiony back panel, the Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Backpack is the most comfortable backpack-style disc golf bag you can get without emptying your pockets. This product is also durably constructed of 600D Cordura Nylon while offering plenty of space for accessories, thanks to its three storage pockets. We especially appreciated the easy-access putter compartment, which, unlike similar products, is actually large enough to safely and efficiently house your favorite putters.

Best for Comfort

DYNAMIC DISCS Trooper Disc Golf Backpack | Heather Gray | Frisbee Disc Golf Bag with up to a 25 Disc Capacity | Introductory Disc Golf Backpack | Lightweight and Durable

This bag features extra-comfortable padding and durable construction to ensure it withstands the test of time. It holds 18+ discs and plenty of extra accessories.

Also Great: Kestrel Disc Golf Bag

Where the Kestrel Disc Golf Bag really stands out is the comfort of its simple sling design and its rugged construction. This bag comes in six color options that are suitable for those who prefer toned down, inconspicuous accessories as well as those who want a bag that pops. Its shoulder strap is easily adjustable and very comfortable, even if you are packing the bag to its 7-to-8-disc capacity. While this disc golf bag is a bit pricier than some similar products out there, the full-sized zipper pocket for accessories and adjustable beverage compartment help set it apart as a worthwhile choice.

Also Great

Kestrel Disc Golf Bag | Fits 6-10 Discs + Bottle | For Beginner and Advanced Disc Golf Players | Extremely Durable Canvas | Disc Golf Bag Set | Small Disc Golf Bag (Pink)

This bag features durable construction and a sizable zipper pocket for storing accessories. Its 7-to-8-disc capacity allows for easy access while playing.

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