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The Best Disco Lights

🕚 Updated September 2022

Although the disco ball is from the past, you can achieve the same effect with modern disco lights and set the mood for dancing the night away. Take your party up a notch with one of our bright, shiny options.

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Disco Ball Lights
Sound Activated Disco Ball Lights
USB Mini Disco Lights
Disco Ball Lights
Disco Lightbulb
Our SummaryThis disco light ball has adjustable lighting patterns, rotation speeds, and sound activation.This set of LED disco lights is a high-quality and affordable option.A package of three mini-LED disco balls for partying anywhere, anytime.This LED disco light comes with three modes and seven strobe light colors.This standard-sized lightbulb defies the standard with its disco light capabilities.
ProsSmall size with seven lighting modes, sound activation ability for coordinating with music, includes remote control, mounting brackets and kickstand for ceiling, wall, or surface display.Two-pack, features three sound-activation modes, seven lighting modes, rotation, all orchestrated by remote control, display on ceiling, wall, or surface.Three mini-USB disco lights, built-in sound sensors, three adapter types (iPhone, Android Micro, Type-C), lights flash to the beat of music it senses.LED lights last over 10,000 hours, have outer glass cover for dazzling effect, sensors activate to music and light flash speeds, includes remote control.Rotating bulb changes colors to create prismatic light effect, international standard E26/E27 and comes with a US AC plug, treated surface to produce optimal light transmittance and concentrated light beam.
ConsThe cord may or may not be long enough, unclear if remote control requires batteries.Small size may be dissatisfactory.Unclear if there's sufficient clearance between globose light and tabletop when plugged into flat devices.You may be surprised by how small the disco ball is.Bulb may be heavier than ordinary lightbulbs and have an imperfect installation fit.
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The Best Disco Lights

Red, blue, and white disco lights on the wall.

Buying Guide for Disco Lights

A disco ball reflecting light.

Why buy disco lights?

If you’re a dancing queen or a lover of light shows, have some disco lights on hand so you can get to grooving whenever. It’s a huge stress release to break out into dance as a study or work break. It’s fun for all ages. Traditional disco balls were designed to light up an entire dance club and averaged about 12 inches in diameter. Fast forward to today, and the variations on this singular ’70s decoration are endless. They come in mini and larger sizes, feature energy-saving LEDs, and some plug into your smartphone.

What should you look for in disco lights?

  • Energy Source: You may be surprised by how portable and versatile disco lights are these days. Partly because most are small in size, partly thanks to current technology, some disco lights feature a variety of adapters to plug into smartphones, laptops, karaoke mics, and the car. A typical setup is the corded disco ball with features to mount to the ceiling, wall, or set on a surface. There’s even a lightbulb disco light that you can screw into any E6 light socket.
  • Ease of Control: It’s most convenient to control the lights via remote control, especially in a social setting. That is to say, you get to play D.J. Most mountable and standalone disco lights come with a battery-operated remote control. The variety of settings you can control depends on the capabilities of the disco bulb. They all have on and off buttons, while some have buttons to select single colors and color combinations, music modes, flash modes, and more.
  • Bonus Features: Disco lights can also be designed with additional features to subtly enhance your social events. For example, sound activation is one feature where the disco lights can synchronize to the background music. Some models have smart voice activation. The lights change color or speed according to nearby sounds, whether music or conversation.

How durable are average-quality disco lights?

Our selections are all low-cost decorative lights—between $10 and $20 (two-pack). It’s probably safe to assume the longevity of any of these products isn’t more than a few years, or not longer than, say, any holiday light decoration. If you’re planning a big party, like a wedding reception or birthday party, you might consider getting two of the disco lights you like best.

Our Picks for the Best Disco Lights

Best Overall

Luditek Disco Ball Lights

This disco light ball has adjustable lighting patterns, rotation speeds, and sound activation.

Pros: The Luditek LED disco light ball features everything you need to start the party. The small light measures 3.43 x 3.43 x 3.82 inches and comes with seven lighting modes that can display distinct colors and multiple colors at once. It also has a sound activation ability, allowing the lights to coordinate with the music. All this can be controlled with its remote, adjusting the light’s rotation speed. Mount it to the ceiling with the included brackets, set it on a surface with the kickstand, or carry it with you. The kickstand makes a great handle.

Cons: The cord length isn’t provided. Depending on the room and electrical outlets, it may or may not be difficult to plug in for the desired effect. In addition, the product description has no information about the power source for the remote control.

Bottom Line: This lightweight disco ball makes a party wherever you go. Find a room between 15 to 30 square meters to get the best lighting effect.


Best Set

Luditek Sound Activated Disco Ball Lights

This set of disco lights is a high-quality and affordable option.

Pros: If you want more than one disco light device, this set provides the best value for you. This two-pack from Luditek features three sound-activation modes, seven lighting modes, and rotation adjustment that can all be controlled with its remote. These lights can be set on a surface or mounted on the ceiling or wall. Like their single pack, these lights are on the small side, measuring 3.27 x 3.27 x 3.54 inches.

Cons: There may be a slight clicking sound when they rotate, which could be annoying for some.

Bottom Line: This Luditek disco ball version has a mirrored finish, adding a more colorful shine. This excellent combo pack is not only an affordable option, but it also brings more fun to the party.


Best for Cars

Aolun USB Mini Disco Lights

This three-pack of mini-LED disco light balls is for partying anywhere, anytime.

Pros: These three mini-USB disco lights are packed with party power. Arguably one of the coolest features is the built-in sound sensors. You play the music you want, and the lights will flash to the beat if you activate music mode. These mini-USB lights emit multiple single colors and color combinations. The three adapter offerings in competition for the most impressive feature are iPhone, Android Micro, and Type-C. To clarify, you get three of each adapter for nine adapters. Just imagine—you can make a disco party in your car, in the kitchen while cooking, or at the office to prank your coworkers.

Cons: It’s unclear how these mini globose lights will fit a flat smartphone or laptop. There has to be enough clearance between the bottom of the bulb and the table to fit properly.

Bottom Line: These sweet mini lights take the to-do list off your hands. Plug them in wherever you have a power bank, a laptop, etc. Play some tunes and let the party begin.


Most Portable

COIDA Disco Ball Lights

This LED disco light comes with three modes and seven strobe light colors.

Pros: This is an all-around fantastic mini-sized disco light. The seven-colored LED lights can last over 10,000 hours, a huge energy-saver. It’s made with durable materials, including an outer glass cover for a clear, mesmerizing lighted atmosphere. With sound sensors, the disco ball can activate any music genre. Choose between music modes and light flash speeds with the remote control. Make a party in any room up to 30 x 30 feet. Hang it from the wall or ceiling, or set it on a table.

Cons: You may be surprised by how small the disco ball is. Here’s a hint: It can fit into the palm of your hand.

Bottom Line: The Coida disco ball makes an ideal party accessory with its various light colors, sound sensors, and remote control. Start up an impromptu dance party or planned celebration. The choice is yours.


Best Lightbulb

YouOKLight Disco Lightbulb

This standard-sized lightbulb defies the standard with its disco light capabilities.

Pros: Here’s a stand-out disco LED light with a fun design. It’s a rotating lightbulb. If you were impressed by the portability of other portable disco lights, the YouOKLight might win you over. The bulb has an international standard E26/E27 and comes with a U.S. A.C. plug for convenience. Its surface has been treated to produce greater than 85% light transmittance and, with a 120-degree beam angle, a more concentrated light beam. Consequently, the RGB light array has a greater balance than other models. Finally, the bulb features a prismatic shell for a lovely light effect.

Cons: This bulb is heavier than ordinary lightbulbs and, therefore, has a wonky installation fit.

Bottom Line: What a clever disco lightbulb design. The full-color crystal rotating bulb offers an effortless way to turn an ordinary room into a party. The bulb’s colors change as it rotates to create a strobe-like effect.

Final Thoughts

Because any time is a good time to dance, why not boost the moment with some fun disco lights? Whether you need colorful lights that spin or ones that activate by the beat of your favorite tune, you’re sure to have a memorable groovy time. Take your wedding, birthday party, or impromptu get-together back to the ’70s and the next level.

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