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The Best Dishwashing Gloves

🕚 Updated February 2022

A daily chore like washing the dishes can take a toll on your hands with hot water and soap drying the delicate skin. Protect your hands and make the task a little more tolerable by using these quality gloves.

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Reusable Dishwashing Cleaning Gloves
Cleaning Sponge Gloves
Rubber Cleaning Gloves
Reusable Dishwashing Gloves
Cleaning Gloves
Our SummaryThis value pack will keep your hands comfortable for multiple washes.These multitasking gloves eliminate the need to hold a sponge.Keep your clothes and hands dry with these extra-long gloves.Cute designs make these dishwashing gloves more attractive while getting the job done.These sturdy gloves should last you through many dishwashing sessions.
ProsLatex-free, cotton-lined, lining is seamlessly connected to exterior, durable PVC material, 13-in long, non-slip texture on palms and fingers.Food-grade silicone, bristle scrubbers on palms and fingers, no sponge needed, unique design, heat-resistant.Non-toxic rubber, non-slip texture on palms and fingers, tight fit to keep from sliding, pliable and flexible, 15 inches long, tight cuff to stay in place.Latex-free vinyl, waterproof cuffs with floral print, internal hooks for hanging, lined for comfort, non-slip texture on palms and fingers.Food-grade, latex-free, BPA-free chemigum material, extremely durable, resist odor, non-slip texture on palms and fingers.
ConsCan wear down quickly.Soapy water is hard to get out of scrubbers, can be hard to take off.Smaller size, no lining.Lining is not affixed to gloves.No lining.
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The Best Dishwashing Gloves

A person wearing yellow gloves and an apron washes a blue mug in a soapy sink.

Buying Guide for Dishwashing Gloves

a person wearing pink rubber gloves loads a dishwasher.

Why should you buy dishwashing gloves?

Even if you have a dishwasher in your home, you can’t escape the chore of washing dishes. For many people, it’s a daily chore, and when done well with hot water and soap, this can seriously irritate hands, especially those with sensitive skin or eczema. Dishwashing gloves will protect your skin from chemicals, high water temperature, and becoming pruny.

What should you consider when shopping for dishwashing gloves?

  • Material: Dishwashing gloves are often made from rubber, vinyl, silicone, or other waterproof materials. Latex-free options are ideal for those with sensitive skin or latex allergies. Some pairs also have a cotton lining to keep hands from sweating.
  • Length: Some dishwashing gloves measure close to 11 inches, while others reach 13 inches, and others extend to 15 inches. The longer varieties will help keep water from seeping into your gloves, but the shorter ones may feel more comfortable.
  • Grips: Dishwashing gloves may come with different types of grips to keep your soapy dishes from slipping out of your fingers. Some will have textured designs (small bumps or diamonds), while others might have scrubbers built right into the glove.

How often should you replace your reusable dishwashing gloves?

While disposable gloves should be expected to be replaced after one or two washes, reusable gloves can most likely be used for a few weeks and, in some cases, even months. Value packs with more than one pair can obviously last even longer, letting your wallet take a break. As you’re using your dishwashing gloves, pay attention to the material breaking down, becoming stiff, or showing other signs of wear to know when it’s time for a new pair.

Our Picks for the Best Dishwashing Gloves

Top Choice

Elgood Reusable Dishwashing Cleaning Gloves

This value pack will keep your hands comfortable for multiple washes.

Pros: These latex-free, cotton-lined dishwashing gloves provide extra comfort and care during your daily dishwashing chore. The durable PVC material can withstand the hot water you need to use so that your hands don’t have to bear the discomfort. These gloves are made with flocking technology, which seamlessly weaves the interior cotton material together with the latex-free PVC exterior to make a durable and comfortable glove that can last for many washes. The gloves are 13 inches long and feature a textured design on the palm and fingers for a non-slip grip.

Cons: These gloves don’t last particularly long before they start to tear or stiffen.

Bottom Line: These gloves are made with latex-free material and have a cotton lining that not only makes it easy to slip them on and off but prevents hands from sweating. Since they’re durable gloves, two pairs will carry you through several washes.


Best Scrubbing Gloves

Forliver Cleaning Sponge Gloves, Dishwashing Gloves

These multitasking gloves eliminate your need to hold a sponge.

Pros: The sponge isn’t the cleanest thing in your kitchen, no matter how much soap it comes in contact with. In fact, it is one of the dirtiest six inches in the heart of your home. Eliminate the germ spreader by washing with these silicone scrubber gloves. Made of food-grade silicone, they are heat resistant and won’t cause irritation to those sensitive to latex. The gloves have silicone bristles all over the palm and fingers for built-in scrubbing power. Since they are heat resistant up to 320 degrees, they can be cleaned in boiling water then hung to dry.

Cons: When scrubbing with soapy water, it may take a lot of rinsing to get the soap out of the bristles so that the dishes can go to the drying rack without soapy residue. Since there’s no lining inside, they can be hard to take off.

Bottom Line: These innovative cleaning gloves are meant to make household chores easier and cleaner. They’re durable and can protect your hands from hot water and cleaning chemicals.


Longer Design

YSLON Rubber Cleaning Gloves Kitchen Dishwashing Gloves

Keep your clothes and hands dry with these extra-long gloves.

Pros: This pack comes with three gloves, so you have enough pairs to dedicate them to each of your chores, like dishwashing, cleaning the bathrooms, and washing the car. Each pair is made with non-toxic rubber that protects your skin from high heat and harsh chemicals. The textured design in the palms and fingers makes it easier to grip wet dishes. The tight fit on the gloves keeps them in place, but the pliable rubber also helps them remain flexible. Their extra-long length (15 inches) provides more coverage, and the non-slip cuff keeps them in place throughout your chores.

Cons: These gloves run on the smaller side, so order a size up rather than a size down when in doubt. There is no lining inside, making them harder to get off.

Bottom Line: If you’re having trouble keeping water out of your dishwashing gloves, try these. They are longer than most pairs, comfortably covering most of your forearm and fitting over sleeves to get your cleaning done without requiring a wardrobe change. Each pair is made to last, so you can get busy cleaning without constantly having to replace your gloves. Just be sure to measure your hands so that you get a pack that fits you well and isn’t too snug.


Best Lined

KINGFINGER Reusable Dishwashing Gloves

Cute designs make these dishwashing gloves more attractive while getting the job done.

Pros: These gloves are made from latex-free vinyl with long, waterproof cuffs that feature a feminine floral print. The gloves are 14 inches long, keeping forearms and sleeves dry during use. Flock lining keeps the gloves comfortable and leaves your hands feeling fresh and clean even when you’ve worn them for a long dishwashing chore. Texture on palms and fingers provides a non-slip grip for better control while washing a dish. The gloves feature an internal hook for conveniently hanging them up between uses.

Cons: The lining of the gloves is not affixed to the vinyl, which makes it slip out when taking off the gloves. They run smaller than expected.

Bottom Line: This pair comes in a two-pack, which is convenient, especially if you plan to use them daily. The floral-printed cuff adds a touch of personality to the experience while also providing waterproof coverage. Since the sizes run smaller than expected, it may be best to order up a size.


Most Durable

BOOMJOY Cleaning Gloves

These sturdy gloves should last you through many dishwashing sessions.

Pros: These are durable gloves made of food-grade, latex-free, BPA-free chemigum material. They resist odor and corrosion and are known for their extraordinary strength. Whether your dishwashing water is scalding hot or you’re tackling a heavy-duty cleaning job, your hands won’t be affected by the elements. Like other varieties, the palms and fingers have texture to provide a non-slip grip.

Cons: These are not lined on the inside, so they can take longer to pull off.

Bottom Line: These gloves come in a pack of three, and since they are so durable, you may not have to reorder for several weeks, even if you use them daily. They may not have a comfortable lining like other gloves, but users look beyond that feature since they are so pleased with their performance and longevity.

Final Thoughts

Dishwashing gloves can make daily chores a lot less taxing on your skin. With their added protective barrier, you can do a more thorough job of cleaning without discomfort. Check out our picks to make your dishwashing experience more enjoyable.

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