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The Best Disney Princess Toys

Disney Princess/Disney Princess/Melissa and Doug
🕚 Updated August 2022

Does your precious kiddo love Disney princesses? If you're on the hunt for a special gift that stands apart from just any other princess toy, check out this list.

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  Disney Princess
Royal Collection
Melissa & Doug
Disney Cinderella Magnetic Dress-Up Set
Disney Princess
Ultimate Celebration Castle
Disney Princess
So Sweet Princess Moana
Tara Toys
Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set
Our SummaryThese beautiful dolls look just like the on-screen originals.Let your child enjoy dressing up a doll with ease instead of frustration.Give dolls a place to live and play with this magnificent castle.These plush dolls make a better bedtime cuddle than a traditional doll.Make your own princess necklaces and share with your friends.
ProsIncludes 12 dolls, skirts and shoes come off, bodice is painted on, features are accurate to movie characters.Easy to play with for young children, durable, strong magnets on entire piece, box can be reused for storage, choose from three princesses.4 feet tall, six rooms and three stories for imaginative play, fits full-size dolls, includes furniture, lights, music features.Soft plush for cuddles, 12 inches, available in three princess characters, good for young children.Five characters, four silicone necklaces, 150 beads, straps snap together instead of tie.
ConsThin or sparse hair on some of the princesses, set does not include Elsa and Anna.Some pieces are small.Lots of effort and attention to assemble, tiny pieces.Features are different than characters in the movies, can only be spot-cleaned.Includes small pieces.
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The Best Disney Princess Toys

Three young girls playing with Disney princess dolls.
Disney Princess/Disney Princess/Melissa and Doug

Buying Guide for Disney Princess Toys

A shelf in a girl's bedroom with Moana, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Snow White, and Rapunzel dolls posed on top.
Disney Princess

Why should you buy a Disney princess toy?

There’s no shortage of love for Disney princesses. They are lovely, brave, kind characters who bring Disney’s magic into the hearts of little ones worldwide. If your child loves Disney princesses like most kiddos, you’ll want to get them toys that bring them to life.

What should you consider when shopping for a Disney princess toy?

  • Child’s Age: While each toy on this list is exciting in its own way, consider the age of the child you’re buying for. Some are geared toward toddlers, with safely sized pieces and easy-to-manipulate parts. Others have a considerable number of small parts and wouldn’t be appropriate for small children who easily lose things or may still put things into their mouths.
  • Type of Play: Depending on the type of play that the child enjoys, you will want to choose a toy that they’ll get a lot of use from. Whether they like to pretend with dolls or cuddle at night with their favorite princess, you can find the type of toy that will inspire the most play or bring them the greatest joy.
  • Favorite Characters: Unless the child you’re shopping for loves all the princesses equally, make sure you get the toy that features their favorite.

Are all Disney princess toys expensive?

While a lot of licensed merchandise is noticeably more expensive, this list includes picks that can fit every budget. Whether you are buying a birthday gift, one for a holiday, or even just a special treat on a normal day, you can find a toy that features their favorite Disney princess within your budget.

Our Picks for the Best Disney Princess Toys

Best Dolls

Disney Princess Royal Collection

These beautiful dolls look just like the on-screen originals.

Pros: When a doll’s features and looks match its character on the screen, it makes it extra special. All 12 of these Disney princess dolls look very accurate to their characters on screen, which both parents and children can appreciate. Each doll has a painted-on bodice with crowns, bottoms, and shoes as interchangeable accessories. You get Tiana, Mulan, Merida, Belle, Pocahontas, Aurora, Cinderella, Moana, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Ariel, and Snow White in this set.

Cons: Some of the dolls have thin or sparse hair. The set does not include Elsa or Anna from Frozen, which are two very popular Disney characters.

Bottom Line: This set of 12 Disney princesses makes for an amazing gift. Whether you plan to give all of them at once to one child or split them up to share, it’s a cost-effective way for these 12 princesses to be enjoyed and celebrated. With just enough accessories but not too much to keep track of, there’s so much for your child to enjoy! It’s easy to recognize the princesses since they’re well depicted.


Best Dress-Up Set

Melissa & Doug Disney Cinderella Magnetic Dress-Up Set

Let your child enjoy dressing up a doll with ease instead of frustration.

Pros: Let your child dress one of her favorite characters without the frustration of fumbling with hooks and buttons. This magnetic Cinderella dress-up doll lets your little one change her clothes with ease. This brand is trusted for its quality and durability, even when it comes to the special touch of young ones. The magnets cover the entire piece of clothing for better sticking and safer play. You can also choose from three other Disney princesses if you don’t want Cinderella.

Cons: Some of the pieces are small, which can pose choking hazards if your child still likes to put things into their mouth. The multiple pieces also can be misplaced easily.

Bottom Line: These magnetic dress-up dolls are a perfect solution to give your little one the dress-up experience without frustration and fumbling. The back of each piece is magnetic, which makes it a safer option for play. The trusted quality and durability of the brand make it just right for the sometimes hard play of toddlers.


Best Dollhouse

Disney Princess Ultimate Celebration Castle

Give your dolls a place to live and play with this magnificent castle.

Pros: This is the ultimate princess castle. In addition to the towering castle spindles and spiral staircase, it comes with furniture and accessories, so dolls have everything they need to feel at home. Let the imaginative play soar with three stories and six rooms. The castle stands 4 feet tall to accommodate plenty of activities for the dolls. It also features a light and music option for even more fun.

Cons: It takes a lot of effort and attention to assemble the castle. There are so many tiny pieces to keep track of during assembly and play.

Bottom Line: While this magical castle takes a decent amount of time and effort to put together, it can inspire hours of play for your child. The princesses are sold separately, but this castle can accommodate a full-size doll, like those included in our first pick, in addition to the smaller figurines. No matter what size doll your child likes to use, her princesses will be fully entertained and feel at home with luxury furniture and accessories, plus a light and music show in her celebration castle.


Best Plush Toy

Disney Princess So Sweet Princess Moana

These plush dolls make a better bedtime cuddle than a traditional doll.

Pros: If your little one loves her princess so much she wants to cuddle with her at bedtime, this is a good pick. The doll measures 12 inches, which makes it easily portable and a good size for hugging. Choose between three princesses, complete with character details using soft fabrics.

Cons: While the dolls are recognizable, the facial details differ from the characters on TV. It’s recommended that this doll is only spot cleaned instead of used in the washing machine.

Bottom Line: Choose between Rapunzel, Ariel, or Moana plush dolls your kiddo can carry around everywhere. Even though their facial features may be a little bit different than the characters in the films, the soft details of the princess’s dresses and jewelry help make them recognized and adored by your little one.


Best Jewelry Set

Tara Toys Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set

Make your own princess necklaces and share with your friends.

Pros: This fun jewelry set allows your girls or their friends to create their own necklaces with their favorite princesses. The kit includes four silicone necklaces, five character charms, and 150 beads, so they can make themselves a necklace and give others to their friends. The necklace snaps together rather than having to be tied together, which makes it easy for children to do independently.

Cons: The jewelry set includes small pieces, which can become a safety issue if it’s used around small children who still put things into their mouths.

Bottom Line: Let your kids design their own princess necklaces. They’ll be able to wear their favorite princess around their neck while discovering their own creativity and style. With five charms and plenty of beads, your children can make necklaces to share with their friends or have fun redesigning necklaces whenever they’d like.


Best Playset

LEGO Disney Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Tiana's Storybook Adventures 43193 Building Toy for Kids

This is the perfect Disney princess toy for your child who loves to build and create.

Pros: Your creative kiddo can get building with her favorite Disney princesses anywhere with this LEGO Storybook Adventure. Instead of just one princess, this enchanting storybook LEGO set includes four Disney princesses. There’s also one supporting character for each princess from their movies. While this toy can be enjoyed at home, it’s portable and is a great activity for a careful child on a road trip or brought along on vacation or anywhere else.

Cons: This LEGO set is just like every other LEGO set and has the chance for pieces to go missing. Once the book is closed, most of the pieces will fall out of place.

Bottom Line: If your child enjoys building and creative play, this LEGO set with four Disney princesses will be a gift they can enjoy anywhere. The set folds up easily in a storybook design to make it portable. While your child may need help setting it up as intended, they can build and play with Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Tiana, and a few other friends of theirs.

Final Thoughts

Whatever type of toys your little one enjoys, if they love Disney princesses, you can find an enchanting toy that will excite them from this list. From plushies to LEGO sets, dolls, or jewelry, there are so many ways to bring a child’s love of Disney princesses to life.

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