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The Best Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras are a great way to capture memories and create a collection of pictures. Half the fun is not knowing how the photos will turn out until they are developed! A simple photography tool that does not require much skill, simply point and shoot and wind the wheel after. For spontaneous photos, a disposable camera is a fun and inexpensive choice.

What to consider in a disposable camera?

Look for cameras with a flash function and range for higher quality shots. Typically the standard number of exposures is 27 photos. Some disposable cameras are waterproof and come with a strap for easy use. Consider disposable cameras that have black and white film for unique uses.

Best Overall: Kodak FunSaver 35mm Single Use Camera

This disposable camera has 27 exposures, for the ultimate convenience. The flash is built-in, for photos to be taken inside and outside, day or night. No need to worry about exposing the film, simply drop the entire camera off to have photos developed. With no loading or focusing required, this camera is easy and a good value.

Best Overall

KODAK FunSaver 35mm Single Use Camera

A disposable camera with built-in flash.

Best Waterproof Camera: New Kodak Weekend Underwater Disposable Camera

A high-quality camera at a reasonable price, this one-time-use camera is great for outdoor settings. Meant for use up to 50 feet underwater, this waterproof camera is a great option for taking underwater shots. It comes with a convenient strap to hold on to while using.

Best Waterproof Camera

Kodak Weekend Underwater Disposable Camera Excellent Performance

Disposable waterproof camera for outdoor use.

Best Value Pack: Fujifilm Quicksnap Flash 400 Single-Use Camera With Flash (2 Pack)

Each camera in this twin pack comes with 27 exposures. These single-use cameras are loaded with Fujicolor 400 speed film, designed for capturing fast actions.  The flash range is up to 10 feet and the continuous flash recharges for your next picture. The lens has a fixed-focus, which creates clear and sharp photos. Great for on the go to beaches, parties, or panoramic landscape shots, these compact cameras are easy to use.

Best Black & White Camera: Ilford HP5 Plus Disposable Camera with Flash, Green (HP5+)

A disposable camera that comes with black and white film is a unique way to snap photos. The camera comes with 27 exposures, flash feature, and focuses from 1 m to infinity. A lightweight camera, take it anywhere to snap memories to last a lifetime.

Best Black & White Camera

Ilford HP5 Plus Disposable Camera with Flash, Green (HP5+)

Disposable camera with black and white film.

Disposable cameras are a novel item that has been around for years. The fun does not have to be instantaneous, disposable cameras are worth the wait for the film.

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