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The Best Dog Baskets for Bikes

🕚 Updated June 2023

If you love taking rides on your bike, why not bring your furry friend along for the ride? A dog basket for your bike is a fun yet safe way to provide your canine companion a place to sit and enjoy the wind in their fur on your next adventure. If you want to install a dog basket on your bicycle, one of these options should suit your needs nicely.

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  Top Choice Best Waterproof Option Most Colorful Best Classic Design Highest Weight Capacity
Detachable Bike Basket
Foldable Pet Bike Basket
Dog Bike Handlebar Basket
Wicker Bicycle Basket
Pet Carrier Bicycle Basket
Our SummaryA detachable basket that's great for bike rides through the park and commuting to work.A foldable bicycle basket that is ideal for commuting with small dogs.If you want a cuter and more colorful dog basket for your pup, this fabric model will fit the bill nicely.A wicker basket for your bicycle that comes with safety straps for small dogs.A bicycle basket with extra padding to keep your furry little friend safe and comfortable.
Pros✓ Multipurpose design
✓ Waterproof and tearproof fabric
✓ Sturdy rustproof aluminum handles and frame
✓ Collapsible
✓ Holds up to 11 pounds
✓ Durable and waterproof
✓ Simple yet practical design
✓ 11-pound weight capacity
✓ Foldable
✓ Easy to assemble, attach, and detach
✓ Available in eight colors and patterns
✓ Ample space for your dog
✓ Can hold up to 11 pounds
✓ Easy installation and quick-release handlebar
✓ Sturdy construction
✓ Lightweight and water-resistant fabric with strong drawstrings
✓ Soft inner lining
✓ Removable sun shield for shade
✓ 13-pound weight capacity
✓ Classic look
✓ Built-in safety clips
✓ Easy to install and remove
✓ Well ventilated
✓ High weight capacity
✓ Extra padding and soft lining for comfort
✓ Pockets for your belongings
Cons✗ No built-in safety clip
✗ Have to buy your own safety clip or harness
✗ Bottom sags with extensive use✗ May need to adapt riding style to maintain balance
✗ Potential need for handlebar modifications to ensure proper fit
✗ Less stable
✗ Very expensive
✗ Bottom of basket may droop
✗ Pricey
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The Best Dog Baskets for Bikes

A Yorkshire Terrier puppy sitting on the bike at the park.

Buying Guide for Dog Baskets for Bikes

Two adorable black and white Chin dogs leaning in bicycle basket. One dog shows his tongue.
Pereslavtseva Katerina/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a dog basket for your bike?

If you want to bring your pup along on bike rides, a dog basket for your bicycle is a near-must because it allows you to take a ride with your fur babies without compromising their personal safety. Dog baskets are a convenient way to bring your pup in on the fun and make you look adorable as you are cruising around town. They can also serve more practical purposes as well; with a dog basket, you can easily take your dog to the park, while running errands, or even to the vet’s office if it’s within biking distance to your home. And for older dogs or pups with mobility issues, a dog basket eliminates the need for them to walk long distances. It enables you to take your dog on longer trips or outings so they can enjoy being outside and get fresh air without putting excessive strain on their joints or muscles.

What should you look for in a dog basket for your bike?

  • Safety Features: Ultimately, the basket should have multiple safety features in place that prevent your dog from jumping or falling out of it. Also, if an accident does occur, you want to ensure that the design of the basket will mitigate injuries. Be sure there’s some sort of leash attachment or safety strap inside the basket to keep your dog securely inside the basket; the stronger and more durable the attachment, the better. Some baskets even include a harness for optimal safety.
  • Capacity: Pay close attention to the size and weight capacity of the basket to ensure it’s compatible with your dog. You will most likely want one that is suitable for the size of your dog and won’t hold you back in any way while riding your bike. Ordering a model that has a weight capacity several pounds more than your dog’s weight isn’t a bad idea, as it’ll give you some extra security and a little wiggle room if they gain weight.
  • Attachment Mechanism: Don’t neglect the attachment mechanism of the dog basket. It should have a sturdy and reliable mounting system that securely attaches to your bike’s handlebars or rear rack. Ensure that the attachment mechanism is stable and doesn’t wobble or shift during the ride, providing a safe and comfortable experience for your dog. You don’t want the basket falling off mid-ride or while your pup is sitting inside it, after all.

What are the best materials for a dog bike basket?

You’ll want to pick a dog basket that’s durable, comfortable, and easy to clean to benefit both you and your pup. This is why modern dog bike baskets are often made of woven or mesh materials, such as nylon or polyester. These materials offer several advantages, namely breathability, allowing proper airflow to keep your dog cool during the ride. Mesh panels also provide good visibility for your pet, especially if they’re too short to see over the edge of the basket or if they want to lie down during the ride. Both nylon and polyester are water-resistant as well, handy in case of sudden rainstorms. A removable fabric cover that stretches across an aluminum or steel frame is even better, as the metal frame provides extra stability and support for the basket, ensuring it maintains its shape and structure while attached to the bike.

Wicker is another option that provides a classic, aesthetically appealing look, though it’s not as durable, requires more maintenance, and is more prone to slipping or loosening during bike rides. If you want a wicker dog bike basket, look for tightly woven, high-quality wicker to ensure the basket can withstand regular use and the vibrations experienced during bike rides. Removable and washable pillows or padding is optimal to provide your dog with extra comfort (fleece is a good option here).

A plain metal basket is always an option, usually steel or aluminum. They’re nice and sturdy, very durable, and easy to wipe clean, though they won’t be very comfortable for your pup. If a metal basket doesn’t come with any sort of padding, be sure to provide them with a pillow or dog blanket from your home for some coziness and protection against bumpy roads.

Whatever material you pick, make sure the basket has a solid base to prevent your dog’s paws from slipping through the gaps. If the basket isn’t solid (as fabric baskets almost always are), make sure any holes or gaps in the sides are too small for your dog’s paw to get stuck in for safety purposes.

Our Picks for the Best Dog Baskets for Bikes

Top Choice

COFIT Detachable Bike Basket

A detachable basket that's great for bike rides through the park and commuting to work.

Pros: This detachable dog basket mentioned is a versatile accessory for your bike, capable of supporting up to 11 pounds of weight, making it suitable for carrying small to medium-sized items as well as small dogs up to that size. The rustproof aluminum handles and frame provide durability and strength, while the soft, spongy, waterproof fabric covering offers a comfortable grip during transportation. Furthermore, the covering is tearproof, ensuring longevity even with regular use. Another convenient feature of this basket is its collapsible design. When not in use, you can easily fold it down, allowing for compact storage in various spaces. Whether you want to store it in a backpack, a travel bag, or elsewhere, the collapsible feature enables you to save space and keep it readily available for whenever you need it. This portability and compactness make it a practical choice if you ever want to use the basket for errands or groceries, not just wheeling your pup around.

Cons: It’s important to note that this dog basket doesn’t come equipped with a built-in safety clip or any sort of attachment mechanism, an essential feature for securing your dog within the basket during bike rides. You’ll have to either purchase a separate safety clip or harness attachment that can be used in conjunction with the dog basket, or use a harness that has its own built-in safety clip or attachment point. This way, you can secure your dog directly to the basket using the harness. Be absolutely sure to invest in one of these two options before you take your dog on a bike ride inside it.

Bottom Line: In addition to serving as a carrier for your dog, this basket is also suitable for transporting groceries and other personal items. If you frequently commute around town via your bicycle, then you consider this solid option—just make sure you buy a safety clip for it before putting your pup inside.


Best Waterproof Option

ANZOME Bike Basket for Small Pets

A foldable bicycle basket that is ideal for commuting with small dogs.

Pros: Designed specifically for small dogs, this basket can accommodate pets weighing up to 11 pounds. Its optimal weight capacity makes it suitable for various small dog breeds, offering them a comfortable and secure space to enjoy the ride. The basket provides enough room for your dog to sit or lie down comfortably while still ensuring their safety and preventing any potential accidents. It’s not only waterproof but has a convenient and user-friendly design, namely in the foldable feature that allows for easy installation and removal, making it essentially hassle-free to attach to your bicycle whenever you want to take your furry friend along for a ride. The quick-release handlebar attachment mechanism ensures a secure fit and provides stability during the journey, as does the sturdy metal frame. The robust construction ensures that the basket remains stable and durable, even when traversing through uneven terrains or bumpy roads. You can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is well-supported and protected within the basket.

Cons: The main drawback to this dog bike basket is that the bottom section has a tendency to sag. To counteract sagging, you can reinforce the bottom of the basket by placing a supportive layer or cushioning. This additional layer can help distribute the weight more evenly, providing stability and preventing excessive sagging. Over time, the material of the basket may stretch or become worn, which will also lead to increased sagging.

Bottom Line: If you prioritize convenience and want to keep your small dog safe, consider this basket as you ride around town. Running errands and going on bike trips with your pet is now a lot more feasible with this choice.


Most Colorful

RAYMACE Dog Bike Handlebar Basket

If you want a cuter and more colorful dog basket for your pup, this fabric model will fit the bill nicely.

Pros: Want something a little more colorful? You’ll love this versatile and stylish dog bike basket, available in eight colors and patterns, ranging from sky blue to florals and more. This basket is not only visually appealing but also highly functional. It provides ample space for your dog to sit in, and it can hold up to 11 pounds at a time. With its easy installation and quick-release handlebar attachment, this basket allows for effortless on and off, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Its sturdy construction and reliable design keep your pup secure during your ride, whether you’re going to the park or simply enjoying a leisurely bike ride. The lightweight, water-resistant fabric, reinforced with strong drawstrings, ensures durability and easy maintenance.

Cons: Keep in mind that adding this basket, with a lot of weight inside, can significantly change your bike’s handling characteristics. This change in balance and maneuverability may require you to adapt your riding style and be cautious to prevent accidents. You may also need to make some slight modifications to the handlebars due to the specific design of the bike to ensure that the basket fits properly and doesn’t interfere with any cables or components.

Bottom Line: This colorful basket is a great choice if you want your dog to ride along with you in style. It’s the perfect blend of modern, vibrant, and practical, ensuring your pup will look even cuter nestled inside of it.


Best Classic Design

PetSafe Wicker Bicycle Basket

A wicker basket for your bicycle that comes with safety straps for small dogs.

Pros: This wicker bicycle basket is thoughtfully designed to prioritize the comfort and safety of your dog during bike rides. The inclusion of a soft inner liner provides a cozy and cushioned surface for your pet to relax on. This ensures that your dog feels comfortable and at ease throughout the ride, making it an enjoyable experience for both of you. Safety for your pup is of utmost importance, and this wicker basket addresses that with built-in safety clips. These clips serve as tethers, securing your dog to the basket and preventing them from accidentally jumping out or falling during the ride. Unlike many other models, this basket also offers a removable sun shield, which serves as an essential feature to protect your furry friend from excessive heat and potential heat exhaustion. By providing ample shade, the sun shield helps regulate the temperature inside the basket, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for your dog, even on hot sunny days.

Cons: While superb in terms of interior comfort and style, this dog bike basket doesn’t provide as much stability as many other models due to the woven, flexible nature of the wicker. To make it more stable and less bumpy for your dog, you may want to reinforce this basket’s attachment to the bike by using additional straps or bungee cords. These can help secure the basket more tightly to the bike frame, minimizing excessive movement and enhancing stability. It’s also a very expensive dog basket, much more so than any other on this list.

Bottom Line: This versatile dog basket for your bike will prove to be a solid and cozy option for your dog and is perfect for anyone who prefers a classical wicker look to more contemporary styles. With a combination of comfort, safety, and sun protection, this wicker bicycle basket offers an excellent solution for pet owners who want to bring their dogs along on their biking adventures. Your dog can enjoy the fresh air and scenery while being protected in a cozy and secure environment.


Highest Weight Capacity

Barkbay Pet Carrier Bicycle Basket

A bicycle basket with extra padding to keep your furry little friend safe and comfortable.

Pros: The high-quality Oxford cloth of this dog basket ensures durability and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring it’s able to hold up to regular use. And it offers a much higher weight capacity than many similar baskets, able to support a dog weighing up to 19 pounds. Comfort isn’t sacrificed for durability either, as this carrier features extra padding and an inner lining made of soft sheepskin, providing a plush and cozy environment for your pet during the ride. Ventilation is crucial for your pet’s well-being, and the mesh fabric allows for optimal airflow, preventing your pet from feeling overheated or uncomfortable during rides. It’s also equipped with a harness to prevent your dog from jumping out. In addition to catering to your pet’s needs, this basket offers convenience for you. Multiple storage pockets are incorporated into the design, allowing you to carry various personal items such as smartphones, wallets, food, or any essentials you may need during your bike ride.

Cons: If your dog is a little bit on the heavier side, even with this basket’s higher weight capacity, then the bottom section of the basket may droop over time, decreasing the overall stability of the basket. It’s also a bit on the pricey side, even if it’s not the most expensive option on this list.

Bottom Line: This bicycle basket is a nice option to have if you need extra storage apart from space for your dog. The padding and mesh fabric are excellent features to keep your pup comfy, cool, and happy while your important belongings will be organized and easily accessible.

Final Thoughts

Going on a bike ride can be a fun experience and may help you relieve stress, so why not bring your dog along with you? They can also get fresh air and enjoy an exhilarating ride as they bond with you outside. With safety and comfort in mind, you can choose from a variety of bike baskets that will best suit you and your pup’s needs.

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