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The Best Dog Crate Covers

MidWest Homes
🕚 Updated February 2022

To make sure your furry best dog friend is taken care of, dog crate covers are an excellent way to ensure that they receive the comfort and privacy that they need while in their crate. Here are some recommendations.

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Dog Crate Cover
MidWest Homes for Pets
Metal Dog Crate Cover
Double Door Dog Crate Cover
Mud River
Insulated Kennel Cover
X-Zone Pet
Indoor/Outdoor Dog Crate Cover
Our SummaryA dog crate cover made of durable Oxford polyester fabric for optimal protection.This dog crate cover features a special Teflon coating and five separate flaps for greater ventilation.A double-door dog kennel covering that offers maximum ventilation and visibility.A heavy-duty dog kennel cover that is great for the outdoors.A reliable dog crate cover that you can use while traveling and going on vacations.
ProsDurable and weatherproof, multiple entrances, favorable air circulation.Teflon coating offers superior protection, features beautiful abstract patterns.Features a breathable mesh window, made of weather-resistant polyester.Rubber mesh windows, ideal weather resistance, dual carrying handles.Provides optimal privacy and security, incredibly weather-resistant, adjustable ventilation.
ConsStitching may unravel.Open panels cannot be secured.Colors may appear differently in person.Not fully waterproof.Dogs may chew the material.
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The Best Dog Crate Covers

A dog crate cover that features cute designs
MidWest Homes

Buying Guide for Dog Crate Covers

A dog crate cover used for hunting and camping
Mud River

Why buy a dog crate cover?

Kennels and crates are house-like structures that provide shelter for dogs, but they often lack enough comfort and protection. You can upgrade their kennels with a special covering that makes them feel even more safe and secure. These particular covers are made from various materials and include unique design features that make it more enjoyable for your animals to be inside their kennels.

What should you look for in a dog crate cover?

  • Insulation: In colder climates, most dog kennels are insufficient to provide your animals with enough warmth and comfort. However, dog crate covers can be effective in insulating their kennels.
  • Protection: With a heavy-duty dog crate cover, you can shield your animals from the elements if they are kept outside or get nervous inside when thunder rolls in.
  • Ventilation: If you have to keep your dog outdoors while in their kennel, make sure that they are receiving proper ventilation. Most dog crate covers promote optimal airflow so that your animals feel comfortable.

Should you cover your dog crate at night?

This ultimately depends on the preferences of your dog. Try your best to gauge their behavior when you place the covering on their kennel when it’s nighttime. If they respond negatively, you should have a clear idea of how the covering makes them feel. Remember that every animal is different, as some tend to favor darkness and privacy.

Our Picks for the Best Dog Crate Covers

Top Choice

Explore Land Dog Crate Cover

A dog crate cover made of durable Oxford polyester fabric for optimal protection.

Pros: This universal polyester dog crate cover has durable construction with windproof properties, a mesh window for optimal ventilation, and two-way entrance doors for greater convenience. It also comes with four individual clips that clamp onto your dog kennel to secure the covering effectively.

Cons: The stitching can be uneven in certain places, and it may unravel with extensive use.

Bottom Line: This protective covering is suitable for most dog kennels and is widely used for traveling, outdoor activities, and other purposes.


Best Patterned Choice

MidWest Homes for Pets Crate Cover

This dog crate cover features a special Teflon coating and five separate flaps for greater ventilation.

Pros: Made of combination cotton and polyester fabric with a protective Teflon coating, this crate covering provides optimal protection and comfort for your animals. It features five separate flaps for better ventilation, including top and back panels. You also have multiple size and color options to choose from.

Cons: When you open one of the panels, there is no way to secure that section of the covering to your dog crate.

Bottom Line: This reliable kennel cover will help them feel more secure and comfortable while also making a nice statement with its gray-and-white patterned design for your home.


Best Double-Door Design

HiCaptain Double-Door Dog Crate Cover

A double-door dog kennel covering that offers maximum ventilation and visibility.

Pros: This double-door covering has a water-resistant coating that provides optimal protection for your dog kennel. The two-way entrance offers ventilation and visibility, ensuring that your dog won’t feel trapped or confined. It also features a breathable mesh window for airflow.

Cons: The colors may appear differently in person.

Bottom Line: This heavy-duty, polyester dog crate covering can provide a safe enclosed environment for your pup. The two-door design lets in enough light and promotes the right amount of airflow for your dog to feel happy and secure.


Best for Traveling

Mud River Insulated Kennel Cover

A heavy-duty dog kennel cover that is great for the outdoors.

Pros: This micro-lite polyester covering features rubber mesh windows for ventilation purposes and has multiple storage compartments. It also has dual carrying handles, multiple removable window flaps, and an industrial-grade rubber base for better stability. You also have many size options to choose from, and when it comes to cleaning/sanitation procedures, you can spray it down with a hose and let it dry.

Cons: The covering isn’t fully waterproof.

Bottom Line: The design of the covering was made with the outdoorsman in mind, so if you are someone who loves to go hunting or be outdoors with your dogs, then this is the right option for you. Now you can better accommodate your animals as you go on lengthy excursions through nature.


Best Protective Choice

X-Zone Indoor/Outdoor Dog Crate Cover

A reliable dog crate cover that you can use while traveling and going on vacations.

Pros: This dog crate cover offers easy access for your animals because it features front and side panels that they can enter/exit. It is made of Oxford polyester fabric and has incredible durability and weather resistance. This kennel cover also happens to be one of the few machine washable options.

Cons: Dogs may quickly chew through the material.

Bottom Line: This is a versatile crate cover that provides your animals with privacy, security, and comfort. Because the polyester cover has multiple openings, you can adjust the ventilation levels and the amount of light that enters the kennel.

Final Thoughts

Keep your dog feeling extra comfy and secure in their crate or kennel with a dog crate over. Giving your pup a safe space will make them happy in your home and provide you with peace of mind that they’re taken care of when you’re not next to them.

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