The Best Dog Doors for Your Home

Dog exiting a home through a dog door

We all love our pet dogs, but it can be a pain to take them out every time nature calls, especially when we are busy with work, chores, or other matters. Thankfully, there are a wide range of amazing dog doors on the market today that will give your dog the freedom to step outside for a bathroom break whenever the need arises. Whether you are looking for a dog door for your front door, screen door, sliding door, or wall, the dog doors featured here will make sure that you and your beloved dog are barking with joy at your home’s latest upgrade.

Things to Spot When Shopping for a Dog Door

Keep these factors in mind when looking for your new dog door:

  • Size of pet: Dog doors come in all sizes, so choosing a size that your dog can comfortably use is incredibly important. This is especially true for shy and timid dogs, which may refuse to use a dog door at all if the conditions are not absolutely ideal for them.
  • Type of dog door: Most dog doors are specially designed to be installed in specific places, such as walls, doors, sliding doors, or even screen doors and windows. Ensuring you are picking the correct type of dog door will ensure the installation process goes without a hitch and your dog can happily use his new door for years to come.
  • Weather-resistance: Some dog doors are better than others at handling extreme wind or cold. If you live in an area that is known to have these weather conditions, finding a dog door that is durable enough to keep the rain and cold outside will save you money on your energy bill and ensure your dog door is not compromising the level of comfort you feel inside your home.

Top Pick: PetSafe Plastic Pet Door

Plastic pet door for dogs and cats with snap on closing panel and paintable plastic frame

The PetSafe Plastic Pet Door snags our Top Pick award thanks to its simple DIY installation process and long-term durability. It’s also a versatile dog door, as it is suitable for wood, PVC, metal, and paneled doors between 1/16 and 2 inches thick. This dog door features a durable, weather-resistant flap and a paintable frame to ensure it will look great on your door. It also comes in four sizes, so even your 220 lb. Great Dane will have no problem getting in and out without your assistance.

Top Pick

PetSafe Plastic Pet Door – For Dogs and Cats – Size Medium– Designed for Pets Up to 40 lb – Easy DIY Installation

Easy to install and secure, this dog door is a budget-savvy option that works with a wide range of doors.

Best for Screen Doors: OWNPETS Dog Screen Door

Self-closing, lockable ABS/mesh dog door designed for use with screen doors and windows

Installing a dog door on a screen door or window can be a real pain, but the OWNPETS Dog Screen Door can be easily installed in five to ten minutes with minimal effort. Thankfully, this dog door is also lockable and features a built-in magnet to ensure the door stays firmly closed when it’s not in use. Given this product’s budget-friendly price, you will also be pleasantly surprised by how sturdy it feels, and its anti-UV construction will make sure it looks great on your screen door for many years.

Best for Screen Doors

Best for Sliding Doors: Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Patio Door

Dog door with transparent vinyl flap and animal lock-out slide for aluminum sliding patio doors

For those seeking an adjustable-height dog door for your sliding door, the Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Pet Patio Door is as good as it gets. Although this product is considerably more expensive than some of the other options on this list and somewhat more difficult to install, its quality aluminum frame and tempered glass construction make it one of the most secure and durable dog doors you can buy. It looks great on sliding doors and comes equipped with a locking mechanism and magnetic seal so that no unwanted critters can find their way into your home.

Best for Sliding Doors

Fast Fit Pet Patio Door 80" Super Large (White)

This dog door is a great option for those with aluminum sliding patio doors. It comes in two finishes, white and silver.

Best for Extreme Weather: PetSafe Extreme Weather Door

Triple-flapped dog door designed to eliminate winter drafts and withstand extreme weather

Unfortunately, most dog doors are not designed for use in areas that frequently have extremely cold and windy weather. Thankfully the PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog and Cat Door was designed with unforgiving weather in mind, so its durable metal frame, three flaps, and heavy-duty magnetic seal are great at keeping the cold and wet conditions outside your home where they belong. Even when sitting right next to this dog door on a freezing night, you will hardly notice any temperature change or draft in your home, making this a great pick for cutting down on energy costs.

Best for Extreme Weather

PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog and Cat Door - Aluminum Frame Pet Door - Large

This dog door comes in multiple sizes and features three-flap insulation to keep cold, windy weather out of your home.

Best for Walls: Endura Flap Wall Pet Door

Dog door designed for in-wall installation with durable aluminum frame and great weather-resistance

Rounding out our list is the Endura Flap Wall Pet Door, which is another energy-efficient option that passes the extreme weather test. This dog door sports magnets on three sides of its durable flaps (which are rated for wind speeds up to 50mph) ensuring they shut on both sides while not in use. It also features a durable aluminum frame and a heavy-duty construction that promises many years of reliable service. While this product may require professional installation for those who are not handy, it’s definitely the best option for those who plan on building a dog door directly through their wall.

Best for Walls

Endura Flap Pet Door Single Flap Wall Mount - XL (12" x 23" Flap Opening), Sturdy Aluminum White Frame

This dog door is made for in-wall installation and stays shut even with wind gusts up to 50 mph. It provides excellent insulation.

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