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The Best Dog Seatbelts for a Safe Drive

Woman fastening a small black and white dog in a car with a dog seatbelt.

If you have ever been in a car with a loose dog climbing over your lap as you drive, you may appreciate a good dog seatbelt. It’s not just frustrating and dangerous for you to drive with a loose pup but also for your pet. Small dogs may fall forward if you have to stop suddenly, and any size dog is at risk if you crash. To ensure the safety of you and your canine passenger, you can invest in a quality seatbelt. Here are some fantastic options we recommend.

Purchasing a Dog Seatbelt

When searching for your pooch’s perfect seatbelt, consider these factors:

  • Preferences: If you use a harness to walk your dog, you will find seatbelts with harnesses too. Many seatbelts don’t come as a harness but are able to connect to one. Naturally, there are many designs and colors to choose from.
  • Location: It’s awesome if you know where in the vehicle you want to secure your dog. If not, think about your options. You will find seatbelts designed to buckle into the seatbelt tongue, child safety seat, or the trunk.
  • Features: Depending on size and weight, your dog may do better with a heavy-duty seatbelt with super-strong attachments and material. Again, if your dog is hyperactive, check out harness seatbelts. Also, keep your eye open for bonus items like collapsible dog bowls!

Overall Winner: Vastar Adjustable Dog Seatbelt Harness

Two blue dog seatbelts.

Vastar designed this seatbelt to keep your dog safe in the car. As a driver, you know the importance of distraction-free driving to avoid accidents. If you are driving with your dog in tow, this seatbelt keeps them away from the center console and free to lie down, sit, or stand. Made of quality nylon, the seatbelt features a universal and adjustable buckle and a zinc alloy swivel snap.

Overall Winner

Vastar Adjustable Dog Seatbelt Harness

The Vasta seatbelt keeps your dog safe and away from the driver. And you get two with one purchase!

Best Belt with Harness: SlowTon Dog Car Harness

Small dog wearing a red harness seatbelt in car.

If you haven’t tried using a harness when walking your dog, the SlowTon seatbelt could be a great opportunity. It’s made of breathable mesh, so your dog won’t feel constricted in the chest, and is adjustable to fit large dogs, small dogs, and even cats! The harness wraps around your dog’s body and neck, making it easier to control its movements and bring a sense of safety and comfort. Simply clip the bungee band to the top of the harness with the metal clasp, then buckle them in.

Best Belt with Harness

SlowTon Dog Car Harness

This harness seatbelt is designed for your dog's comfort and protection.

Most Adjustable: IOKHEIRA Dog Seatbelt 3-in-1

Red harness with two thumbnail images showing the buckle options.

The secret behind the IOKHEIRA 3-in-1 harness dog seatbelt is its clever design. On one end of the bungee, the tether is a seatbelt buckle and a hook lock, while at the other end is a 360-degree rotation carabiner lock hook. These features allow you to buckle your dog in, or latch to a child safety seat or car trunk. The seatbelt is durable, and the tether is reflective for night-driving!

Most Adjustable

IOKHEIRA Dog Seatbelt 3-in-1

The innovative design of this seatbelt allows you to buckle your dog safely in three different ways.

Fits Most Vehicles: COOYOO Dog Seatbelt

A one black dog seatbelt, a pink seatbelt, and a pink dog bowl.

The COOYOO dog seatbelt stands out for its universal fit and because it’s economical — you get two belts and a collapsible dog bowl with one purchase! The strong nylon tether, solid zinc alloy swivel snap, and buckle make this seatbelt durable. So, whether you drive a truck, SUV, sedan, or limousine, your dog will ride safely and happily with the COOYOO seatbelt.

Fits Most Vehicles

COOYOO Dog Seatbelt

This seatbelt fits trucks, sedans, SUVs, and even limos! It's a well-made product and comes with a bonus dog bowl.

Also Great: Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Dog Harness

Red harness seatbelt with a tether.

Not many dog seatbelt brands can claim that their product is crash-test certified, but Kurgo can, for dogs up to 75 pounds. The harness itself features a padded chest plate for extra comfort and is easy to set up. Just put the harness on using the five metal adjustable points for fit, attach the carabiner to the shoulder and waist seatbelts, and finally, attach the carabiner to the harness back strap. Every component of this harness seatbelt has been crash-tested, so you can trust that there are no weak points that might give out or break upon impact.

Also Great

Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Dog Harness

The Kurgo dog seatbelt is crash-test certified and cleverly designed.

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