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The Best Dog Seatbelts

🕚 Updated June 2023

If you've ever been in a car with a loose dog climbing over your lap as you drive, you're sure to appreciate a good dog seatbelt. It's frustrating and dangerous for both you and your pup to drive with a loose pet.

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  Best Overall Best Belt with Harness Most Versatile Best Set Best Crash-Tested
Adjustable Dog Seatbelt Harness
Dog Car Harness
3-in-1 Dog Seatbelt
Dog Seatbelt
Tru-Fit Crash Tested Dog Harness
Our SummaryThe Vasta seatbelt keeps your dog safe and away from the driver. And you get two with one purchase!This harness seatbelt is designed for your dog's comfort and protection.The innovative design of this seatbelt allows you to buckle your dog safely in three different ways.This seatbelt fits trucks, sedans, SUVs, and even limos! It's a well-made product and comes with a bonus dog bowl.This dog seatbelt has been crash tested to ensure optimal safety for your pup.
Pros✓ Reliable support
✓ Universal compatibility buckle
✓ Zinc alloy swivel snap
✓ Allows dog to move naturally and comfortably
✓ Comes with two seatbelts
✓ Even distribution
✓ Comfortable mesh construction
✓ Breathable to prevent overheating
✓ Straightforward and easy to use
✓ Quick and secure fastening
✓ Good sizing options
✓ Versatile design
✓ Multiple options for securing your dog
✓ High-quality
✓ Durable
✓ Reflective for nighttime drives
✓ Compatible with all types of vehicles
✓ Good value
✓ Strong nylon construction
✓ Solid zinc alloy components
✓ Collapsible dog bowl included
✓ Crash-test certified
✓ High-quality materials for durability
✓ Padded chest for comfort
✓ Easy setup with adjustable points
✓ Range of sizes available
Cons✗ Clever or dogs may be able to unclip it
✗ Straps may loosen or fray over time
✗ Harness recommended for safety reasons (not included)
✗ Not suitable for aggressive chewers
✗ Neck area may be too big or chest area too tight
✗ Cord length varies depending on harness size
✗ Limited adjustability
✗ Strap too long or too short for some
✗ Risk of strap getting tangled
✗ Leash may be too long for some cars
✗ Not suitable for aggressive chewers
✗ Not suitable for dogs over 75 pounds
✗ Heavy to wear
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The Best Dog Seatbelts

Woman fastening a small black and white dog in a car with a dog seatbelt.

Small dogs may fall forward if you have to stop suddenly, and any size dog is at risk if you crash. To ensure the safety of you and your canine passenger, you can invest in a quality seatbelt. Here are some fantastic options we recommend.

Buying Guide for Dog Seatbelts

Small dog maltese in a car, his owner puts him a special dog car harness to keep him safe when he travels.
Monika Wisniewska/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a dog seatbelt?

The main reason to invest in a seatbelt for your pup is, of course, safety—both theirs and your own. A dog seatbelt helps keep your dog safe while traveling via vehicle. Unrestrained dogs in a car can be a major distraction for the driver. They may try to climb onto the driver’s lap, obstruct their vision, or cause sudden movements that affect the driver’s ability to focus on the road. A seatbelt keeps your dog in place, allowing the driver to concentrate on driving safely. And in the event of sudden stops, turns, or accidents, a seatbelt can prevent your dog from being thrown around or escaping the car. In some jurisdictions, it’s actually mandatory by law to restrain dogs while traveling in a vehicle. Failing to do so can result in fines and penalties. Using a dog seatbelt ensures you comply with local regulations and helps you avoid legal consequences.

What should you look for in a dog seatbelt?

  • Safety and Durability: Look for a dog seatbelt that is specifically designed for safety and durability. It should be made from strong, high-quality materials that can withstand the force of sudden stops or accidents. Also look for seatbelts that have been crash-tested or certified by independent safety organizations. Look for features such as sturdy metal buckles and robust stitching that can securely restrain your dog.
  • Adjustability and Comfort: A good dog seatbelt should be adjustable to accommodate different dog sizes and body shapes. It should have adjustable straps that allow you to customize the fit for your dog. Ensure that the seatbelt is not too loose or too tight and that your dog can sit, stand, and lie down comfortably while wearing it. Look for seatbelts with padded or soft materials to enhance their comfort during travel.
  • Compatibility: Check if the dog seatbelt is compatible with your vehicle’s seatbelt system. It should have a sturdy and reliable attachment mechanism, such as a metal clip or carabiner, that can be securely fastened to the seatbelt buckle or latch. Make sure the seatbelt attachment point is positioned in a way that keeps your dog safely restrained without restricting their movement excessively. Additionally, consider seatbelts that allow your dog to move comfortably in the designated seating area without causing any discomfort or hindrance.

How do you pick the right-sized dog seatbelt?

Use a soft measuring tape or a piece of string to measure your dog’s chest circumference just behind their front legs. Take note of this measurement, then check the product’s sizing chart. Refer to this chart to determine the recommended size for your dog. Some dog seatbelt models also have weight or breed recommendations to ensure a proper fit and adequate safety. Be sure to take these recommendations into consideration, as they can provide additional guidance in selecting the right size for your dog. You’ll also want to look for a dog seatbelt that offers adjustable straps so you can fine-tune the seatbelt to provide a snug and secure fit without being too tight or restrictive.

Once you have the dog seatbelt, try it on your dog. Adjust the straps to achieve a snug fit without being too tight. The seatbelt should allow your dog to sit, stand, and lie down comfortably while preventing excessive movement or escape. Pay attention to how your dog reacts while wearing the seatbelt. They should be able to move naturally and comfortably without any signs of distress or discomfort. If the seatbelt appears too tight or causes irritation, consider trying a larger size or a different model that better suits your dog’s body shape and size.

Remember that different manufacturers may have slight variations in sizing, so always refer to the specific sizing chart provided by the manufacturer for the most accurate fit. Additionally, consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns or questions about choosing the right-sized dog seatbelt for your pooch.

Our Picks for the Best Dog Seatbelts

Best Overall

Vastar Adjustable Dog Seatbelt Harness

The Vasta seatbelt keeps your dog safe and away from the driver. And you get two with one purchase!

Pros: Most noteworthy about this dog seat belt is that it features a universal and adjustable buckle, allowing it to be easily attached to any standard seatbelt receptacle in your vehicle. This universal compatibility ensures that you can use the seatbelt in various cars without any hassle; swap it between your and your spouse’s car without issue, for instance. The inclusion of a zinc alloy swivel snap in the design further enhances the convenience and flexibility of the seatbelt. Said swivel snap allows your dog to move around naturally within the confined space, providing them with the freedom to lie down, sit, or stand comfortably during the ride, rather than fully restricting their movement. This feature is particularly important as it promotes your dog’s well-being by allowing them to adopt different positions and alleviate any potential discomfort or restlessness. And you get two seatbelts with your purchase, handy for folks who own more than one pup.

Cons: While many dogs have responded positively to this seatbelt, some clever or determined dogs may find a way to unclip the seat belts. If you own a particularly smart or mischievous canine, it’s possible they’ll find a way to free themself during a car ride. A few customers mentioned that the materials and stitching could be of better quality, as the straps may loosen or fray over time. However, customer service has been responsive in addressing these concerns. Also keep in mind that this seatbelt requires the use of a harness rather than attaching directly to a dog’s collar. This is recommended for safety reasons in case of an accident. However, no harnesses are included with your purchase, so you’ll have to buy one separately.

Bottom Line: The design of this top-notch dog seatbelt prioritizes distraction-free driving, ensuring the safety of both you and your canine companion. With its quality nylon construction, universal and adjustable buckle, and zinc alloy swivel snap, it offers a practical and reliable solution for pet owners who value their dog’s safety and comfort on the road.


Best Belt with Harness

SlowTon Dog Car Harness

This harness seatbelt is designed for your dog's comfort and protection.

Pros: If you haven’t yet experienced the convenience and benefits of using a harness when traveling with your dog, this seatbelt harness presents an excellent opportunity to do so. The design of the harness involves wrapping it around your dog’s body and neck, allowing for better control over their movements. By encircling both the body and neck, the harness ensures that any sudden jerks or movements are distributed evenly, minimizing strain on your dog’s neck and providing a greater sense of safety and comfort. This thoughtful design feature is particularly important during emergency stops or potential accidents, as it helps protect your dog from injury. The breathable mesh construction ensures that your dog will not feel restricted or confined in the chest area, allowing for more comfortable movement while wearing the harness. It also promotes ventilation, preventing your dog from feeling overheated or uncomfortable during longer trips. And this harness is straightforward to use to boot. Simply attach the bungee band to the top of the harness using the sturdy metal clasp, and then buckle your dog into the car. This quick and easy process ensures that your dog is quickly and securely fastened and ready to enjoy a safe and pleasant ride.

Cons: While overall well-made, this harness seatbelt may not be suitable for dogs with strong chewing tendencies, as aggressive chewers might be able to gnaw through the seatbelt connector. And despite the seatbelt’s adjustability, some users have mentioned concerns about the sizing and adjustability of the harness. Some found that the neck area was too big or the chest area was tight when fully extended. It’s important to carefully measure your dog and consider the specific sizing recommendations before purchasing. Also worth noting is that the cord length varies depending on the size of the harness ordered.

Bottom Line: This seatbelt harness is an excellent choice for pet owners who want to enhance the safety and comfort of their dog during car travel. With its easy-to-use bungee band attachment and metal clasp, it’s a reliable and user-friendly solution for ensuring your dog’s well-being while on the road.


Most Versatile

IOKHEIRA 3-in-1 Dog Seatbelt

The innovative design of this seatbelt allows you to buckle your dog safely in three different ways.

Pros: This dog seatbelt stands out thanks to its clever, versatile design. The bungee tether features a seatbelt buckle and a hook lock at one end and a 360-degree rotation carabiner lock hook at the other. Together these provide you with multiple options for securing your dog, depending on your specific needs and vehicle. With the seatbelt buckle and hook lock, you can easily buckle your dog into the car’s existing seatbelt receptacle, ensuring their safety and preventing them from moving around excessively. This harness dog seatbelt also offers the flexibility to latch the tether to a child safety seat or the car trunk. This feature comes in especially handy when traveling with both your dog and a child, as it allows you to secure them both with a single seatbelt. Furthermore, it provides the convenience of securing your dog in the trunk area when necessary, such as during shopping trips or when transporting larger items. Durability is another crucial aspect of any dog seatbelt, and this model doesn’t disappoint. Designed to withstand the rigors of regular use, the seatbelt is crafted from high-quality materials that ensure its long-lasting performance. This durability provides peace of mind, knowing that the seatbelt will effectively restrain your dog and keep them secure throughout your journeys. The tether is equipped with reflective elements, which enhance visibility in low-light conditions.

Cons: Some users have mentioned that the length of the strap may cause issues in certain cases, and it’s not as adjustable as some might like. For example, you may not be able to shorten it enough to work in the front passenger seat. On the other hand, if you have a bigger dog, the strap might not be able to extend long enough to accommodate larger pups. There’s also a chance the strap may get tangled around your dog’s leg, which is a very real safety concern for many. It’d be difficult to reach back and untangle the strap if you’re driving alone, potentially requiring you to pull over. Thus if you invest in this dog seatbelt,  you may need to regularly check to ensure the strap is properly positioned.

Bottom Line: Overall this harness dog seatbelt is a very useful product that offers a range of features designed to enhance both safety and convenience. Its design gives you more versatile options than most for securing your dog in various situations, no matter what kind of vehicle you drive.


Best Set

COOYOO Dog Seatbelt

This seatbelt fits trucks, sedans, SUVs, and even limos! It's a well-made product and comes with a bonus dog bowl.

Pros: The universal fit and economical nature of this dog seatbelt make it an excellent choice for pet owners. With one purchase, you receive two belts plus a collapsible dog bowl. Even if you’ve only got one pup at home, the extra seatbelt is an excellent backup option in case one belt needs to be cleaned or replaced. And the included water bowl is collapsible, allowing you to provide your dog with food or water while on the go. The seatbelt’s universal fit is also a huge plus, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicles from trucks to SUVs to sedans, even limousines. It’s constructed from strong nylon material, which provides excellent strength and resilience, ensuring that the seatbelt can withstand the rigors of regular use. The solid zinc alloy of the swivel snap and buckle also contribute to the overall durability and reliability of this dog seatbelt, ensuring that it remains securely in place throughout the journey.

Cons: The included leash is definitely on the longer side. While this won’t be an issue for every customer, there may be some cases where the leash, even at its shortest possible length, is still too long for some cars. Depending on your vehicle, this may limit its effectiveness in keeping your dog securely in the back seat and may require additional adjustments or alternative solutions. And while it’s an overall durable product, this is another dog seatbelt that isn’t the best choice for aggressive chewers.

Bottom Line: This particular dog seatbelt stands out for its compatibility and bang for your buck. Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, this dog seatbelt ensures that your pup will travel safely and happily—and you can keep the included collapsible dog bowl in your car at all times so you never need to worry about packing one for the road.


Best Crash-Tested

Kurgo Tru-Fit Crash Tested Dog Harness

This dog seatbelt has been crash-tested to ensure optimal safety for your pup.

Pros: If you’re after some extra peace of mind in regard to your pet’s safety on car rides, this dog seatbelt has undergone rigorous crash testing, ensuring that it provides reliable protection in the event of an accident. It’s designed with high-quality materials, including heavy-duty fabric and sturdy metal components. This durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it an excellent investment for the safety of your furry friend. The harness itself features a padded chest plate for extra comfort and is easy to set up. Just put the harness on using the five metal adjustable points for fit, attach the carabiner to the shoulder and waist seatbelts, attach the carabiner to the harness back strap, and you’re ready to go. Sizes range from an XS to an XL, ensuring there’s an option suitable for any dog that weighs 75 pounds or less.

Cons: While this dog seatbelt is great for most pups, if you have a dog that weighs over 75 pounds, you’ll have to find a different crash-tested seatbelt for him or her to wear. The harness itself is also quite heavy due to its metal rings and hinges. While it provides excellent support and security in the car, its weight might not make it the most comfortable option for your pooch to wear, even with the padded chest.

Bottom Line: Not every dog seatbelt brand can claim that their product is crash-test certified, but this model can, at least for dogs up to 75 pounds. Every component of this harness seatbelt has been crash-tested, making it an invaluable investment for the safety of your beloved canine companion.

Final Thoughts

Dog seatbelts are crucial for the safety of both your dog and passengers during car rides, providing secure restraint and preventing distractions. Choosing the right-sized, high-quality seatbelt and properly acclimating your dog to wearing it will ensure a comfortable and safe travel experience for everyone involved.

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