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The Best Dog Teepees

🕚 Updated March 2022

If you're looking for a fun, unique take on a dog bed, or your pup needs extra comfort when you're not home, a dog teepee may offer that soft protection. Consider some of our favorites listed below.

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  Top Choice Premium Option Best for Comfort Best Trendy Design Best Construction
  little dove
Dog and Pet Teepee
Dog Teepee
Dog Teepee
little dove
Dog and Cat Teepee
Large Dog Teepee
Our SummaryA cute and comfy tent with a chalkboard sign for an endearing decorative touch.A dog teepee that serves as a lovely Native American-inspired decorative accent to your home.A fun and furry home for your fun and furry loved one.A voguish dog teepee to make your pup happy and elevate your home decor.A snazzy, starry dog teepee with a chalkboard and thick cushion.
ProsPinewood poles and 100% cotton canvas, machine washable, rubber protectors reduce slippage, comes with a chalkboard, easy to assemble, no tools needed.Fancy lace, portable, easy to maintain and assemble, patterned anti-skid bottom, anti-scratch pole tips, for dogs between 5 and 23 inches tall and up to 33 pounds.Distinct look, fleece-like material, cushion is easy to remove and clean, made for small dogs under 12 pounds.Bohemian style, several larger pompoms to hang at the pinewood pole top or drape down the sides.For dogs up to 33 pounds, high-quality, breathable, easy to assemble, nonslip thick cushion functions as a separate bed, machine washable.
ConsNot sturdy.Not large as expected and can be flimsy.Small interior.Not sturdy.Not sturdy.
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The Best Dog Teepees

Small dog inside of a blue and white teepee tent.

Buying Guide for Dog Teepees

Young girl reading with a small dog inside of a teepee.
LightField Studios/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a dog teepee?

Some small dogs may quickly take to a teepee bed and respond well to the snug shelter a teepee offers. For dogs that get cold easily or may be prone to anxiety and stress, dog teepees may be a fantastic solution for these pets, plus they’re also decorative. You’ll find dog teepees that feature colorful, patterned cloth, subtle white cotton, and even lacy linen. They’re an easy way to make your dog comfy and can be a decorative addition to your home.

What should you look for in a dog teepee?

  • Size: It is essential for your pet to have ample space to move around and go in and out of the teepee as it pleases, so you’ll want to pay close attention to the dimensions of the dog teepees you look at.
  • Design: Dog teepees can be made out of a variety of materials. Some are made of 100% breathable cotton canvas and have pinewood poles, a sturdy construction with a clean look. Others feature fleece-like fabric and cushion, which makes a warmer environment. There are dog teepees with printed fabrics to choose from to add color to your home. Also, some products come with cushions and chalkboards while others don’t.
  • Assembly: Most dog teepees are marketed as an all-in-one with no tools needed and may take as little as five minutes to set up or takedown. However, this is not the case for all, so you may need to reconsider if there are no instructions or it may seem difficult.

Can you use a dog teepee for other pets?

The answer is yes, depending. Since most teepees may be on the smaller side because of the enclosed top of the teepee, small house-trained pets like rabbits and cats may like the dog teepee you purchase even better than your dog. A lot of what will and won’t work about any dog teepee you buy is based on your pet’s preference.

Our Picks for the Best Dog Teepees

Top Choice

little dove Dog and Pet Teepee

A cute and comfy tent with a chalkboard sign for an endearing decorative touch.

Pros:  This popular dog teepee features a tasteful combination of beige canvas and pinewood poles. The canvas is 100% cotton machine washable, breathable, and durable, with attractive qualities you want in a dog bed to keep your pet comfortable and odors at bay. The tent measures 19.3 x 19.3 x 19.3 inches and is ideal for dogs up to 15 pounds. Other features include rubber protectors that fit on the bottom of each pole to reduce slippage. You even get a small chalkboard to write on and hang above the tent opening. It’s easy to assemble and requires no tools.

Cons: It is not sturdy.

Bottom Line: A modern take on a native people’s dwelling, this dog teepee has an impressive elegance to it. It’s a practical design, too, for small dogs who love to nestle.


Premium Option

DEWEL Dog Teepee

A dog teepee that serves as a lovely Native American-inspired decorative accent to your home.

Pros: Stylish, portable, and easy to maintain, this dog teepee features Native American-inspired construction and decoration. The tent material is cotton canvas and features a lacy front entrance. It pairs well with the pinewood poles and is fixed at the top with cotton rope. Additional features include a patterned antiskid cloth bottom layer, antiscratch pole tips, and dura buttons, one on either side to hold open the front entrance. This tent is best for dogs between 5 to 23 inches tall and 15.5 to 33 pounds heavy; a small version is also available.

Cons: It is not as large as expected and can be flimsy.

Bottom Line: Fold up your dog’s teepee and head to a quiet, grassy spot in nature for some quality time with your pet. Additionally, this nook makes an appealing option for sprucing up a room in your house.


Best for Comfort

PetnPurr Dog Teepee

A fun and furry home for your fun and furry loved one.

Pros The PetnPurr teepee has a distinct look that sets itself apart from other dog teepees. Its design is inspired by native shelters from all sides of the globe but might be a tad cozier than indigenous models.  Its walls are made of wool to keep comfortable and are in earth, muted tones, and the top section is adorned with a furry, white layer. The matching, white fluffy cushion is easy to remove and clean. Designed with small dogs under 12 pounds in mind, the teepee measures 27.5 x 19.2 inches.

Cons: The interior space is small.

Bottom Line: Super quick and straightforward to set up, this teepee adds warmth to your home’s décor and a sense of safety for your pup.


Best Trendy Design

little dove Dog and Cat Teepee

A voguish dog teepee to make your pup happy and elevate your home decor.

Pros: If you want a chic option, this hideout is an excellent choice. It shares similarities with other 100% durable canvas Native American qualities but differs in decoration. We’re talking beige, handmade pompoms galore! It’s decked with pompoms along with the front opening and the pompom pad. You can hang a few additional, larger pompoms where the pinewood poles meet at the top or drape along the sides. The dimensions are 19.69 x 19.69 x 23.62 inches.

Cons: It is not sturdy.

Bottom Line: This fashionable dog teepee is an all-in-one construction and should take a mere five minutes to set up and break down. It’s easy to wash and easy on the eyes.


Best Construction

EMUST Large Dog Teepee

A snazzy, starry dog teepee with a chalkboard and thick cushion.

Pros: Have a large dog that likes enclosed comfort? This dog teepee measures 27.6 x 23.6 inches for dogs up to 33 pounds. Some features include high-quality breathable and washable cotton canvas cloth, a durable front-opening fastener, strong pinewood poles, easy assembly, portability, and that it is machine washable. Even the nonslip, thick cushion is smartly designed; it works as a separate dog bed and is machine washable.

Cons: It is not sturdy.

Bottom Line: It’s a fashion statement and place for your dog to call home. The navy canvas cloth features an energizing, white star print. If the look isn’t compatible with your home’s color scheme, check out the star-ivory, tree-white, and solid-white options.

Final Thoughts

A dog teepee can be a great way to make your dog more comfortable and happy at home while adding a bit of style and uniqueness to your place. There are plenty of looks to choose from to suit you and your pup’s needs.

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