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The Best Dog Training Bells for Your Pooch

a dog using his nose to press a training doorbell on the back door in order to be let out to go potty

Potty training your dog can seem messy and intimidating. You’ll have to deal with a lot of accidents and it may take some practice, but it’s completely worth it. Once your pooch has learned that their bathroom is outside, it’s important to set up a system that lets you know they are waiting to be let out. Bell training is one way to teach your dog to communicate that it’s potty time: this type of training involves teaching your pooch to ring a bell whenever they have to go outside, helping you avoid inconvenient accidents. Whether you prefer traditional fabric bells or a pooch-inspired wireless doorbell, there are a wide variety of training bells on the market that’ll work for you and your dog. Here are some fantastic dog training bells that we highly recommend.

Buying a Training Bell for Your Dog

Here’s what you’ll want to consider:

  • Materials: To make the potty training experience easier for you and your pup, you should invest in high-quality training bells. Traditional bells should be crafted from durable metals such as iron or brass; they should also feature thick instrument walls in order to produce deep, clear sound quality. If you are looking for bells attached to a training belt, make sure to choose a belt made of heavy-duty nylon that can withstand rough play.
  • Wireless Doorbells: If you are looking for a high-tech way to potty train your dog, you should invest in a wireless doggy doorbell. These doorbells come with two parts: an activator/transmitter that your dog can press to let you know when it’s time to go outside and a receiver that notifies you when the bell has been rung. Your wireless doorbell should come with a variety of ring tones and sound levels that’ll let you customize the sound of the doorbell to your liking.

Best Overall: BLUETREE 2-Pack Premium Dog Doorbells

two training bells hang next to each other while a golden retriever paws at them on the right side, above the golden retriever is a blue dog whistle and a closeup of the training bells

Potty training your dog just got a whole lot easier, thanks to this value set of dog training bells. This set comes with two training bells that feature seven extra-loud jingle bells on each belt. The thick-walled bells are made from durable metal that provides deep, rich sound quality. The belt is made from heavy-duty nylon to withstand tugs, scratches, and any other dog-related incidents. With a reinforced-rivet loop on the end, the bells easily hang off of any doorknob. They feature three size levels that allow you to adjust the length of each belt to fit the size of your dog or the height of your door. These high-quality bells will make training your dog seem like a piece of cake.

Best Wall-Mounted: Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0

golden retriever ringing a white, round doorbell with a closeup of the doorbell above the dog

Do you want to show all of your friends how smart your dog is? Teach your pooch how to communicate that it’s potty time by ringing this electronic doorbell! It comes with a training guide that details a three-step process for teaching your dog how to ring the bell. The doorbell comes with two parts: the activator that your dog presses to ring the bell and the receiver that notifies you when the doorbell has been rung. The activator comes with a 3M adhesive strip that allows you to mount it on any wall without using excessive hardware or inconvenient wiring; to mount the receiver, just plug it into a standard wall outlet. The doorbell features four volume settings and 38 different ring tones that can be customized to the style of your choice. This doorbell is an impressive way to potty train your pup.

Best Wall-Mounted

Best Sound Quality: Mighty Paw Metal Potty Bell

silver training bell in front of white and orange rectangular packaging

This dog training bell was specifically designed with sound quality and durability in mind. It is crafted with an iron support and a brass bell that work together to let you know that it’s potty time: the iron support works as a spring mechanism to vibrate the brass bell, creating an impressively loud ring. The bell features a sleek silver coating that withstands rough play while still looking sophisticated enough to be used in the home. It comes with a three-step training formula designed to effectively teach dogs of all ages how to use the bell.

Best Sound Quality

Best Sound Range: weird tales Wireless Doorbell

black dog doorbell receiver next to two black transmitters on the right side

This wireless doorbell is a great choice for large and small dogs alike. The sensor doesn’t require any pressure: all your dog has to do is lightly tap the device, and the bell will go off. The doorbell comes with two waterproof, battery-operated transmitters and a long-range wireless receiver with an operating distance of up to 950 feet. The receiver features a built-in 40-millimeter stereo speaker that delivers clear, well-balanced sound up to 115 decibels. It also comes with five levels of adjustable volume and 55 bell tones that allow you to customize the doorbell chime to your liking.

Best Sound Range

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