The Best Doghouses for Your Pooch

A brown dog laying down in green grass in front of a doghouse.

Dogs need to get outside, even Chihuahuas and Pomeranians, for fresh air and a walk. However, many heartier breeds like German shepherds, border collies, Labrador retrievers, and others need some extra outdoor time. A nice doghouse might be a great addition to your dog’s routine. Dog houses provide shade, shelter, and immediate access to your lawn. Another advantage: you get some free time indoors from that energetic pet of yours.

Choosing a Doghouse

When searching for the perfect doghouse for your pet, consider these factors:

  • Your Dog: It’s vital to take into consideration the size of your dog, its physical health, and personality. An aging husky who might not do so well spending all day outdoors. Who’s to say? Only you know your dog. Ask your veterinarian for guidance when searching for a doghouse.
  • Climate: Another important factor is the kind of weather common to your part of the world. Many well-made doghouses are designed to withstand all kinds of weather, so keep an eye out for those.
  • Material: Doghouses are made with diverse types of material — typically PP plastic or solid wood. Wood tends to be less expensive and works well in many climates. Plastic is lightweight and easier to clean. Also, consider the fact that a doghouse is like a piece of furniture and is designed specifically for the outdoors or indoors. Do you like the look of wood over plastic or vice versa?

Best Overall: Petmate Aspen Pet Petbarn Dog House

Brown and dark brown plastic doghouse.

Petmate designed the Aspen Petbarn with USA-made durable plastic to stand up against the elements, time, rot, and mold. With rear ventilation, the doghouse stays cool and comfortable, no matter the weather. It even features an extended roof guard rim and elevated floor to redirect snow and rain, keeping the interior insulated and dry. This model comes in four sizes. The smallest accommodates dogs up to 15 pounds and the largest up to 90 pounds.

Best Overall

Petmate Aspen Pet Petbarn Dog House

This durable plastic product meets and exceeds the requirements of good doghouses. It's affordable and high-quality!

Best Outdoor Doghouse: Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin

Wooden doghouse placed outside on green lawn.

Here’s a house for your canine! With a solid wood structure, stainless-steel hardware, and slanted asphalt roof, this Petmate product is a legitimate log cabin. Well, perhaps more accessorized than a rustic outback abode, but still, it will add charm to your lawn. You can adjust the feet to stabilize the log doghouse on uneven surfaces. It’s made in the USA and available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

Best Outdoor Doghouse

Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin

A log cabin doghouse that's made in the USA? Yes, please! The slanted asphalt roof keeps the wet weather away.

Best Indoor Doghouse: Petsfit Indoor Wood Dog House

White wooden indoor doghouse with dog peeking out the door.

This insulated wooden indoor doghouse may be a perfect home for your Chihuahua, toy poodle, or other small dogs. Your dog can easily access it through the front door, and you have wide access through the top cover that features metal hinges and a door lock. This indoor doghouse is collapsible and easy to clean by opening the top of the doghouse. The collapsible design makes the doghouse super easy to assemble and just as simple to disassemble.

Best Indoor Doghouse

Petsfit Indoor Wood Dog House

This doghouse makes life easier for you and your small dog with its collapsible wooden structure.

Best for Puppies: DEStar Durable Plastic Dog House

White plastic doghouse with blue roof and a puppy laying inside.

What makes the DEStar PP plastic doghouse great for puppies? Its large size gives your pup adequate space as they grow. Your puppy will feel comfortable no matter the weather because the structure is well-ventilated with back and front vents, making it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The doghouse is also waterproof and features a slanted, detachable roof, making it easy to clean.

Best for Puppies

DEStar Durable Plastic Dog House

This roomy, durable doghouse won't wear out before your puppy has become an adult.

Best with Door: LUCKYERMORE Dog House and Kennel

White plastic doghouse with wire door and white dog sitting outside.

As with many high-quality PP plastic doghouses, this product is durable, weatherproof (water, wind, and sun-proof), and easy to clean. The wire door gives this doghouse a whole new function. If you need to be away for a short while, you can kennel your dog. Another novel feature is the two nails you insert into corresponding holes in the structure’s foundation. The sharp ends of the nails help stabilize the doghouse on uneven ground.

Best with Door

LUCKERMORE Dog House and Kennel

This doghouse has ventilation, waterproofing, and more, plus it doubles as a kennel.

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