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The Best Dominoes Game Sets

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🕚 Updated August 2022

Dominoes is a game that has been played for thousands of years. It's a great game to involve the whole family and enhance your game strategies. One of these nice sets will make a great investment for many future game nights of domino fun.

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  Best Overall Best for Professionals Best for Kids Best for Game Nights Budget Pick
  Spin Master Games
Double Fifteen Color Dot Dominoes Set
Double 6 Dominoes Set in Leatherette Case
Dynamo Wooden Domino Set
Spin Master Games
Mexican Train Dominoes Set
Toy Double Six Wooden Dominoes
Our SummaryA colorful version of dominoes that you'll love to play.A sleek dominoes set that's perfect for when you take your game on the road.A colorful, wood domino set perfect to encourage kids' STEM development.Up the ante on game night with Mexican train dominoes.A solid option if you're shopping on a budget.
ProsAccommodates two to ten players, color tiles, station for Mexican train dominoes, 136 tiles.Leather-like carrying case, 28 tiles, travel-friendly.107 pieces, build endless designs, rated safe for kids 3+.Aluminum carrying case, accommodates eight players, 91 dominoes, nine trains, score pad.Wooden construction, 28 tiles, large 5-inch height.
Conspoor quality control can leave marks on backs of tiles that makes it easy to spot specific tile designs.Tiles aren't professional size specifications.Some components might not work properly, not the same size as other Hape dominoes sets.Lacks whistle for the station.Basic set with no real carrying case.
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The Best Dominoes Game Sets

Dominoes lined up and starting to fall on a table.
Oliver Britton/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Dominoes Game Sets

Dominoes on a wooden table.

Why buy a dominoes game set?

Dominoes is actually a game that involves strategy. And much like a game of Uno, it can feel like a high-stakes experience. If your friends or family love the challenge of a game that requires thinking ahead several steps, this is a great game to purchase.

What should you consider when shopping for a dominoes game set?

  • Size: Dominoes come in all types of shapes and sizes, so consider which is best for the game space in which you’ll be playing. Also consider the size of the set, as in how many dominoes come in it. They usually come in sets of 28 to 136 or more.
  • Storage: Determine if a storage box is an essential part of keeping your dominoes safe and protected when not in use.
  • Use: Consider purchasing a tournament set if you are looking to play professionally or a classic set for just playing for fun.

When were dominoes invented?

Dominoes have been around for centuries. While the true origins aren’t fully known, the first reference to the game can be found in writings discovered from the Song Dynasty in China between 1232 and 1298. The modern version of dominoes, which is what most people in the West play, can trace its origins back to Italy in the 18th century.

Our Picks for the Best Dominoes Game Sets

Best Overall

Double Fifteen Dominoes Set

A colorful version of dominoes that you'll love to play.

Pros: Who said that dominoes always have to be white with black dots? This great set of 136 dominoes allows for anywhere from two to ten players and comes with a metal tin to store your tiles between games. And it comes with everything you need to play Mexican train.

Cons: While colorful, the most common complaint about this game set was that quality control was inconsistent. When specific tiles have scratches on the back, it can make it easy to pick them out if that tile offers a real advantage to a player.

Bottom Line: If you’re ready to shake up your game night with a colorful set of tiles, this is a solid option with enough tiles to accommodate a larger group of players.


Best for Professionals

Zoocen Double 6 Dominoes Set in Leatherette Case

A sleek dominoes set that's perfect for when you take your game on the road.

Pros: Not everyone wants a clunky dominoes set that has to be stored on a shelf or on a table. This sleek dominoes set features a leather-like case to store them between uses and comes with 28 tiles with a spinner. The compact case can easily fit in a backpack or luggage, making this a great travel-friendly solution.

Cons: While the case tended to get rave reviews, people were less thrilled with the actual tiles. Common complaints centered around the tiles not meeting professional size specifications. Additionally, others noted that some of the pips didn’t line up properly.

Bottom Line: For those who like to play dominoes and bring their game set with them, this travel-friendly solution is a great way to always be ready to play a game. However, the tiles don’t have the best construction quality.


Best for Kids

Dynamo Wooden Domino Set by Hape

A colorful wooden domino set perfect to encourage kids' STEM development.

Pros: Younger children might not be ready for the strategy required to play a traditional game of dominoes. But thankfully, there’s more than one way to play with the tiles. Little ones will love this wooden dominoes set that comes with 107 pieces and offers endless configurations for trails to tip over and structures to build.

Cons: If you’re getting a dominoes gaming set for a child with traditional gameplay in mind, this won’t be the winner. More importantly, if you have older Hape dominoes sets, this one isn’t compatible.

Bottom Line: For youngsters who only understand dominoes as maze and layout games, this is a solid solution with 107 pieces. But if you want more traditional dominoes with dots, this isn’t the set to get.


Best for Game Nights

Mexican Train Dominoes Set

Up the ante on game night with Mexican train dominoes.

Pros: With enough tiles to accommodate eight players, this is a fun variation on the traditional dominoes game. Up the ante with Mexican train dominoes and ensure that everyone has a good time at your next family game night. You’ll get 91 dominoes, nine trains, an aluminum carrying case, and a score pad.

Cons: Again, a common complaint centered around build quality. Some individuals noted that the central station lacks a whistle—a common feature for many other dedicated Mexican train dominoes sets.

Bottom Line: This is a great addition to your family game night at an affordable price. If you’re familiar with Mexican train dominoes, this is a solid pick.


Budget Pick

Pressman Toy Double Six Wooden Dominoes

A solid option if you're shopping on a budget.

Pros: Whether you’re buying a child their first dominoes game set or you simply want to stick to a strict budget, this wooden domino set is a great starter option. You’ll get 28 engraved dominoes that are 5 inches tall, making them ideal either for smaller children or older adults that want larger tiles.

Cons: This is a no-frills set of dominoes. So, while it comes with instructions and is sturdily built, it lacks the pretty packaging or dedicated storage case you see with other domino sets.

Bottom Line: If you’re shopping on a budget or getting a child their first set of dominoes, this is a solid option. However, it’s very basic and lacks a nice carrying case.

Final Thoughts

Dominoes is a classic game and a fun way to connect with friends and family while also ensuring that you’re limiting screen time. Whether you opt for a simple set or something fancier, there’s no reason not to add a dominoes set to your game collection.

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