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The Best Door Alarms for Home Security

ring security keypad resting on a marble kitchen countertop

In America, there are over 2 million burglaries each year, so it’s never a bad time to consider adding additional security to your home. Door and window alarms are a great way to deter criminals from entering your home and alert yourself in the event of a burglary. However, with so many door alarms on the market, finding the perfect one can be tricky. We made this guide to showcase the best door alarms out there to help you find a model perfect for your own needs.

Shopping for a Door Alarm

The alarm’s volume will be significant, as you will want something loud enough to grab your attention while you are asleep or distracted. Ease-of-installation and design are two other important factors, as improving your home security should not be a hassle. Additionally, you will want to find an alarm that stays in place securely for long periods of time. Lastly, if you would like to receive mobile updates and alerts from your alarm so that you can be alerted while away from your home, finding a great smart alarm system is your best bet.

Best Smart Alarm: Ring Alarm Five-Piece Kit (2nd Gen)

five-piece ring home security set including a keypad and motion sensor

The Ring Alarm Five-Piece Kit comes with one base station, one keypad, a contact sensor, a motion detector, and one range extender, and is perfect for apartments or condos. With this kit, one can receive mobile alerts when the system is triggered, change alarm modes, and monitor all Ring devices through the Ring app. The Ring Alarm Kit also pairs with Alexa Guard and can be purchased in several different sizes and configurations, making it a versatile, streamlined solution for those seeking a smart door alarm for a home of any size.

Best Smart Alarm

Ring Alarm 5-piece kit (2nd Gen) – home security system with optional 24/7 professional monitoring – Works with Alexa

This smart alarm system is ideal for those who wish to receive mobile alerts when their door alarm is triggered and control their alarm system via their smartphone.

Best Features: SABRE Door Stop Security Alarm

white doorstop with built-in

The SABRE Door Stop Security Alarm features a non-skid pad and wedge design that prevents a door from being forcibly opened when the alarm is triggered, offering enhanced security compared to other door alarms. This easy-to-install, battery operated door alarm sports a very loud 120-dB alarm that is sure to grab your attention when the alarm is triggered. Factor in this door alarm’s low price, and you can see why the SABRE Door Stop Security Alarm is a best-seller.

Best Features

SABRE HS-DSA Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm with 120 dB Siren --- Great for Home, Travel, Apartment or Dorm

This door alarm features an extra-protective design that prevents a door from being forced open from the outside. It also sports a loud alarm volume.

Easy to Install: GE Personal Security Door Alarm, 4-Pack

four white door security alarms

The GE Personal Security Door Alarm comes with four alarms that work for both windows and doors and feature three adjustable settings to ensure your home receives the right amount of protection. Designed for indoor use, these door alarms are effortless to install and require no wiring or mounting hardware. The GE Personal Security Door Alarm also features a loud 120-dB alarm and a built-in low-battery test button, making it a great choice.

Easy to Install

Also Consider: Toeeson Door Alarm

set of six light silver and black door security alarms with corresponding smaller window alarms

The Toeeson Door Alarm features an easy-to-install design and a 120 dB alarm that is audible from up to 750 feet away. This ultra-slim door alarm package features a design ideal for both doors and windows and includes six dustproof alarms. Ideal for preventing burglars from coming in or children from going out without permission, the Toeeson Door Alarm pairs simplicity with security in a package that will please those seeking additional home security on a budget.

Also Consider

Door Window Alarm, Toeeson 120DB Door Alarms for Kids Safety, Door Chime for Store Home

This door alarm is also compatible with use on windows and features a extra-slim design.

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