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The Best Door Alarms

🕚 Updated August 2022

Over two million burglaries occur in America yearly; that's sufficient reason to consider adding additional security to your home. These door and window alarms are a great way to deter criminals from entering your home and alert you in the event of a burglary.

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  Best Smart Alarm Best Hidden Alarm Best Value Best Safety Features Also Consider
Alarm Eight-Piece Kit (2nd Gen) with Echo Dot (3rd Gen)
Door Stop Security Alarm
Personal Security Door Alarm, Four-Pack
Wireless Remote Door Alarm
Door Alarm
Our SummaryA whole-home smart alarm kit that syncs with Alexa Guard and Echo Dot for ultimate protection.A battery-operated portable door alarm for travel that people can hear up to 1,000 feet away.This magnetic door alarm works excellently for windows and doors and features a loud alarm volume.A wireless, magnetic sensor-activated alarm designed for a variety of uses.This door alarm features an extra-slim design and a 120-decibel alarm.
ProsDIY whole-home alarm protection kit with eight pieces, receive mobile alerts through the Ring app, compatible with Alexa Guard and Echo Dot.Non-skid pad and wedge design, physical barrier and loud alarm, portable, reasonable price.Four-alarm pack, wireless installation, magnetic sensor-triggered 120-decibel alarm, built-in low-battery test button.Wireless magnetic sensor-activated door alarm, compact remote control works 49 feet away, 105 decibels, install on sliding glass door, windows, cabinets.Easy-to-install design, six 120-decibel alarms are audible from up to 750 feet away, ultra-slim design, for both doors and windows, simple and secure, budget-friendly.
ConsAlexa Guard and Echo Dot needed.Doesn't come with the necessary ‎9V battery.Installation can be a bit finicky.Batteries not included.120-decibel alarm could be too loud.
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The Best Door Alarms

A security alarm keypad with a person disarming the system with an app on a phone.

Buying Guide for Door Alarms

Businessman enters finger password lock code on an alarm panel.

Why buy a door alarm?

They’re still in use, those shopowner bells that chime to alert the store clerk that someone’s entered. But modern door alarms are faster, louder, and highly sensitive. At the very least, a door alarm will alert you when someone tries to or successfully enters your home. If your alarm has a chime setting, it can make you aware that a visitor has arrived. And you can often change alarm settings to alert not just you but neighbors that there’s been an intrusion. It bides you time to make an emergency call and can deter the intruder. Ultimately, you want to protect your home, family, pets, and belongings. A door alarm increases your ability to prevent anyone from compromising your security.

What should you look for in a door alarm?

  • Volume: It’s all about the decibels. Before you start your search, reflect on how loud it should be to meet your expectations. Alarm products can be placed throughout the house to alert you if your child has opened a door they shouldn’t; they don’t need to be as loud as one to keep people from getting past your front door. The quietest alarm we review is 104 decibels, about the loudness of a motorcycle. The highest is 120 decibels, like a chainsaw or rock concert.
  • Installation: Ease of installation and design are two other important factors, as improving your home security should not be a hassle. Magnetic sensor-activated alarms adhere to the door and door frame or window and window frame with heavy-duty tape. Some alarms can be installed with either tape or screws. Before you make a purchase, look carefully at the installation details on the product page. The better informed you are about the installation requirements needed for the alarm, the better.
  • Technology: Look for smart alarms if you want to take advantage of the latest technology and control the system from your phone. Some products are compatible with cloud-based voice services like Alexa, which allow you to activate your alarm from wherever you’re calling from. Of course, you would have to have such a device. You may prefer something simpler, like a portable battery-operated door wedge alarm. Check out the many technological variations as you shop for your door alarm.

How much should you expect to spend on a door alarm?

You can expect to spend more on smart alarms and less on a basic alarm with no or few extra features. How much you spend comes down to what you want. If you’re interested in the smart alarm that activates via Alexa Guard and Echo Dot and that comes with an app, you’ll be spending about $380. Less expensive but very basic recommendations cost as little as $12.

Our Picks for the Best Door Alarms

Best Smart Alarm

Ring Alarm Eight-Piece Kit (2nd Gen) with Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

A whole-home smart alarm kit that syncs with Alexa Guard and Echo Dot for ultimate protection

Pros: Described as a DIY whole-home alarm protection kit, it’s a quality-designed alarm system with eight pieces. It has one base station, one keypad, four contact sensors, one motion detector, and one range extender. With this kit, you can receive mobile alerts when the system is triggered, change alarm modes, and monitor all Ring devices through the Ring app. Pair the alarm with Alexa Guard and receive alerts to your phone if your Echo device detects the sound of smoke alarms or intrusion.


Cons: To make this alarm system work, you need an Alexa Guard and Echo Dot. If you don’t, you’ll have to buy them, which makes it even more expensive.


Bottom Line: This is the alarm for you if you want a voice-activated smart alarm kit. It just doesn’t get better than this. This upgrade from the Ring five-piece (2nd Gen) is well worth it.


Best Hidden Alarm

SABRE Door Stop Security Alarm

A battery-operated portable door alarm for travel that people can hear up to 1,000 feet away.

Pros: The SABRE Door Stop Security Alarm features a non-skid pad and wedge design that acts as a physical barrier, physically preventing trespassers from breaking through the door. Pressure applied to the door triggers the alarm, offering enhanced security compared to other door alarms. This easy-to-install, portable door alarm sports a loud 120-decibel alarm that will grab your attention when the alarm is triggered. Factor in this door alarm’s low price, and you can see why the SABRE Door Stop Security Alarm is a top seller.


Cons: The alarm doesn’t come with the ‎9V battery required.


Bottom Line: This innovative wedge-shaped alarm not only emits a loud 120-decibel alarm but pushes back when intruders attempt to break in through the door. Most trespassers will likely just flee when the alarm goes off because 120 decibels is loud.


Best Value

GE Personal Security Door Alarm, Four-Pack

This magnetic-triggered door alarm works great for windows, too.

Pros: The GE Personal Security Door Alarm has four alarms that work for both doors and windows. It features three adjustable settings to ensure your home receives the right amount of protection. These magnetic, indoor door alarms come with 3M tape strips, requiring no wiring or mounting hardware. If an intruder attempts to enter, the magnetic sensor triggers the 120-decibel alarm or chime to alert you. The GE Personal Security Door Alarm also features a built-in low battery test button, making it a great choice.

Cons: If you have a door or window that’s not flush with its frame, you’ll have to separate the alarm and magnet about half an inch. We recommend you test the alarm after installation to ensure the setup works.

Bottom Line: This pack offers a lot of value for easily securing your home. The door alarms come with four LR44 batteries, ready to install.


Best Safety Features

HENDUN Wireless Remote Door Alarm

A wireless, magnetic sensor-activated alarm designed for a variety of uses.

Pros: This wireless, magnetic sensor-activated door alarm excels among competitors in safety features. The key is the compact remote control that allows you to select from the following alarm modes: arm, disarm, panic, and doorbell chime, all at 105 decibels. The loud sound assures that you’ll hear if your child opens a door they shouldn’t or if an adult with dementia has a mishap. Have the remote with you wherever you’ve placed the alarm—your shop, office, or home—in case you’re in danger, up to 49 feet away. You can install the alarm in numerous places, including sliding glass doors and windows. Also, you can pair several remotes to one magnetic sensor alarm or one remote to several sensors.

Cons: The two AAA batteries needed do not come included.

Bottom Line: The HENDUN alarm works well in both professional and domestic settings. The multiple alarm modes and high decibel level appeal to those who want the greatest versatility possible.


Also Consider

Toeeson Door Alarm

This door alarm features an extra-slim design and a 120-decibel alarm.

Pros: The Toeeson Door Alarm features an easy-to-install design and a 120-decibel alarm that is audible from up to 750 feet away. This ultra-slim door alarm package features a design ideal for both doors and windows and includes six dustproof alarms. Ideal for preventing burglars from coming in or children from going out without permission, the Toeeson Door Alarm pairs simplicity with security in a package that will please those seeking additional home security on a budget.

Cons: Some users say that the 120-decibel alarm is too loud.

Bottom Line: Get a sleek and simple design at an attractive price in this door alarm.

Final Thoughts

Focus on what’s most important—keeping your home, your family, and your pets safe—by getting a reliable door alarm that’s right for your home.

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