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The Best Door Hinges

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🕚 Updated September 2022

A door without hinges is essentially just a large piece of wood. If you want to be able to walk in and out of the rooms in your house, you need some hinges. Here are some door hinges we recommend for upgrades or new builds.

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  Best Value Best Self-Closing Best Bronze Color Best Matte Black Color Best Golden Color
  Amazon Basics
Rounded Door Hinges
KS Hardware
Mortise Spring Hinge
Design House
Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Hinges
10-Pack Hinge Satin Brass
Polished Brass Door Hinges
Our SummaryA set of 18 satin nickel hinges for one affordable price.This spring hinges gives your door a soft, slow close that is great for keeping your home quiet.A three-pack of bronze door hinges with an antique-looking black finish.This pack of 18 hinges features removable pins and a stylish matte black finish.A generous pack of stylish brass hinges with short and long screws for a perfect fit.
ProsMany color and shape options, steel core, matching handles available.Adjustable tension, comes with hex wrench and tension rod.Steel hinges, staggered hole pattern for secure connection, ideal for residential wooden doors, easy installation in 30 minutes.Great bulk pack, durable cold-rolled steel, for standard doors as heavy as 100 pounds.Unique polished brass, 18 short and 18 long screws, hinges individually wrapped, allows doors to open to 270-degree angle.
ConsPin is not removable, sticky adhesive causes mess.Extra-wide design might cause a gap, not great for outdoor use.Hinge pin isn't removable, this three-pack works for one door onlyBlack makes a bold statement and may mismatch with interior design.Some report that they struggled to remove the hinge pin.
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The Best Door Hinges

Close-up carpenter process of wood door hinge installation.
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Buying Guide for Door Hinges

A silver door hinge on a wooden door.
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Why buy door hinges?

Door hinges aren’t the most glamorous home purchase, but they’re an essential contributor to the function of your doors. The right door hinges can make it easy to open and close your doors. Additionally, decorative door hinges can add style to your home. A splash of gold or a piece of bold iron makes your doorways stand out without being too distracting from the rest of your home’s aesthetic. You can make your doorways function for your lifestyle and decor choices.

What should you look for when buying door hinges?

  • Quantity: Door hinges tend to be sold in sets from three to several dozen at a time. You can buy them in just about any quantity, so consider how many door hinges you need or want for your intended task ahead of time. Most standard doors require three hinges to work properly. Depending on the size of the door in question, they may need more or fewer hinges than that. Of course, if an old door only has one broken hinge, you’ll only need to purchase a single replacement. If installing or fixing multiple doors, you may require half a dozen new hinges or more.
  • Color: Generally, you’re looking at silver- or gold-colored metal hinges. However, if you want your hinges to complement an unusually colored door or find a color to match the nob or handle, there are other options. Door hinges also come in gold, brass, oiled or antique bronze, black, and satin nickel hues.
  • Size: The height of your door impacts the number of hinges you need. The width and thickness of your door affect the size you’ll need. Measure before you buy door hinges to ensure you’re purchasing the proper ones. The slimmer the door, the smaller the hinge, and vice versa.

Which type of door hinge should you look for?

You have a lot of options when it comes to the function and shape of door hinges. A butt hinge is the most common type, as it’s great for lightweight doors. If you have carpets that stop your door from moving properly, you can use the last option’s sister hinge, the rising butt hinge. This type raises the door and returns to standard height when closed. Ball-bearing hinges feature lubrication to handle the creaks that come from heavy doors. Check out the strap hinge for those looking to make a statement with their door hinges. It’s typically used for gates or large doors and gives a rustic feel.

Our Picks for the Best Door Hinges

Best Value

Amazon Basics Rounded Door Hinges

A set of 18 satin nickel hinges for one affordable price.

Pros: This is a robust and dependable set of 3.5-inch door hinges with multiple purchase options to make up a high-value pack. They’re made of durable, rugged steel to last you longer and come in an attractive satin nickel finish. You can buy these hinges in a square or round shape and in four other color choices if you need to match your hinges to a different shade. All the mounting hardware required to install them comes with your purchase, with detailed instructions for proper setup. If you’re installing a brand new door and are looking for handles, you can buy a set with two hallway handle levers or two privacy handle levers.

Cons: The pin of this hinge is not removable due to an adhesive that many people find causes difficulties when installing. After some use, these hinges also tend to squeak, which could be bothersome to some household members.

Bottom Line: The Amazon Basics hinges offer durability and style, with plenty of color and shape options to match all your hardware. This is a solid option for a standard upgrade to your doors.


Best Self-Closing

KS Hardware Mortise Spring Hinge

These spring hinges give your door a soft, slow close that is great for keeping your home quiet.

Pros: This two-pack of spring hinges is ideal for those who want their doors to close automatically, to keep out bugs with a screen door, or to prevent escaping pets. Measuring 4 x 4 inches with a weight capacity of 110 pounds, these hinges handle the heftiest doors. Additionally, you can easily adjust the tension of this spring hinge with the provided hex wrench and tension rod. If the satin nickel color isn’t standing out to you, matte black and oil-rubbed bronze options are available to match your decor style.

Cons: If you’re not a mechanically inclined person, you may find installing this hinge difficult.

Bottom Line: These spring hinges can help ensure that your doors close slowly and entirely with their tension adjustability. While their bulk can inconvenience some, they provide much-needed strength.


Best Bronze Color

Design House Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Hinges

A three-pack of bronze door hinges with an antique-looking black finish.

Pros: These steel door hinges feature a staggered hole pattern. The hinges make a secure connection between the door and doorframe, with three holes on either side of the center pin. They measure 3.5 x 0.09 x 3.5 inches with 5/8-inch corners, ideal for residential wooden doors. Installation is easy, requiring only 30 minutes. You need only one tool—a screwdriver; screws come included. Of course, a door hinge is just a door hinge unless it has a decorative finish. Choose from oil-rubbed bronze with a black finish, satin brass, or satin nickel.

Cons: You may be disappointed with these hinges if you expect removable pins. Also, this three-pack works for one door only.

Bottom: You just never know until you look at the details. Design House has a 150-year history, evidence that its home hardware and decor supplies have superior quality. These door hinges are no different. The easy installation alone is impressive, and the material and design are superb.


Best Matte Black Color

HOSOM Matte Black Door Hinges

This pack of 18 hinges features removable pins and a stylish matte black finish.

Pros: This 18-pack of high-quality cold-rolled steel door hinges works great if you need to install several new doors in your home or make repairs. It’s nice to have so many hinges of the same color in one purchase. Designed for standard doors as heavy as 100 pounds, these hinges measure 3.5 x 3.5 inches with 5/8-inch rounded corners. The quality material and matte black finish make a scratch- and rust-resistant hinge that will last for years.

Cons: Black makes a bold statement and might not flow well with your interior design.

Bottom Line: This 18-pack of premium steel hinges is a sound choice to hold wooden doors and add an elegant flair securely. Not only are they durable, but these low-friction hinges also promise a quiet operation.


Best Golden Color

Ilyapa Polished Brass Door Hinges

A generous pack of stylish brass hinges with short and long screws for a perfect fit.

Pros: These unique polished brass interior door hinges feature removable hinge pins and 108 short screws (0.75 inches), and 18 long screws (1.5 inches). The 18 hinges come individually wrapped for protection, so they arrive at your doorstep in mint condition. These hinges will fit most interior doors with a standard 3.5 x 3.5-inch size with a 7/8-inch rounded edge. The six-hole staggered pattern and removable hinge pins add great security. Once installed, open your doors wide open to a 270-degree angle.

Cons: It was challenging to find a drawback to these hinges looking at user accounts. Some report that they struggled to remove the hinge pin, but others didn’t.

Bottom Line: Nothing is quite as bold as polished brass! If you’re looking for high-quality hinges that deliver visual appeal, we think you’ll like Ilyapa’s product. Looking for other colors? Try oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel, and flat black.

Final Thoughts

Decisions about door hinges aren’t the most exciting when upgrading your home, but their appearance can make quite a difference in your decor, and the quality design improves their smooth swinging open and closed. While they can disappear when the door closes, having matching hardware can make your home look complete.

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