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The Best Door Stoppers

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🕚 Updated January 2023

If you have doors in your home, you'll probably need door stoppers, too. These devices protect your walls from doorknobs bumping up against them and keep your doors open without you having to hold them yourself.

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  Best Rubber Wedge Best Wall Protection Best Spring Stopper Most Adjustable Best Magnetic
Classic Rubber Door Stopper Wedge
Strongest Home
Door Handle Stopper
12 Pack Spring Door Stopper
8-Pack Hinge Pin Satin Nickel Door Stopper
Magnetic Door Stopper
Our SummaryA rubber wedge that keeps doors open hands-free.Protect your door handles and walls from damage with this easy-to-apply door handle stopper.This spring door stopper is designed to be effective and reliable.This door stopper has a smart design aimed at preventing damage to your home.These sturdy and rustproof door stoppers can be installed on the wall or the floor to protect both from damage.
Pros✓ Effortless installation
✓ Sturdy and non-slip
✓ High-quality material
✓ Ideal clearance
✓ Strong bumpers
✓ Barely noticeable on walls
✓ Dampens noise
✓ Simple yet effective
✓ Multiple pack sizes
✓ Sturdy
✓ Multiple color options
✓ Adjustable screw with soft rubber tip
✓ Easy to install
✓ Two quantity options
✓ Unique
✓ Stick on or screw in
✓ Install on floors or walls
Cons✗ Deteriorates over time✗ May come unstuck✗ Not for heavy-duty doors
✗ Hardware and tools required for installation
✗ More noticeable
✗ Not compatible with all door frames
✗ May damage walls
✗ Some found the magnets too weak
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The Best Door Stoppers

Door spring stopper in a white house or office.
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Buying Guide for Door Stoppers

Door stopper to prevent door from moving.
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Why buy a door stopper?

Do you have a bad habit of slamming your doors against the wall when you go to open them? Is it causing damage to your home and creating loud disturbances? Having door stoppers around your home will go a long way in avoiding the problems brought on by doors that tend to swing open uncontrollably and bang into your walls. Or, if you often need to keep a door open but don’t want to have to hold it yourself, certain door stoppers can come in handy there, too.

What should you look for in a door stopper?

  • Type: There are two types of door stoppers with two different but related purposes. First, there are the types that typically attach to the wall to protect it from the doorknob punching a hole in the drywall. Some of these have magnetic properties for better efficiency in preventing door slams and keeping doors open. Second, there are door stoppers that rest on the floor in front of the door to securely hold it open so that your hands and your path are free to bring in those groceries from the car. These are generally either wedge-shaped and fit underneath the door or lean against the door to prop it open. Consider which type will be more effective for your space.
  • Durability: Door stoppers typically consist of heavy-duty rubber, stainless steel, and other sturdy materials to effectively prevent damage and stop the door. In general, the more durable the material, the better since it’ll hold up for longer under constant use and will be able to withstand the impact of doors that are roughly thrown or slammed open. Avoid plastic door stoppers when possible since they won’t be as strong. And look for naturally rustproof metals or at least those that have been treated to resist corrosion, especially if you plan to use your door stopper on an outside door or in a damp area like the bathroom.
  • Installation: Most door stoppers won’t take too long to install because they require very few tools to attach to the walls in your home. Models with adhesive backings or floor door stoppers are extremely simple and straightforward, so you shouldn’t have to worry about installing them. All you’ll have to do is either peel and stick the stopper to the wall or place it on the floor wherever you need it. Some wall-mounted models, however, will need to be drilled and/or screwed into place, so they’ll require a bit more effort to install.

Do most door stoppers offer multi-surface compatibility?

Most modern models are compatible with at least a couple of different surfaces, but it ultimately depends on the design and quality of the stopper. Many wall-mounted ones effectively adhere to textured walls, tile, and paint, but others are only effective on a specific type of wall. Some drill into the wall, eliminating a need for adhesive compatibility. Floor stoppers are usually safe on most types of flooring, including carpet, tile, hardwood, and linoleum. Regardless of the type or design of the door stopper, be sure to double-check the listing before you buy. Your door stopper won’t do you any good if it won’t stick to your wall or if it scratches your flooring.

Our Picks for the Best Door Stoppers

Best Rubber Wedge

Home Premium Door Stopper Wedge

A rubber wedge that effectively keeps doors open hands-free.

Pros: These rubber wedge door stoppers are classic for a reason—they’re simple to use, a breeze to install, and above all, effective. This set features anti-slip properties and durable rubber construction. You can use them in commercial and residential settings, and they’re suitable for doors with clearances that exceed 1 inch. They provide extra protection for hardwood and laminate flooring since the rubber material doesn’t have scratchy edges that could cause damage to those surfaces. You can buy them in packs of 4, 10, 20, or 50 and in four different colors to either blend in or stand out.

Cons: Although the rubber material is incredibly durable, it will eventually deteriorate and wear down over time. In other words, you’ll eventually need to replace it, making it not the most viable long-term option.

Bottom Line: These door stoppers feature a rubber wedge design that holds doors open without fuss. They won’t scratch or dent your floors, whether used at home or at work. You can also use them on carpeting, concrete, and vinyl flooring.


Best Wall Protection

Strongest Home Door Handle Stopper

Protect your door handles and walls from damage with this easy-to-apply door handle stopper.

Pros: These strong bumpers are made to protect walls from damage, but they also protect your door handles from scratches. They’re great for interior or exterior doors. The soft pads are easy to stick on because they’re lined with self-adhesive. Because they’re made from a soft rubbery material, they also dampen noise. Each pack comes with six door handle stoppers so you can place them all around your house. They’re waterproof and extra durable for long-lasting quality.

Cons: If you don’t thoroughly clean and prep your walls, these can come unstuck in a matter of months.

Bottom Line: To protect your walls, these stick-on door stoppers are a great solution. You don’t have to worry about damage lowering the value of your home. And since these are clear, they’re barely noticeable on your walls.


Best Spring Stopper

HOMOTEK 12 Pack Spring Door Stopper

This spring door stopper is designed to be incredibly effective and reliable.

Pros: These spring stoppers are simple yet very effective at absorbing the force from doors that are swinging open. Available in packs of 12 or 30, they take mere minutes to install, and they protect wooden, steel, and fiberglass doors alike. These stoppers also come in different finishes (black, white, satin nickel, antique brass, bright brass, or oil-rubbed bronze) to match a wider array of homes and interior decor. And since the base material is alloy steel, you know they’re plenty strong and sturdy for even high-traffic areas of the home.

Cons: These are not ideal for heavy-duty doors. Hardware and tools are required for installation.

Bottom Line: With a simple yet efficient design, these door stoppers will get the job done and safeguard your walls against those dreaded doorknobs. Also, because they’re easy to install, despite requiring a drill or screwdriver, you don’t have to take a lot of time out of your day to get them up.


Most Adjustable

HOMOTEK Hinge Pin Door Stopper

Eliminate loud disturbances with this eight-pack of adjustable door stoppers.

Pros: These durable and versatile door stoppers feature adjustable screws with soft tips. This enables you to establish the ideal distance between the doors and walls in your home. They also come with premium hardware and materials. You can purchase a single pair or a pack of eight, depending on your home and its needs. They’re also available in six colors, so these door stoppers should be able to match your doors’ handles and hinges without issue, whether they’re bronze, nickel, or bright brass.

Cons: You’ll need to install the stoppers higher up and onto the hinges of your doors, so they might be a little more noticeable than other models. Doing so will require some tools, even though it’s a simple process. You should also know that certain door frames are not strong enough to support these stoppers.

Bottom Line: These door stoppers prevent damage to your home and eliminate noise disturbances. You can install them onto the hinges of residential and commercial doors, and you have several different finishes to choose from to better complement your decor.


Best Magnetic

WINONLY Magnetic Door Stopper

These sturdy and rustproof door stoppers can be installed on the wall or the floor to protect both from damage.

Pros: These door stoppers are unique since they use magnets to keep your doors from slamming into walls or fixtures. They come in a single pack or packs of up to six, so you can try one to see if you like the way it works before committing to a larger pack. These door stoppers are made from quality stainless steel, so they’re built to last a lifetime. They work for interior or exterior doors, and they can help mitigate sound from doors slamming in the wind. There are two ways to install these door stoppers, either with 3M sticky backing or with screws. And these can be installed on the walls or the floor, depending on your needs and preferences.

Cons: When using the 3M backings, you may damage paint or drywall. Some people also found the magnet a bit too weak.

Bottom Line: These door stoppers are great for permanent homeowners or for renters. You can easily stick them to walls or floors, but be sure they’re lined up properly for the magnet to do its thing.

Final Thoughts

Installing a door stopper will prove to be a smart decision because you won’t have to worry about door handles damaging the walls in your home or the disruptive sounds of doors slamming against the wall. You might also need a door stopper to conveniently keep your door open without having to hold it yourself. With the variety of door stopper designs available, you should be able to find one that works for your needs.

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