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The Best Door Stoppers

🕚 Updated October 2021

If you have doors in your home, you'll probably need door stoppers, too. These devices protect your walls from doorknobs bumping up against them and keep your doors open without you having to hold them yourself.

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  Best Rubber Wedge Most Adjustable Best Spring Stopper Best Design Best Wall Protection
Classic Rubber Door Stopper Wedge
8-Pack Hinge Pin Satin Nickel Door Stopper
12-Pack Spring Door Stops
Decorative Stainless Steel Door Stopper
Door Stopper Wall Protector
Our SummaryA rubber wedge that effectively keeps doors open.This door stopper has a smart design aimed at preventing damage to your home.A spring door stopper with a simple design that's incredibly effective and reliable.A unique door stopper that adds more decorative appeal to your home.A silicone stopper that will protect against many different types of door handles.
ProsClassic design, sturdy and non-slip, high-quality rubber material, ideal clearance.Multiple color options, adjustable screw with soft rubber tip, easy to install.Has child-safety features, ideal size, simple installation, comes in several different colors.Multifunctional design, attractive in appearance, high door clearance.Easy to apply, suitable for a wide range of surfaces, durable and long-lasting.
ConsRubber material deteriorates over time.More noticeable, certain door frames can't support this stopper.Require screws, not suitable for warehouses or factories.A lot bulkier in size.Doesn't have the best shock absorption.
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The Best Door Stoppers

A spring door stopper on a baseboard with a door opening near it.

Door stoppers are often forgotten because they’re a small detail; however, they make a big difference. They effectively prevent damage and disturbances due to doors unexpectedly slamming against your walls. Some designs can conveniently keep doors open for you as well. Here are some great door stoppers we recommend.

Buying Guide for Door Stoppers


Why buy a door stopper?

Do you have a bad habit of slamming your doors against the wall when you go to open them? Is it causing damage to your home and creating loud disturbances? Having door stoppers around your home will go a long way in avoiding the problems brought on by doors that tend to swing open uncontrollably and bang into your walls. Or, if you often need to keep a door open but don’t want to have to hold it yourself, certain door stoppers can come in handy there, too.

What should you look for in a door stopper?

  • Type: There are two types of door stoppers with two different but related purposes. First, there are the types that typically attach to the wall to protect it from the doorknob punching a hole in the drywall. Second, there are door stoppers that rest on the floor in front of the door to securely hold it open so that your hands and your path are free to bring in those groceries from the car.
  • Durability: Door stoppers typically consist of heavy-duty rubber, stainless steel, and other sturdy materials to effectively prevent damage and stop the door.
  • Simple Installation: Door stoppers take only minutes to install because they require very few tools to attach to the walls in your home. The entire process is simple and straightforward, so you shouldn’t have to worry about installing them.
  • Intuitive Design: Some door stoppers are mountable on walls and floors. Some even have magnetic properties for better efficiency in preventing door slams and keeping doors open.

Do most door stoppers offer multi-surface compatibility?

It ultimately depends on the design and quality of the stopper. Many wall-mounted ones effectively adhere to textured walls, tile, and paint. Some drill into the wall, eliminating a need for adhesive compatibility. Floor stoppers are usually safe on several different types of flooring, including carpet, tile, hardwood, and linoleum.

Our Picks for the Best Door Stoppers

Best Rubber Wedge

Home Premium Door Stopper Wedge

A rubber wedge that effectively keeps doors open.

Pros: This classic rubber door stopper has anti-slip properties and durable rubber construction. You can use it in commercial and residential settings, and it’s suitable for doors with clearances that exceed 1 inch. It also provides extra protection for hardwood and laminate flooring, since it doesn’t have scratchy edges that could cause damage on those surfaces.

Cons: Although the rubber material is incredibly durable, it will begin to deteriorate over time. In other words, you’ll eventually need to replace it, making it not the most viable long-term option.

Bottom Line: These door stoppers feature a rubber wedge design that effectively holds doors open without fuss. They won’t scratch or dent your floors, whether used at home or at work. You can also use them on carpeting, concrete, and vinyl to conveniently hold doors open.


Most Adjustable

HOMOTEK Hinge Pin Door Stopper

Eliminate loud disturbances with this eight-pack of adjustable door stoppers.

Pros: This durable and versatile door stopper features an adjustable screw with a soft tip. This enables you to establish the ideal distance between the doors and walls in your home. It also comes with premium hardware and materials.

Cons: You’ll need to install the stoppers higher up and onto the hinges of your doors, so they might be a little more noticeable than other models. You should also know that certain door frames are not strong enough to support these stoppers.

Bottom Line: These door stoppers prevent damage to your home and eliminate noise disturbances. You can install them onto the hinges of residential and commercial doors, and you have several different finishes to choose from to better complement your decor.


Best Spring Stopper

KISEER 12 Pack Spring Door Stops

A spring door stopper with a simple design that's incredibly effective and reliable.

Pros: These spring stoppers are incredibly effective at absorbing the force from doors that are swinging open. They take mere minutes to install, and they protect wooden, steel, and fiberglass doors. These stoppers also come in three different colors, including black, gold, and satin nickel.

Cons: Traditional spring stoppers are only suitable for certain settings, such as homes, commercial offices, and schools. When it comes to large industrial facilities, such as warehouses or factories, we recommend that you search for a different type of door stopper. Plus, you’ll have to screw these stoppers into the wall or baseboards to install them.

Bottom Line: With a simple yet efficient design, these door stoppers will get the job done and safeguard your walls against those dreaded doorknobs. Also, because they’re incredibly easy to install, you don’t have to take a lot of time out of your day to install these door stoppers.


Best Design

MEKBOK Stainless Steel Door Stopper

A unique door stopper that adds more decorative appeal to your space.

Pros: Made of high-quality stainless steel, this door stopper is suitable for several different floor types, and it features a durable tread for greater functionality. It’ll work with doors that have a clearance up to 2.8 inches. The stopper is also attractive in appearance, with a stylish design that adds more decorative appeal to your home. It’s a major upgrade over some of the more traditional door stoppers.

Cons: This stopper is somewhat bulky in size when you compare it to the other ones. It won’t take up a ton of space, but you will find that the smaller stoppers are less obstructive and offer better child safety features.

Bottom Line: This steel door stopper offers you a more forward-thinking solution to conveniently keeping doors open. The rubber tread and sleek stainless steel build make it a modern-looking game-changer.


Best Wall Protection

Door Stopper & Wall Protector

A silicone stopper that will protect against many different types of door handles.

Pros: These wall door stoppers are incredibly sturdy with an eco-friendly silicone material that protects your residential or commercial walls. They can absorb a lot of force and noise created by moving doors, but they don’t stick out very far from the wall, so they’re pretty discreet. Plus, they’re incredibly versatile and easy to install.

Cons: While versatility is certainly a good thing, other options can provide better traction and absorption than these.

Bottom Line: These silicone wall protectors serve as a viable solution to your door slamming problems. They stick to your walls with strong adhesive, and you can make use of them in residential and commercial settings. You can even place them underneath your furniture to prevent damage to your floors.

Final Thoughts

Installing a door stopper will prove to be a smart decision because you won’t have to worry about door handles damaging the walls in your home or the disruptive sounds of doors slamming against the wall. You might also need a door stopper to conveniently keep your door open without having to hold it yourself. With the variety of door stopper designs available, you should be able to find one that works for your needs.

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