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The Best Dragon Toys for Kids

two boys playing with dragon and character toys on a table

Dragons are fantastical and mythical creatures that have become popular among adults and kids in recent times. The wings, the fire-breathing, the horns, and the big tails all make for an adventurous gift for any child. Perhaps the best part of toy dragons is the interactive and imaginative play it promotes. Some of these toys are more realistic than others, so depending on your child’s preference and what exactly they’re into, be sure to choose a toy that would best fit your child’s playroom and imagination. Below, we’ve concocted an array of different dragon toys that will suit any young child, ranging from action figures to LEGO sets to a remote control dragon and a dragon that hatches from an egg!

What to Look for When Buying Dragon Toys

Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the right toys:

  • Find the Fun in Dragon Folklore: Finding a dragon toy that promotes interactive and imaginative play is imperial to your child’s happiness and will prolong their love for the fiery creature. Action figures are fun because they become a part of a growing play world already established by the child. LEGO sets with dragons encourage problem-solving and building, while other intuitive toys with noises and lights are also super fun.
  • Designed for Safety: Some dragon toys come with a lot of moving parts, like limbs, jaws, and moving tails, so it’s important you buy age-appropriate toys that are marketed for your child’s age. Since your kid will most likely be man-handling their toys, be sure to look for strong, durable material. Nontoxic paint is also crucial, especially for the younger demographic.

Now, let’s dust off the fossils and take a look at some of the best dragon toys!

Best RC Dragon: Liberty Imports RC Ice Dragon

a blue and grey dragon toy with eyes that light up and a remote control

This remote-controlled dragon is pretty awesome and comes at an affordable price. Its easy-to-use controller is a fossil-themed remote that features two buttons for head and leg motions. There are realistic groans and roars for adventurous playtime, and the red eyes brighten with LED lights. This smoke-breathing dragon also comes with a water dropper, so you can fill its head with water that can shoot out of its mouth for extra fun! The toy holds three AAA batteries, and the material is nontoxic and super safe for kids ages 3 and up.

Best RC Dragon

Best Action Figure: Schleich 2-Piece Flower Dragon & Baby

a matching cute mother and daughter dragon set

This two-piece flower dragon action figure set is great for any kid looking to add more figurines to their growing action figure collection. Advertised for kids ages five to twelve, this dragon set from the reliable Schleich company helps promote imaginative play and is built to last. The toys are manufactured with the highest quality and safety standard; plus, if your child is looking to further bolster its dragon squad, you can purchase add-on figurines like a flower unicorn, star pegasus, and an ice dragon.

Best Action Figure

Most Interactive: Dreamworks Hatching Toothless

a boy holding a dragon next to an empty dragon egg

Hatch your own baby dragon with this highly interactive toy from Dreamworks. If you agitate the baby toothless enough, it will hatch! The light-up eyes are bright enough to see through the eggshell. You can rock it to make him growl, tap him to hear him tap back, and if you clap, he will respond. Charge his plasma blast by holding his belly and release to see his mouth glow, plus this dragon toy comes with a fish accessory so you can pretend to feed Toothless as well.

Most Interactive

Dreamworks Dragons, Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon with Sounds, for Kids Aged 5 and Up, Multicolor

This innovative dragon toy pops out of its egg and comes with a little fish toy.

Best for Building: LEGO NINJAGO Skull Sorcerer’s Dragon

a LEGO dragon and warriors set resting on a table

Another interactive toy, and perfect for young builders, is this LEGO Skull Sorcerer’s Dragon set. This set comes with six mini-figures to recreate battle scenes and is an ideal gift for LEGO fans who wish to play out their favorite stories. The LEGO dragon has moving legs, wings, and tail and can fire missiles from two shooters and drop bones and spiders. Advertised for boys and girls aged nine and above, this 1,016-piece dragon building set provides a great opportunity for kids to throw themselves into a fun building task. It’s so fun we won’t judge if adults join along.

Best for Building

LEGO NINJAGO Skull Sorcerer’s Dragon 71721 NINJAGO Dragon Set Featuring Warrior Toy Figures (1,016 Pieces)

This enjoyable building set is great for any child looking to explore and participate in a ninja world.

Best Set: ValeforToy 12-Piece Assorted Dragon Figures

a collection of different dragon figure toys

This 12-pack of mini dragons is somewhat of a throwback to action figures. Each dragon is about four inches in height and comes with realistic details and assorted colors and styles as well. Its ABS material is great for safety, and the toys are made of solid plastic and painted with nontoxic material. For those adults looking to pass out party favors, this set of dragon toys will make a great surprise for any child looking to add dragons and dinosaurs to their toy collection.

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