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The Best Dragon Toys for Kids

🕚 Updated December 2022

Dragons are fantastical and mythical creatures that have become popular among adults and kids in recent times. The wings, the fire-breathing, the horns, and the big tails inspire adventurous play. Check out some great dragon toys on our list below.

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  Best RC Dragon Best Action Figure Best Stuffed Animal Best for Building Best Set
  Liberty Imports
Dino Planet Ice Dragon
Eldrador Creatures Lava Dragon
How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Light & Night Fury Plush Dragons
Creator 3-in-1 Fire Dragon
12-Piece Dragon Toys
Our SummaryThis realistic-looking dragon comes has eyes that light up, makes noises, and comes with a remote control.This dragon action figure's formidable talons and powerful wings put him a cut above the rest.These soft and snuggly stuffed dragons look just like the adventurous, trainable dragons in the popular movie franchise.LEGO fans will love this intricate dragon-building kit that turns into a sabertooth tiger and more!This affordable collection of dragon toys makes for great party favors or as a gift for a young dragon lover.
Pros✓ Affordable for an RC toy
✓ Interactive sounds
✓ Safe for ages 3 and up
✓ Great toy for fans of fantasy
✓ Made with durable materials
✓ Great for ages 5 and over
✓ Two stuffed animals per pack
✓ Nice embroidery and stitching
✓ Soft and plush
✓ Create three fearsome animals
✓ Teaches cognitive skills
✓ Giftable packaging
✓ 12 in one pack
✓ Safe and non-toxic
✓ 4-inch miniature size
Cons✗ Loud and no volume control✗ May be too heavy for some kids✗ Not officially licensed✗ Not as nicely detailed as the Ninjago dragon set✗ Some of the figurines do not stand on their own
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The Best Dragon Toys for Kids

two boys playing with dragon and character toys on a table

Buying Guide for Dragon Toys

A bespectacled child surrounded by planetary decor plays with a red toy dragon figurine.

Why buy dragon toys?

Perhaps the best part of toy dragons is the interactive and imaginative play they promote. Some of these toys are more realistic than others, so depending on your child’s preference and what exactly they’re into, be sure to choose a toy that would best fit your child’s playroom and imagination.

What should you consider in dragon toys?

  • Imaginative or Creative Play: Finding a dragon toy that promotes interactive and imaginative play is imperial to your child’s happiness and will prolong their love for the fiery creature. Action figures are fun because they become a part of a growing play world already established by the child. LEGO sets with dragons encourage problem-solving and building, while other intuitive toys with noises and lights are also super fun. Kids can even imagine dragon battles with their favorite stuffed dragons and toy swords as they swoop in to save the day!
  • Age: Some dragon toys come with a lot of moving parts, like limbs, jaws, and moving tails, so it’s important you buy age-appropriate toys that are marketed for your child’s age. Since your kid will most likely be manhandling their toys, be sure to look for strong, durable materials. Nontoxic paint is also crucial, especially for the younger demographic.
  • Dragon Type: Is your child into dragon folklore? Does your child have a favorite dragon in a kids’ movie? The type of dragon you’re looking for will be different depending on what types of dragons your kid is into. Medieval dragons have a different look than dragons from Asian folklore. Whatever dragons your child loves, you’re sure to find something compatible on our list below.

Why do we still love dragons?

In short, dragons have been part of world culture for so long that it’s impossible to let go of their presence and stories. Discovered in ancient Mesopotamian ruins, very early depictions of dragons looked like funny snakes with wings. Dragons were depicted on the walls of Egyptian tombs as guardians of the underworld and stamped onto the shields of Roman soldiers as emblems of power. They were celebrated in ancient China as symbols of good fortune as early as 6200 B.C., while fire-breathing, moat-dwelling dragons from Medieval European folklore piggybacked off of their Greco/Roman and Viking predecessors.

Dragons predate the sixth century B.C. yet still find their way into popular culture. We still enjoy many types of dragons in books, TV, and movies. Why? Because people, including children, love the idea of the great power and vulnerability of these magnificent, colorful creatures.

Our Picks for the Best Dragon Toys

Best RC Dragon

Liberty Imports Dino Planet Ice Dragon

This realistic-looking dragon comes has eyes that light up, makes noises, and comes with a remote control.

Pros: This remote-controlled dragon is pretty awesome and comes at an affordable price. Its easy-to-use controller is a fossil-themed remote that features two buttons for head and leg motions. There are realistic groans and roars for adventurous playtime, and the red eyes brighten with LED lights. This smoke-breathing dragon also comes with a water dropper, so you can fill its head with water that can shoot out of its mouth for extra fun! The toy holds three AAA batteries, and the material is non-toxic and super safe for kids ages 3 and up.

Cons: This toy is loud and doesn’t have a volume control.

Bottom Line: For kids who love things that move, this is a fantastic toy. The remote works well, and the dragon moves well on most surfaces. Beware, it can be a bit too noisy for some people’s tastes.


Best Action Figure

Schleich Eldrador Creatures Lava Dragon

This dragon action figure's formidable talons and powerful wings put him a cut above the rest.

Pros: Welcome to a whole new fantasy world with these dynamic mythical dragons. Each dragon in this set comes with a story that takes place in a highly-detailed world where fire, ice, water, and stone worlds clash to find the ultimate superweapon. Monsters and dragons can battle it out, and your child can have fun playing by the book or creating their own adventures. The high-quality figurines are made from durable plastics that are built to last for generations. These toys are recommended for ages 5-12, but even adults can have fun playing with these amazing dragons with their movable wings.

Cons: This toy is a bit on the heavy side which can be difficult for younger kids.

Bottom Line: These toys aren’t just playthings; they come with a world of stories attached that can grow and shift with your child’s imagination. They’re beautifully made and well-packaged for gift-giving. And they make excellent collector’s items as well.


Best Stuffed Animal

Yamadura How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Light & Night Fury Plush Dragons

These soft and snuggly stuffed dragons look just like the adventurous dragons in the popular movie franchise.

Pros: This pack comes with two stuffed dragons from the popular movie franchise How to Train Your Dragon. Each is well-made with embroidered eyes that won’t come apart when tugged. The wings are also nicely made with thick felt and well-stitched so that they won’t come loose during rough play. They’re soft and cuddly and easy to clean with a damp towel with mild soap. And each measures just over 10 inches in length. Your child can enjoy adventures from one of their favorite movies or make up their very own with these two adorable dragon toys.

Cons: These dragons are not officially licensed products.

Bottom Line: For kiddos who enjoy soft, cuddly toys, these dragons will make an excellent gift. You get two stuffed animals in each pack. They look just like the ones from How to Train Your Dragon, and they’re very cute and huggable.


Best for Building

LEGO Creator 3in1 Fire Dragon

LEGO fans will love this intricate dragon-building kit that turns into a sabertooth tiger and more!

Pros: This three-in-one LEGO Creator set features a fire dragon, a saber-toothed tiger, and a scorpion. Your child can stretch their imagination, hone their critical thinking skills, and learn about following directions and simple engineering while creating these figures. This set is rated for ages 7 and older and comes in LEGO packaging that’s easy to gift wrap. Each piece is wonderfully detailed, from the teeth to the claws, for endless hours of fun.

Cons: The dragon in this set doesn’t look as nice as the dragons in the Ninjago set, although building it does offer more critical thinking skills.

Bottom Line: Does your child love a challenge? This LEGO set offers just that. It can be manipulated to look like three different, highly-detailed creatures.


Best Set

ValeforToy 12-Piece Dragon Toys

This affordable collection of dragon toys makes for great party favors or as a gift for a young dragon lover.

Pros: This 12-pack of mini dragons is somewhat of a throwback to action figures. Each dragon is about 4 inches in height and comes with realistic details and assorted colors and styles as well. Its ABS material is great for safety, and the toys are made of solid plastic and painted with nontoxic material. For adults looking to pass out party favors, this set of dragon toys will make a great surprise for any child looking to add dragons and dinosaurs to their toy collection.

Cons: Some of the dragon figurines do not stand on their own.

Bottom Line: These small dragon toys are perfect to add to a castle adventure, to use as cake toppers, for crafts, or for party favors. They’re about the same size as mini action figures (imagine Spider-Man vs. dragons!), so kids can play with them creatively. They also make great rewards for kids who are learning new skills and responsibilities.

Final Thoughts

If your child loves a world with dragons–whether those dragons are friends, protectors, or fearsome fiends–then they will love a new dragon toy as a gift. There are smaller and larger dragons, whether they’re plastic or plush, dragon toys that can be built with patience and skill, and dragon toys that can inspire a whole new fantasy world for your creative kiddo.

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