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The Best Drain Plugs

Hilltop Products
🕚 Updated January 2022

Drain plugs are staple items in many households. They allow you to prevent water from flowing through the drain while you do dishes, wash vegetables, or take a bath. We've gathered some good drain plugs if it's time to replace yours.

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  Best Silicone Best Push-Button Best Combo Best Stainless Steel Also Great
Tub Stopper 2-Pack
Touch-Toe Tub Stopper
Kitchen Sink Strainer/Stopper Kit
Hilltop Products
Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel Stopper
2-in-1 Sink Strainer and Stopper
Our SummaryA reliable drain stopper with a universal fit so that you can use it in bathrooms and kitchens.A drain plug that is easy to install and operate.These drain plugs and strainers are perfect for your kitchen sink.A long-lasting stainless steel drain plug for your kitchen sink.This drain plug also features a strainer made of durable silicone material.
Pros6-inch diameter, made of durable silicone, establishes a tight seal.Easy to install and operate, made of durable plastic material, features a sleek chrome finish.Strainer is made of resilient stainless steel material, easy to clean off and remove stains.Simple installation process, offers optimal protection for kitchen sinks that contain garbage disposals.Withstands heavy loads of dishwashing, can flip inside out for more thorough cleanings.
ConsOnly suitable for completely flat surfaces.More suitable to use in bathroom drains.Not suitable to use in bathroom drains.Not suitable for bathroom drains.The silicone material tends to get slimy with heavy use, need to wash it regularly.
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The Best Drain Plugs

A man washing vegetables in sink while also using drain plug
Hilltop Products

When it comes to drain plugs, there are a lot of different options with unique design features. They come in many different sizes and shapes to accommodate the construction of your drain. We’ve gathered some of the more popular and affordable options that are available.

Buying Guide for Drain Plugs

New metal sink with water in the kitchen
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Why buy a drain plug?

There are several reasons to buy and use a drain plug. They’re important for taking baths and for doing the dishes. Drain plugs with strainer holes help you prevent debris from flowing into your pipes and causing clogs and other issues.

What should you look for in a drain plug?

  • Size: You need a drain plug that conforms to the size of your drain and forms a tight seal, ensuring that no water will seep through. Make sure you measure the aperture of your drain so that you can find a plug that is suitable for you. However, keep in mind that many modern drain plugs provide a pretty universal fit.
  • Style: Drain plugs now come in a variety of styles and designs, some featuring rubber seals or food-grade silicone. The design you choose will matter based on what you plan to use it for (cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc.).

What are some of the materials used to make drain plugs?

Manufacturers make use of many different materials to build drain plugs. Many employ silicone, stainless steel, or rubber. Some even feature a fiberglass liner to establish an airtight seal. Many drain plugs consist of multiple components for optimal functionality.

Our Picks for the Best Drain Plugs

Best Silicone

V-TOP Silicone Stopper

A reliable drain stopper with a universal fit so that you can use it in bathrooms and kitchens.

Pros: This drain plug is 6 inches in diameter, and you can use it for several different purposes. It provides you with a tight seal that won’t allow anything to get into the drain, and it’s made of silicone material, making it safer to use around children. Also, this plug is incredibly durable, ensuring that you will get many years of use from it.

Cons: This plug is only suitable for flat surfaces. It’s a bit larger than it needs to be.

Bottom Line: This large universal drain plug will work wonders in preventing dirt, debris, and residual food from entering your drain. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and other areas of your home. You likely won’t find a more versatile drain plug on the market.


Best Push-Button

Danco Universal Touch-Toe Stopper

A drain plug that is easy to install and operate.

Pros: This drain plug is super easy to operate thanks to its push-button design. Just push it down to close your drain and push it again to open it back up. You can also install it on your own. It features a shiny chrome finish on the top that will match your bathtub and bathroom fixtures. Its plastic construction is rustproof and provides you with optimal durability.

Cons: Unfortunately, this drain plug does not provide a universal fit, so make sure to measure ahead of time. It’s more suited for bathtubs than kitchen faucets.

Bottom Line: This drain plug has a unique and innovative design that you won’t find with other drain plugs. It’s a great option for ensuring you don’t lose any warm water in your bath.


Best Combo

Seatery Strainer and Stopper Kit

These drain plugs and strainers are perfect for your kitchen sink.

Pros: These unique kitchen sink drain stoppers are nontoxic, made of high-grade silicone, and won’t deform or deteriorate from excessive use. The set comes with two stoppers and two strainers, making it the ideal option for those who spend a lot of time cooking. The strainer is incredibly effective at catching food debris, preventing clogs in your drain pipes.

Cons: This set is suitable to use in kitchen sinks but not bathrooms.

Bottom Line: If you enjoy cooking, consider purchasing this set of drain stoppers and strainers. They allow you to clean vegetables, fruits, and dirty dishes in your kitchen sink and collect anything you don’t want making its way into your pipes.


Best Stainless Steel

Hilltop Products Kitchen Sink Stopper

A long-lasting stainless steel drain plug for your kitchen sink.

Pros: This stainless steel drain plug is easy to install on your own: simply place it inside the opening of your drain—no tools required. With a 3.5-inch diameter and rubber seal, this drain plug is going to get the job done. Its raised handle is easier to grip than smaller models, too.

Cons: Again, this is another drain plug where you can only really make use of it in your kitchen sink.

Bottom Line: This drain stopper is another suitable option for those who cook regularly. It will be especially helpful for kitchen sinks with garbage disposals installed in them. It’ll help you keep rogue silverware from making it into the disposal and causing damage.


Also Great

OXO 2-in-1 Drain Plug and Strainer

This drain plug also features a strainer made of durable silicone material.

Pros: This two-in-one drain plug serves as a strainer and a stopper. It flips inside out for more thorough cleanings and has a convenient handle to lift out of the sink when the time comes. It is scratchproof, stainproof, and super durable for long-lasting use. Also, the plug itself is free of toxins, ensuring a safe experience for adults and children.

Cons: The silicone does tend to get slimy with excessive use, so be sure to clean this drain plug regularly.

Bottom Line: In terms of preparing food for cooking and cleaning your dishes more effectively, this drain plug is among the best options. Its super convenient design is something to appreciate.

Final Thoughts

Drain plugs are practical accessories that you’ll likely find in just about every household. When shipping for the right one, make sure that you are looking into the size and measurements of the plug to ensure that it will fit the aperture of your drain, and take a look at our top picks to get you started.

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