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The Best Drawing Gloves for Artists

person drawing a tablet wearing a black drawing glove beside a set of four different covered drawing gloves

Drawing gloves are not often thought of as a regular tool for artists who draw or sketch, but they can be a worthwhile investment for professional and recreational artists alike. For traditional mediums like pencil and charcoal, a drawing glove can be equipped by artists to prevent their drawings from smudging. They’ve also proven handy for artists who draw on tablets, as they reduce friction between hand and screen for a smoother drawing process while keeping the screen clean. Here are some drawing glove options we recommend.

What to Consider in a Drawing Glove

First, you’ll want to think about if you plan to draw on more traditional mediums like pencil and paper, or if you’ll be working on a tablet, as some gloves are geared more towards one than the other. Most drawing gloves are ambidextrous or come in a set with a right-hand and left-hand glove, but it’s worth double-checking, especially if you’re left-handed. Some brands come in a variety of colors for those who want a more eye-catching look. Check the material each drawing glove is made of as well, as some are more comfortable, stretchy, and wash-friendly than others.

Best Overall: Articka Artist Glove

person drawing on a tablet while wearing a black drawing glove

This is a drawing glove that functions equally well on any and all tablets as well as paper and canvas, whether you’re using pencil, ink, paint, or charcoal. It’s made entirely of flexible and elastic Lycra, equal parts light and durable, so you won’t find your hands sweating during use. It also stretches enough to accommodate most hand sizes for men and women and can be worn on the left or right hand. It also prevents smudging and stops oils on your skin from reaching your artwork.

Best Overall

Articka Drawing Glove for Digital Drawing Tablet, iPad (Smudge Guard, Two-Finger, Reduces Friction, Elastic Lycra, Good for Right and Left Hand)(Large, Black)

Look no further for a flexible and ambidextrous drawing glove equally suited to tablet, canvas, and paper.

Best for Tablets: Océu Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet

person drawing a multicolored horse while wearing a black drawing glove

With four different sizes available and able to fit on the right or left hand, this drawing glove is ideal for graphic artists. Specifically designed to allow your fingers to glide smoothly over your tablet’s surface, preventing any mistakes born of accidental screen touches or hands sticking to the surface. The nylon material is soft and comfortable, allowing you to draw for hours on end in the utmost comfort.

Best for Tablets

Best Color Options: eZAKKA Tablet Drawing Glove

four differently colored drawing gloves

Perfect for artists who like a little flair while they work, these light but high-quality drawing gloves are available in four different colors. Since all four colors come in the set, you’re able to rotate each one in and out as you see fit. Perhaps you’d prefer to wear an eye-catching red glove one day and the more sleek and traditional black glove on another. They fit comfortably on both hands and work well on all tablets, especially graphics tablets and tablet monitors.

Best Color Options

eZAKKA Tablet Drawing Glove, Artist Glove for Graphic Tablet Art Creation Pen Display and iPad Pro Pencil(Blue,Red, Black,Purple)

These vibrant drawing gloves fit well on both hands and add even more color to your tablet art sessions.

Also Consider: Veejoda Two Finger Artist Glove

set of six black two-fingered drawing gloves

These gloves have most of the features artists will want in their drawing gloves. These prevent smudges and scratches on tablets and other graphics monitors while also being suitable for paper and tracing pads. They fit on both hands and are both anti-smudge and anti-sweat thanks to being made from smooth, lightweight Lycra. Able to last years if properly cared for, this set of six will save you time and money in the long run.

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