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The Best Dual Monitor Stands You Can Buy

a man sitting at a desk with two monitors set up on a special stand

A dual monitor stand not only offers its user a great way to save on space, but it might just save what’s left your poor back. And when you pair ergonomic usefulness with a better way to avoid cluttering the surface of your desk, well, you might just be looking at the perfect combination. So if you’re in the market for a dual monitor stand, here are a few options that we recommend.

Buying a Dual Monitor Stand

Consider these factors before making your purchase:

  • Articulation: A dual monitor stand wouldn’t quite be the treat it is without the ability to maneuver the screens into any stationary position you want. Most good stands offer complete articulation of its mounts, but only the best are simple to operate in addition to looking good.
  • Height: It’s important to find a dual monitor stand that stands a reasonable height off your desktop. Most are designed to be ergonomically useful, but each user’s interpretation of “useful” can vary. Find a stand that can adjust to the high or low point of your choosing.
  • Appearance: It’s also crucial that your next dual stand be presentable. This, of course, is a matter of preference as well; however, a great dual monitor stand should incorporate a way to manage the power cords that it will inevitably expose.

Best Standard Mount: VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount


upright gray dual monitor stand with horizontal mounts

The norm for dual monitor stands, VIVO’s Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount promotes positive workflow through a space-saving setup. Compatible with screens 13 to 27 inches in size and 22 pounds in weight, this is a stand that’s no more demanding to put together than a few easy steps after you clamp it to the back of your desired desk. It provides complete articulation, with adjustable arms offering +80-degree to -90-degree tilt and a 180-degree swivel to allow users to position their monitors in either a portrait or landscape view. Alongside full control, this stand provides great cable management, keeping power cords organized and mostly out of sight with a handful of detachable cable clips.

Best Standard Mount

Best Riser: FITUEYES 3 Shelf Monitor Stand Riser


horizontal black desk-like monitor stand

If you’re looking for a dual monitor stand that’s easy to manage, try out an option that requires nothing more than a quick placement, like a riser. The FITUEYES 3 Shelf Monitor Stand allows you to comfortably fit two desktops on its surface with no more effort than simply placing your devices on top of the riser. It’s constructed on a swivel, allowing users to adjust its angle horizontally. It provides a reasonable elevation off the desk to reduce neck and eye strain, and it offers ample storage underneath the risers for your keyboard, mouse, and any paperwork you might need to stash. After some minor assembly with the included set of tools, this is a solid option that can support up to 33 pounds.

Best Riser

Best Vertical Stand: Suptek Dual LED LCD Monitor Stand


verical gray dual monitor stand

While its single presentation is more niche than other monitor stands, the Suptek Dual LED LCD Monitor Stand is still a great option for saving desk space. By stacking your monitors rather than lining them up side-to-side, this stand is ergonomically designed to encourage proper posture while you work, whether you be sitting or standing. It’s compatible with most desktops that measure up to 27 inches and weigh 22 pounds each. Moreover, while the two screens are stacked, you’re still granted full articulation, rotating each monitor 360-degrees, or tilting them ±45 degrees up, down, left, and right. You can also take comfort in knowing that the stand’s base features thin padding to prevent scuffs and scratches to your desk’s surface.

Best Vertical Stand

Suptek Dual LED LCD Monitor Stand up Free-Standing Desk Mount for 2 / Two Screens up to 27 inch Extra Tall 31.5 inch Pole Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable Stand Vertical Array (ML6802)

Uncommon, but great for space-saving and proper posture, this stand is a worthwhile option that cares for your neck and desk.

Best Multifunctional Stand: Viozon Monitor and Laptop Mount

chrome dual monitor stand with two separate mounts supporting a monitor and a laptop

Unique in design and use, the Viozon Monitor and Laptop Mount may not be your typical dual monitor stand, but straying from the norm is what makes it so special. On one arm, you have your standard desktop monitor, but on the other, you get to mount your laptop; it’s a great way to mix some business with pleasure and office work with homework. Its monitor and laptop mount is serviceable to screens between 17 to 32 inches and up to 19.8 pounds. Its steady arms are made from premium aluminum that guarantees stability while you work while still allowing 360-degrees of free swiveling and quick and easy adjustments. It’s fashionable, multifunctioning, and one of the coolest monitors stand you’re likely to find.

Best Multifunctional Stand

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