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The Best Dumbbell Racks

🕚 Updated December 2022

Home gyms deserve a rugged dumbbell rack that your dumbbell collection can call their own. If your dumbbells are prone to rolling around to parts uncharted, check out these must-have dumbbell racks.

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  Most Compact Most Versatile Best for Budget Best Weight Capacity Most Size Options
A-Frame Dumbbell Rack
Combo Weights Storage Rack
CAP Barbell
A-Frame Dumbbell Weight Rack
3-Tier Dumbbell Rack
WF Athletic Supply
A-Frame Dumbbell Storage Rack
Our SummaryThis well-designed dumbbell rack protects your dumbbells and floor from becoming scratched.This rack offers space for your dumbbells, plates, and even kettlebells, making it a very versatile storage option.Mix and match your dumbbells to fit this rackStore your dumbbells in a designated space that you can easily access while keeping things organized in your home gymThis budget-friendly A-frame rack comes in a number of size offerings and is very sturdy given its low price.
Pros✓ Saves floor space
✓ No-scratch
✓ Sturdy
✓ Versatile
✓ Fits Olympic/standard plates
✓ 1,000-pound capacity
✓ A-frame
✓ Holds up to 200 pounds
✓ Durable and safe
✓ Heavy-duty steel construction
✓ Three tiers
✓ Fits dumbbells of all sizes
✓ Multiple size options
✓ Affordable
✓ Space-saving design
Cons✗ Slightly narrow gap size.✗ Dumbbell racks aren't angled✗ Requires assembly
✗ Not all dumbbells will fit
✗ Needs additional tightening to be fully stable
✗ May require additional nut/bolt purchase
✗ Not for heavier dumbbells
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The Best Dumbbell Racks

At a gym a pyramid of different size dumbbells for lifting and strength training

Keeping your home gym organized is a great way to maximize the benefits of a well-planned home workout regimen. However, your home gym can quickly become cluttered as you acquire more equipment. If you aren’t ready to invest in a set of adjustable dumbbells to limit your dumbbell footprint, finding the perfect dumbbell rack for your dumbbell set is a no-brainer.

Buying Guide for Dumbbell Racks

A set of dumbbells rests on a big rack with a young man on a workout bench lifting one in the background.
Burin P/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a dumbbell rack?

Most people don’t thrive in a chaotic, messy environment. A well-organized home gym creates an inviting atmosphere that you will actually want to work out in. Investing in a dumbbell rack also has the benefit of ensuring your dumbbells are easier to find when you need them and have a place to be returned to after you finish a set. You never know; properly storing your workout gear can even save you from an untimely injury setback, which is known to do a number on your gains and your wallet.

What should you look for in a dumbbell rack?

  • Capacity: Take close account of all of the dumbbells in your home gym to determine the rack capacity that will best suit your needs. If you plan on expanding your dumbbell arsenal in the future, be sure to consider this as well. Naturally, the weight of your dumbbells will also come into play, so pay close attention to a rack’s weight capacity before determining which product is ideal for you.
  • Durability: If you’re shopping for a dumbbell rack today, you won’t be very happy if you need to replace it a year from now. Seek out a rack that is constructed of durable, heavy-gauge steel or a similarly rugged material. Also, if your workout space is prone to excess humidity, ensure your dumbbell rack is treated to prevent rust and wipe them down after sweaty sessions to preserve them.
  • Design: In most home gyms, space is at a premium. Thus, you probably want your dumbbell rack to create space rather than cover an unnecessarily large area. Whether the rack you’re looking for features a space-saving A-frame design, is wall-mountable, or will be flush with the wall, ensuring that it’s a great fit for your home gym takes some consideration.

Will any dumbbell rack be able to store my dumbbells?

Like most things, dumbbell racks can have compatibility issues with different dumbbell designs, so be sure to do your research before you buy. For instance, some dumbbell racks are only designed to accommodate a certain type of dumbbell, such as hexagonal dumbbells. Additionally, depending on a rack’s design and weight capacity, it might be better suited for storing lighter dumbbells, heavier dumbbells, or a mixture of both.

Our Picks for the Best Dumbbell Racks

Most Compact

AKYEN A-Frame Dumbbell Rack

This well-designed dumbbell rack protects your dumbbells and floor from becoming scratched.

Pros: Featuring a space-saving A-frame design and impressive weight capacity, the AKYEN A-Frame Dumbbell Rack is a great choice for those who are short on space in their home gym. This dumbbell rack has a sturdy base, and its heavy-gauge steel construction leaves little to be desired in terms of durability. While this rack isn’t exactly mobile when weighed down, its rubber end caps do well to protect your floor from getting scratched.

Cons: There’s not much to gripe about when it comes to this dumbbell rack, as illustrated by its overwhelming amount of positive reviews. That being said, some have noted that the gaps that the dumbbells rest in are a little narrow and can potentially pinch those with larger hands.

Bottom Line: There’s a lot to love about this dumbbell rack which is priced very fairly given its impressive weight capacity. While some will require more storage space, this is still a great product for home gyms that keep their dumbbell stockpile to the bare necessities. Plus, it’s suitable for both circular and hexagonal dumbbells, meaning if you’ve got dumbbells lying around, this rack can offer you the perfect place to store them.


Most Versatile

Marcy Combo Weights Storage Rack

This rack offers space for your dumbbells, plates, and even kettlebells, making it a very versatile storage option.

Pros: For those with dumbbells, plates, and other miscellaneous gym gear littering the floor of their home gym, the Marcy Combo Weights Storage Rack offers plenty of versatile storage space. In fact, this budget-friendly rack can accommodate dumbbells, most Olympic and standard plates, medicine balls, and even kettlebells. Most people will find space for about seven sets of dumbbells using this rack as well as plenty of plates and other gym gear, leaving no wonder why this product is a best-seller at its price point.

Cons: This rack’s two dumbbell storage areas aren’t angled, so grabbing heavier dumbbells off the rack is slightly more difficult than it should be. This also opens the door to getting pinched if you’re not careful.

Bottom Line: Compared to other products in its price range, this dumbbell rack offers more storage space for less cash than just about any other rack out there. Despite this, it also scores quite well in terms of durability and doesn’t take up quite as much space as you might think. While it could benefit from an angled design, most will be too thrilled by the things this rack does well to count it out for what amounts to a forgivable design quirk.


Best for Budget

CAP Barbell A-Frame Dumbbell Weight Rack

Mix and match your dumbbells to fit this rack.

Pros: This A-frame dumbbell weight rack is designed to hold five pairs of cap hex or rubber hex dumbells, ranging from 5 to 25 pounds. Mix and match your dumbbells to fit this rack, up to 35 pairs and up to 200 pounds. The frame is finished with a durable powder coat and constructed of steel tubing to be safe and reliable.

Cons: Not all of your dumbbell combinations may fit this rack. Assembly is required with this rack, which may not be ideal if you aren’t comfortable with putting pieces like this one together.

Bottom Line: You can easily access and store all your dumbbells with this design; plus, the rack only weighs 10.5 pounds with nothing on it, which means you can move it with ease.


Best Weight Capacity

Marcy 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack

Store your dumbbells in a designated space that you can easily access while keeping things organized in your home gym

Pros: This heavy-duty, welded steel construction dumbbell rack has a durable frame that can withstand heavy loads (up to 1,000 pounds) while resisting damage from intensive use over time. It is reinforced with a strong powder coating and won’t be easily tarnished even by the heaviest gear. Its matted surface effectively resists scratches and scuffs. This weight rack has an ergonomically designed structure featuring a compact three-tier storage space and an angled design, allowing you to place the rack in any part of your gym for easy equipment accessibility. Plus, you can store your dumbbells in a designated space that you can easily access while keeping things organized in your home gym. This rack stand features a three-tiered storage space to accommodate dumbbells of all sizes.

Cons: If this product is rocking, it means not all your bolts are secure, and you need to tighten them. Some reviewers mentioned different nuts and bolts might need to be purchased to tighten the stand.

Bottom Line: A functional addition to your gym, this free weight organizer features rubberized feet that protect your floor from scratches. It also absorbs shock during re-stocking, preventing the rack from sliding.


Most Size Options

WF Athletic Supply A-Frame Dumbbell Storage Rack

This budget-friendly A-frame rack comes in a number of size offerings and is very sturdy given its low price.

Pros: Sporting three to six tiers of dumbbell storage, these WF Athletic Supply A-Frame Dumbbell Storage Racks are a cost-effective way to store lighter dumbbells without taking up too much space. Although these are very sturdy, they seem to be less expensive than similar A-frame racks in terms of cost per weight capacity. They also sport handy rubber inserts to prevent your rubber dumbbells from taking on unsightly scratches.

Cons: Of the several styles available, only one is able to handle dumbbells that are up to 45 pounds. Thus, this is a better product for storing lighter dumbbells than your heavy sets. Also, some have noted that the tools that come with this rack aren’t exactly ideal for the assembly process, so make sure you have a quality wrench or someone to help out if you’re having issues.

Bottom Line: These A-frame dumbbell racks are often a great way to save some space in your home gym while saving a few bucks as well. However, those with more than six sets of dumbbells may find a conventional dumbbell rack suits more of their needs. That being said, if you’re in the market for an A-frame rack, this one is a sturdy option despite its bargain price.

Final Thoughts

If you focus on capacity, durability, and how well a prospective dumbbell rack will fit into your space, finding a dumbbell rack that works for you shouldn’t be hard. There are plenty of bargains out there, too, so even those on a budget can likely find a model that won’t break the bank. Take a look at our top picks and go from there.

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