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The Best Dumbbell Sets

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🕚 Updated December 2022

Dumbbells are some of the best pieces of fitness equipment to have at home. They're versatile, practical, and space-saving. Whether you're a beginner looking to shed your first few pounds or a seasoned gym-goer looking to keep your gains, check out these dumbbells.

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  Best for Beginners Best Adjustable Set Best Single Pair Best Cast Iron Set Also Great
  Amazon Basics
Neoprene Workout Dumbbell
SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbell
Neoprene Dumbbell Hand Weights
Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbell Sets
Cap Barbell
Colored 150-Pound Dumbbell Set with Rack
Our SummaryA color-coded dumbbell set complete with a rack.Get the training power of a full rack of dumbbells while only taking up the space of two.These pairs come in a variety of weights and colors.An adjustable dumbbell iron set with cast iron plates available in multiple weight sets and optional barbell.Store five pairs of dumbbells neatly in place so you can save space while doing any type of workout.
Pros✓ 2-,5-, and 8-pound dumbbells
✓ Neoprene coated
✓ Color-coded
✓ Hex shape
✓ 5-25 pounds each
✓ Space-saving
✓ 15 weight settings
✓ Knurled grip
fitted trays for storage
✓ Dial for easy weight selection
✓ Range from 1- to 15-pound pairs
✓ Several color options per pair
✓ Neoprene
✓ Hex shape
✓ Adjustable design
✓ Textured chrome handles
✓ 60 pounds total
✓ Four 5-pound plates and four 8-pound plates
✓ Optional connector to create barbell
✓ Set of five pairs
✓ 5-25 pounds
✓ Durable rubber hex head shape
✓ Knurled steel handles
✓ Steel A-frame rack
✓ Assembly tools included
Cons✗ Rack is lower quality✗ Dumbbells are too long
✗ Pricey
✗ Pairs sold separately
✗ May be more expensive than full sets
✗ Not safe to max out doing squats without a rack
✗ No plate rack
✗ Narrow space between weights
✗ Hard to grip and remove from rack
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The Best Dumbbell Sets

A young woman squats and holds dumbbells out to work out at home.
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Buying Guide for Dumbbell Sets

A man does curls with dumbbells in his home.

Why should you buy a dumbbell set?

A dumbbell set is affordable and practical if you want to strength train at home. Getting one pair at a time can be expensive if you want to work out with dumbbells. But once you begin budling, you can save money. Plus, starting with lower weights will help you safely build up to heavier ones pretty quickly, too. Purchasing a set gives you multiple weight options for adding a variety of movements to your workouts.

What should you consider when purchasing a dumbbell set?

  • Material: If you’re setting your dumbbells on your hardwood floor or other surfaces, they may leave scratches behind if they’re not coated. You also want dumbbells that are comfortable to grip. On the other hand, you must also consider whether you’ll be doing exercises outdoors or on rough surfaces. If this is your style, you need to consider a dumbbell that can withstand the friction of surfaces like asphalt or concrete.
  • Weight: The weight of the dumbbell should boil down to the type of exercise you’re doing and your fitness goals. Be sure to start light and work your way up if you’re a beginner. As you get stronger, be sure to keep challenging yourself. Buying a set of dumbbells with different weights is an effective and cost-efficient way to accommodate your needs as you work out more and need heavier weights. If you don’t have the space to store a complete set of dumbbells, look for a weight-adjustable pair instead. These allow you to add or decrease the weight of the same two dumbbells instead of switching between different weighted pairs, making them much more compact.
  • Design: Dumbbells aren’t just available in cast iron sets anymore. The ends can be hexagonal or rounded and vary considerably in size. Many models, especially those covered with softer and smoother materials, are color-coded for your convenience. The grip length and shape can vary greatly depending on the brand and style.

What’s the best way to store your dumbbell set?

Plenty of stands, racks, and trays allow you to more compactly and conveniently store or display your dumbbells so they can be clear of the floor. It’s a good idea to periodically wipe off your dumbbells and their rack to eliminate sweat, dirt, or dust to help them last. Some sets come with a rack already, which is nice. But if not, they’re an affordable addition to help set up your home gym.

Our Picks for the Best Dumbbell Sets

Best for Beginners

Amazon Basics Neoprene Workout Dumbbell

A color-coded dumbbell set complete with a rack.

Pros: A great beginner buy, this set includes pairs of lighter dumbbells: 3, 5, and 8 pounds. They’re cast iron with a neoprene coating, which increases longevity and safety. If you’re a person who sweats a lot, you’ll appreciate the non-slip grip. Plus, the pairs are color-coded based on weight, so you won’t mistake one for the other. The dumbbells’ hexagonal shape keeps them from rolling; there are few things worse than dropping a weight on your toe or tripping over one. This weight set comes with dumbbells and a rack for easy storage.

Cons: If you look through customer feedback, you’ll see comments about the poor quality of the plastic stand.

Bottom Line: This neoprene dumbbell set and rack make an excellent, reasonably priced addition to a home gym. The weights are light enough for high-repetition sets to build muscle without over-straining. You may need a new rack or another method for organizing the weights if the rack is as unstable as users describe.


Best Adjustable Set

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbell

Get the training power of a full rack of dumbbells while only taking up the space of two.

Pros: This pair of adjustable dumbbells allows you to have the weights of 15 dumbbells (30 dumbbells total) while saving on both space and money. Easily change your weights with a selection dial to lock in the weights you need and remove the ones you don’t. The dumbbell handles have knurling to help with grip throughout a sweaty workout. They are made from steel and hardened plastic and come with fitted trays for compact and neat storage. This purchase includes a one-year JRNY membership that you can cancel or pay for after the free year.

Cons: These adjustable dumbbells are longer than most to accommodate the weight variety. Some movements can feel awkward because of their length.

Bottom Line: This affordable pair of adjustable dumbbells is like having a set of 15 pairs. They don’t take up much space, and it’s easy to adjust weight throughout your workout. Some movements may feel awkward because of the dumbbell’s length, but most users can adjust after some use.


Best Single Pair

Portzon Neoprene Dumbbell Hand Weights

These dumbbell pairs come in a variety of weights and colors.

Pros: Each pair of these solid cast iron dumbbells features an anti-slip neoprene coating. They have hexagonal ends to keep them from rolling and make them easier to stack. The handles are comfortable to hold for both large and small hands. Get weights ranging from 1 to 15 pounds.

Cons: If you want more than one pair of dumbbells, you must buy each pair separately.

Bottom Line: These hand weights come in a nice variety to build a nice set for your home workouts. Even though they are made of durable materials, these weights should be used on smoother surfaces to keep the neoprene from puncturing or tearing.


Best Cast Iron Set

Yes4All Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbell Sets

An adjustable dumbbell iron set with cast iron plates available in multiple weight sets and with an optional barbell.

Pros: The adjustable design of this cast iron dumbbell just makes sense, especially if you want to increase full-body strength from your home. This set comes with two textured chrome handles, four 5-pound and four 8-pound cast iron plates, plus four collars. Of course, this dumbbell set would be of little use without the star-lock collars. They have threaded ends and rubber trim to make transferring plates easy and safe. Yes4All offers a variety of weight ranges to choose from.

Cons: The barbell won’t work for maxing out when doing squats, for example, unless you have a rack. A few users take issue with the fact that changing between light and heavy weights takes time, especially since you have to remove and put back the collar. However, you’d encounter this task at a commercial gym too. What you might need to get is a weight plate rack to keep plates safely off the floor.

Bottom Line: So many of us have created home gyms in the last few years. Fitness products like this dumbbell heavyweight set make it possible to gain muscle, not just maintain it. You can customize it to meet your needs with the optional barbell and different weight set assortments.


Also Great

Cap Barbell 150-Pound Dumbbell Set with Rack

Store five pairs of dumbbells neatly in place so that you can save space while you work out.

Pros: Get five pairs of dumbbells plus a storage rack for an affordable price. The weights range from 5 to 25 pounds for completing various exercises. A major bonus is the black powder-coated A-frame steel weight rack. Each of its holders has a rubber coating, which prevents scratches from occurring on the dumbbell and rack. The steel dumbbells have iron heads covered in durable rubber. The whole thing is easy to set up.

Cons: The narrow space between the rack’s tiers makes grabbing the weight you want challenging. Also, the weighted equipment comes with a strong smell of rubber.

Bottom Line: This is a quality set of dumbbells for the person who wants to do light toning movements and larger movements with heavier weights. The stand is convenient and durable, so you can expect a lot of use from both your weights and the convenient storage rack.

Final Thoughts

Dumbbells are an excellent feature for your home gym. Buying a set is even better for saving money and adding variety. Our selections for dumbbell sets should serve you well as you work on your fitness goals.

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