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The Best Edible Gold

Barnabas Blattbold
🕚 Updated December 2021

Do you want to add more style and panache to your wedding, graduation, or birthday celebration? Edible gold is a show-stopping way to do just that.

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  Best Overall Best Powder Best Glitter Largest Sheets Also Great
Edible Genuine Gold Leaf Flakes
Edible Gold Powder
Edible Gold Stars
Large Edible Gold Leaf
Barnabas Blattgold
Genuine Edible Gold Leaf
Our SummaryHigh-quality edible gold sheets that work well for decorating desserts.This edible gold powder is a fantastic option for painting onto surfaces.Festive edible gold glitter in star-shaped flakes.Edible gold that comes in extra-large sheets for several different decorative uses.Use these popular gold sheets to make your desserts look professional.
ProsPure 24-karat flakes, used for many different culinary creations.Ideal to use for painting over surfaces and icing, produces a unique-looking metallic finish.Ready to use, shiny in appearance, doesn't add any unwanted flavors/textures.Larges sheets of gold, good for arts and crafts, anti-corrosive properties.Beautiful and elegant packaging, consistent color, ideal thickness, used by professionals.
ConsComes with only 10 total sheets.Can be messy, don't mix with water, doesn't have the same 3D effect that a sheet can have.The individual pieces tend to bend and form creases, small, less coverage.Too big for some items.Too small for some items.
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The Best Edible Gold

Edible gold on top of a chocolate truffle
Barnabas Blattbold

Buying Guide for Edible Gold

Edible gold in powder form next to a golden strawberry

Why buy edible gold?

Decorating the food you serve at your special event will provide an additional layer of fun and excitement for your guests. Edible gold adds that special luxurious touch to a dessert or main dish, but you will often find it on smaller items, such as cupcakes, truffles, chocolate-covered strawberries, or macarons. You can even use edible gold in crafting as well.

What should you look for in edible gold?

  • Nutrition: Edible gold typically contains around 24 carats, has the same purity level as jewelry, and is actually harmless to consume. It also doesn’t contain any calories or fat (edible gold has no nutritional value). Furthermore, it is 99% pure gold, which is why it is so shiny.
  • Decorative Appeal: In general, gold is incredibly beautiful and elegant-looking, which makes it ideal to use for many different decorative purposes. For example, if you plan on baking a cake, you can garnish it with edible gold flakes or glitter. You can also make use of edible gold for handmade decorative arts and crafts.

How are you able to eat gold?

Not only is edible gold odorless and tasteless, but it doesn’t pose any harm to your body. It’s considered biologically inert, which means that your body won’t absorb it after consumption. In other words, it simply passes right through your intestinal tract during digestion and is perfectly safe to eat and ingest, allowing you to get creative with how you garnish and decorate various food items.

Our Picks for the Best Edible Gold

Best Overall

KINNO Edible Gold Leaf

High-quality edible gold sheets that work well for decorating desserts.

Pros: These edible gold sheets from KINNO come in a pack of 10 and are ideal for food decoration. They’re incredibly shiny and won’t fade from oxidation. They work well for lots of different foods.

Cons: In terms of quantity, you don’t get much—only 10 sheets.

Bottom Line: If you plan on garnishing food for a small gathering or other special occasions, then these edible gold sheets are a fantastic option. They offer superior craftsmanship, and the well-protected packaging ensures that your edible gold sheets stay intact until they’re ready to be placed.


Best Powder

HomeHere Edible Luster Powder

This edible gold powder is a fantastic option for painting onto surfaces.

Pros: This edible gold powder is developed with cake decoration and crafting in mind. It’s elegant, shiny, eye-catching, and produces a uniquely beautiful look. Since it’s powder, you can mix it with oil-based flavorings or alcohol to then paint over larger surface areas. It works great on fondant and clays as well.

Cons: Since it’s a powder, working with it can get messy quickly. It won’t mix well with water, so don’t try it. You also can’t get the 3D effect that you can with sheets of gold.

Bottom Line: This decorative gold powder produces a unique metallic finish that will make your various creations shine!


Best Glitter

Wilton Edible Glitter

Festive edible gold glitter in star-shaped flakes.

Pros: This particular gold glitter consists of tiny edible gold stars that make a great garnish for birthday cakes or desserts at a graduation or special event. They’re easy to sprinkle or place on top of the desired dessert, and the glitter is incredibly shiny and lustrous.

Cons: These are less noticeable than sheets of gold or gold-painted items because they’re so small.

Bottom Line: This edible star-shaped gold glitter adds simple excitement to food decoration. You can easily sprinkle it on cakes, cupcakes, macarons, and many other types of desserts.


Largest Sheets

KINNO Large Edible Gold Sheets

Edible gold that comes in extra-large sheets for many different decorative uses.

Pros: These are extra-large sheets of edible gold that are available in 3.15-inch squares. You can use them on many different homemade crafts in addition to food decorations. They will retain their original luster because they’re anti-corrosive and resistant to oxidation, and since they’re larger, they’ll stand out even more.

Cons: These might be too large for what you need, so be careful not to waste significant portions of them. They’re best used on larger items.

Bottom Line: These large sheets of edible gold give you a lot to work with, ensuring that your cake decorations turn out beautifully. However, don’t forget that you can also make use of them for a variety of crafts and personal projects to provide a mesmerizing glow.


Also Great

Barnabas Blattgold Genuine Edible Gold Leaf

Use these popular gold sheets to make your desserts look professional.

Pros: Barnabas Blattgold provides high-quality gold leaves. Many culinary professionals use them for decorating cakes, macarons, chocolates, caramels, etc. They’re smaller in size, so they work well for most desserts, and they’re reliable.

Cons: These won’t work as well for larger food items. They only come in a pack of 12 total sheets.

Bottom Line: These popular 1.5-inch gold leaf sheets will get the job done well if you are a confectionary professional or pastry artist. They’re easy to apply to small food items and provide a unique decorative element that can really elevate the visual appeal of the desserts you enjoy creating.

Final Thoughts

Edible gold makes a fantastically elegant garnish. If you want your desserts to stand out at your next event, consider purchasing some edible gold. There are several budget-friendly options that can help you elevate your experience.

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