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The Best Egg Decorating Kits to Buy This Easter

Easter is right around the corner. Friends and family alike will be rushing to supermarkets and roadside stops to pick up a few cartons of pre-painted eggs to ring in the occasion. However, why not try for a bit of Easter prep that brings the whole crew together before the big day arrives? An egg decorating kit is sure to take your Easter holiday to another level with its multitude of decorating capabilities. If you’re looking to get the Easter fun started, then here are a few egg decorating kits that you ought to check out.

What to Look for in Your Pre-Easter Fun

Consider these factors when making a selection

  • Color Variety: The key to any good batch of Easter eggs is a wide range of colors. From deep reds to soothing blues, you want your Easter eggs to stand out because you want them to be found, after all. Consider egg decorator options that feature various color options and how they’re administered: by marker, stencil, or tablet dye.
  • Bundling: However, there’s still plenty to consider behind the right egg decorator kit other than just color options. You should consider options that cater to the overall process of your color designing with tools like egg dippers, drip and storage trays, paintbrushes, and more.
  • Child Safety: For the concerned parent who would prefer to avoid not only a mess but a potentially dangerous situation overall, consider an egg decorator kit that caters to your child’s health. Seek out an option that features nontoxic color dyes that are entirely safe if accidentally consumed. On the neat and tidy side of egg decorating, some kits favor sticker sheets and other adhesives, which are also made from health-conscious materials.

Best Egg Spinner: The Original EggMazing Easter Egg Decorator Kit

The self-proclaimed originator of its revolutionizing and revolving design, this EggMazing Easter Egg Decorator Kit will uproot everything you know about Easter prep. Ditch the dyes and accompanying mess for a motorized spinner that holds and turns an egg in place while you keep your hands clean. The device includes eight nontoxic, quick-drying markers that you can use to create any kind of striped or other intricate design.

Best Sticker Pack: Paas Easter Egg Decorating Kit Variety Pack

A simpler means of decoration, this Paas Easter Egg Decorating Kit combines the kid-friendly side with a bit of necessary parental supervision. Users can create stunning Easter designs between two different means of decoration with this variety pack: dye tablets and stickers. There are a total of six dye tablets to a pack, with colors like blue, orange, red, green, pink, and purple. Additional decoration tools include egg stands, dippers, and drying trays to accommodate the egg dying process.

Best Sticker Pack

Paas Easter Egg Decorating Kit Variety Pack. Pack of 4. (Decorating Kits Will Vary)

This multipack includes four kinds of adhesive sticker packs as well as six colorful dye tablets.

Best Child-Safe Option: JOYIN 24 Sets of Easter Egg Decorating Foam Craft Kits

A mess-free and child-friendly value pack, this  JOYIN Easter Egg Decorating Craft Kit features 24 sets of foam adhesive stickers to turn ordinary eggs into your favorite furry creatures. Users can mix and match between the 36 different animals to either create a traditional animal, like a bunny, bird, lamb, chick, or frog, or they can opt into creating something that’s a bit wilder. The included adhesive stickers are nontoxic and constructed from a safety-test-proven EVA foam.

Best Child-Safe Option

JOYIN 24 Packs Easter Egg Decorating Foam Kids Craft Kits, Crazy Bird Craft Kit and Easter Animal Craft Kit (Easter Eggs Not Included) for Kids Easter Party Supplies Home Decoration, Easter Egg Hunt

This EVA foam sticker pack includes over 36 animal combinations that you can follow to a tee or approach with a little creative freedom.

Best Bundle Pack: Klever Kits Easter Egg Dye Kit

One of the most thorough bundle packs you’re likely to come across in the following week, this Klever Kits Easter Egg Dye Kit includes everything you need, want, and more. It includes color tablets, dying cups, egg dippers, and sticker sheets in abundance. There’s nothing ordinary about these stickers either, as users will find plenty to enjoy when peeling and applying sticky rhinestones, Emoji faces, 3D designs, and Easter-themed options.

Best Bundle Pack

Best Single Dye: Easter Unlimited 24 Karat Easter Egg Coloring Kit

A standard dye pack with golden results, this Easter Unlimited Egg Coloring Kit coats Easter eggs in a glimmer of “24 Karat” dye. This pack includes three liquid egg dyes and two gold glaze packets to really lock in that bright sheen. Additionally, this kit also includes a large decorating tray to store your Easter treasure, as well as two coloring brushes and three egg dye droppers.

Best Single Dye

24 Karat Easter Egg Coloring Kit

This egg coloring kit offers a bold, golden glaze and all of the essential painting supplies.

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