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The Best Electric Blankets

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🕚 Updated November 2021

When there's a chill in the air, an electric blanket can wrap you up in ideal comfort. Plus, it can lower your electricity bill. It's a great solution if you're looking for a little extra warmth.

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  Best Overall Best Contender Best for Budget Best for Sharing Also Great
Heated Blanket
Degrees Of Comfort
Microplush Electric Blanket
Heated Throw Blanket
Perfect Fit SoftHeat
Heated Electric Blanket
Electric Heated Throw Blanket
Our SummaryCover up all night with this comfy heated blanket. A blanket that's totally customizable for your comfort.Power your power nap with this cozy electric blanket.An electric blanket that's warm enough for two to get cozy.Stay fresh and comfy with this washable electric blanket.
ProsMicrofiber material, digital controller display, 10 heat settings.20 different heat settings, LCD display, extra-long power cord.Five heat settings, automatic turn off, Sherpa lining.Ultra-soft, 10-hour automatic shut off, gentle warming ability.Three heat settings, easy to wash, four-hour automatic shutoff.
ConsWires poke through, longevity issues, inconvenient controller placement. Doesn't distribute heat evenly, very lightweight, longevity issues.Small size, not easy to wash, relatively lightweight.Not as hot, problematic wires around controller.Not very long or wide, inconvenient controller, poor heat distribution.
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The Best Electric Blankets

A woman sleeps in a bed with an electric blanket.
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An electric blanket uses the heat generated from a current running through an insulated wire inside the blanket to create quick, direct warmth that’s super effective at keeping you warm. That means you can lower your thermostat while you sleep at night and still be snug under the covers, potentially saving you about 1% on your heating bill for every degree you lower the thermostat during a typical night of sleep.

Buying Guide for Electric Blankets

A bed made with a queen-sized blue electric blanket.

Why buy an electric blanket?

If you’re ready to curl up on the sofa or in bed for a relaxing evening that soothes away the aches and pains of the day, an electric blanket is an amazing companion. They’re comfy and supportive, giving you plenty of warmth while you lounge or sleep away.

What should you look for in an electric blanket?

  • Heat Control and Display: Your electric blanket should allow you to easily adjust your heat settings to the temperature that’s most comfortable for you. Look for at least three settings, but some blankets have many more than three for extra-precise control. If you’re going to share your blanket with someone else, look for dual controls that let you choose different settings for each side of the blanket to accommodate different temperature preferences. The controls for your blanket should also have a backlit display so that you can read it easily in the middle of the night if you need to turn the heat up or down. Some electric blankets include programmable settings that allow you to warm your blanket up before you get in the bed or change settings after you fall asleep.
  • Material and Maintenance: The most convenient electric blankets will be machine washable without needing special care. A blanket’s material should be thick enough so that you don’t feel the wire through the fabric, or, if you prefer a thinner blanket, it should have thinner wires.
  • Safety and Convenience: Electric blankets that include an auto-shutoff can prevent you from getting too hot while you sleep—having a range of options for shut-off timing is a plus. Also, check the length of the power cord to make sure that it’s long enough to reach outlets and the placement of the control device to make sure it can be safely placed on a reachable surface.

How long should an electric blanket last?

This is a tricky question because it really depends on what you’re wanting to pay. Plenty of electric blankets cover the basics: they’re comfy, warm, and heat up quickly. The trick is finding one that will do that consistently without breaking the bank. It’s possible to find the right combination of performance and price, however. You just have to make sure you know what you’re getting in terms of quality. Also know that you should stop using an electric blanket if it stops working properly or efficiently and that they aren’t meant to be used for more than 10 years, though many will wear out before that time frame.

Our Picks for the Best Electric Blankets

Best Overall

Sunbeam Heated Blanket

Cover up all night with this comfy heated blanket.

Pros: Snuggle up with the Sunbeam Heated Blanket, which is made from super comfy polyester micro-plush material. This heated blanket has a controller with a digital display and push buttons for convenient control. It also has 10 heat settings, as well as a 10-hour auto-off function. Not only does it keep you warm, but this blanket also gives you the freedom to choose what makes you most comfortable.

Cons: This blanket gets the job done when it comes to keeping you warm as long as it’s working correctly—the problem is that this blanket doesn’t have a very long working life, especially if you plan on washing it frequently. It’s also relatively thin: while the material is enjoyable to snuggle up with, the wires underneath tend to poke through slightly. Finally, finding a place to stick the controller that doesn’t interfere with your comfort can be a little challenging.

Bottom Line: The features on this blanket are incredible: it heats up quickly, you can choose the heat level that works for you, and you can even pre-heat it, so you don’t have to wait around. The slight issues in durability and thickness aren’t a big problem for those looking for a comfortable, affordable electric blanket.


Best Contender

Degrees Of Comfort Microplush Electric Blanket

A blanket that's totally customizable for your comfort.

Pros: The Degrees Of Comfort Microplush Electric Blanket stands out for its 20 different heat level settings that you can control with an LCD display. There’s even a dual controller available in certain sizes. These customizable settings combined with an extra-long power cord make this blanket ready to settle in for a relaxing night. It’s also been tested to ensure that it stays soft even after being washed.

Cons: While the dual controls work great for heating up opposite ends of the blanket, there is a strip down the middle that doesn’t heat up as effectively as the rest of the blanket. Also, since the blanket is relatively lightweight, you may find that it has a tendency to slip around when you flip over since it’s not weighed down.

Bottom Line: If you’re a finicky sleeper or have a particular preference for how warm you like to be, the 20 setting controls of this blanket make it a solid choice. It has all the comfort and softness of other electric blankets with the added perk of tons of temperature options.


Best for Budget

Bedsure Heated Throw Blanket Electric

Power your power nap with this cozy electric blanket.

Pros: The Bedsure Heated Throw Blanket is the ideal combination of performance and price. This heated blanket protects you from overheating by automatically turning off once a certain temperature has been reached. Plus, with the five heat settings, you have the freedom to play around and find the right temp for you. There’s a super comfy Sherpa lining that spreads heat efficiently while creating a comfy cushion whether you’re power-napping or going to bed for a full night’s sleep.

Cons: This blanket isn’t as large as it looks, so it may not cover your entire body, leaving your feet or head poking out, which is slightly annoying when it comes to a blanket that’s meant to keep your entire body warm. Also, the blanket is not as thick as you might expect. The Sherpa lining, while comfy and cushy, isn’t as heavy as it might appear. Finally, just be careful when you wash it; anything too intense, and you might end up damaging some of the heating features.

Bottom Line: At this price point, it’s hard to beat this blanket. While it may not be the biggest blanket, it warms you up quickly without getting too hot. One of the best things about this blanket is that it will automatically shut off when it gets too hot, so you can go to bed with it without having to worry about waking up in a sauna.


Best for Sharing

Perfect Fit SoftHeat Heated Electric Blanket

An electric blanket that's warm enough for two to get cozy.

Pros: If you’re looking to warm up with your partner, this extra-comfy, ultra-soft micro-fleece blanket is a great choice. Thanks to thin wires that run throughout the entire blanket, you don’t have to worry about heat distribution. This blanket has you and your plus one covered. The controls make sure the blanket shuts off after 10 hours while also providing a soft glow for easy nighttime control. Lastly, this blanket provides a gentle, warming sensation—you won’t touch it and be surprised at how hot it is. It simply warms up to your desired temperature for a comforting warmth that doesn’t overwhelm you.

Cons: There are two issues with this electric blanket. First of all, make sure you’re okay with a blanket that won’t get truly hot. This blanket will warm you up and keep you snug, but it’s not going to impress you with how hot it gets. Secondly, be careful with the wires that are around the connector. They can overheat, which can be a problem if you put the connector next to something delicate.

Bottom Line: This extra-comfy blanket is ideal for sharing. It warms up quickly and gives you plenty of space to stretch out underneath. As long as you’re okay with the limited temperature capabilities, you won’t go wrong snagging this blanket for you and your partner since each of you will be able to control how hot you want your side of the blanket to be!


Also Great

Tefici Electric Heated Throw Blanket

Stay fresh and comfy with this washable electric blanket.

Pros: If you’re looking for a quality blanket that checks all the boxes for required features, the Tefici Electric Heated Throw Blanket is a great option. You can choose how warm you want to be with its three settings. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting too hot, thanks to the four-hour automatic shut-off feature. As a bonus, the fast-heating feature means that you’ll enjoy extra warmth in no time. Just take off the heating controls to throw it in the wash to clean it.

Cons: You might not love the size of the Tefici Electric Heated Throw Blanket: it isn’t super long or wide, so you may find your feet popping out more than you would like. You also want to be careful where you put the controller: it can overheat if it’s under the blanket. It’s also pretty sensitive, so you might accidentally change the settings if you put it next to you. Finally, there may be parts of the blanket that don’t heat up as thoroughly as others.

Bottom Line: Tossing electric blankets in the washing machine can often fry them or minimize their heating capabilities. This electric blanket doesn’t have that issue, but it does have some excellent features that make it worth a look.

Final Thoughts

Instead of blasting your furnace, electric blankets are a great way to get some extra heat quickly and affordably. Plus, most solid options come with plenty of features that let you customize your comfort. They’re great for sharing and will make you feel extra cozy whenever you’re lounging at home.

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