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The Best Electric Carving Knives

Hamilton Beach
🕚 Updated July 2022

When you have a lot of meat to cut quickly and precisely, nothing beats an electric carving knife for getting the job done right. Check out these top-rated electric carving knives for your next holiday dinner.

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  Top Choice Best Wireless Best Heavy-Duty Best Portable Design Best Bang for Your Buck
Electric Knife
Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife
Electric Carving Knife
PKELKN16 Portable Electrical Knife Set
Hamilton Beach
Electric Knife
Our SummaryThis electric carving knife stands out for its ergonomic design and quality serrated blades.This electric fillet knife comes with a wide array of sharp blades and two long-lasting batteries.This unique electric carving knife is as fun as it is functional.This compact electric carving knife is easy to store and comes with separate meat and bread knives.This reliable electric carving knife provides excellent performance for its budget price point.
ProsLow noise and vibration, easy to grip, ergonomic design, easy and effective cutting.Great for filleting fish, comes with an array of sharp knives, excellent for cooked meat, long-lasting batteries.Powerful cutting, great for meat and fruit, great conversation-starter, fun gift idea.Minimal vibration, high-quality stainless steel blades, compact design, affordable price.Budget-friendly price, includes storage case and serving fork, quality stainless steel blade, great for carving meat.
ConsTricky to store.Expensive.Bulky.Inserting blades can be tricky.Not ideal for cutting bread.
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The Best Electric Carving Knives

electric carving knife cutting rotisserie chicken
Hamilton Beach

When it’s time to carve a massive turkey, a small kitchen knife probably isn’t an ideal tool for the task at hand. Thankfully, there are a number of great electric carving knives on the market that are perfect for your heavy-duty cutting needs. These knives minimize user strain while providing perfect cuts of meat and bread.

Buying Guide for Electric Carving Knives

cordless electric fillet knife cutting fish

Why buy an electric carving knife?

While a good kitchen knife set will take care of most of your cutting needs in the kitchen, standard knives aren’t so convenient when attempting to carve large turkeys, massive roasts, and bulky legs of lamb. An electric carving knife makes these tasks simple thanks to its unique design that multiplies the cutting force of your knife with minimal pressure required on your end. These knives are ideal for cutting all sorts of meats but are also a convenient option for precisely cutting homemade bread and all sorts of other foods that give your traditional knives a hard time.

What should you look for in an electric carving knife?

  • Blades: Many electric carving knives come with an array of blades that specialize in cutting different foods. In particular, keep an eye out for products that include a special bread blade and a longer blade around 8 inches in length.
  • Handle: You’ll want to invest in an electric carving knife that is easy to hold and maneuver. While designs tend to vary, be sure to pick a product that features an ergonomic grip and is appropriate for your hand size.
  • Power source: While corded electric carving knives are the old standard, there are a number of cordless options on the market now that they’re every bit as effective as their corded counterparts. Although cordless options usually come with a heftier price tag, their lack of a power cord makes cutting food somewhat easier.

What extra features should come with an electric carving knife?

Most people won’t use their electric carving knife every day, so keep an eye out for products that come with a handy storage case that can hold the electric knife, its blades, and any extra accessories it comes with. Speaking of extra accessories, some electric knives come with carving forks, specialty blades, and even extra batteries. It’s also wise to seek out a model that features a child-safe design, especially if your home ever has children playing in the kitchen.

Our Picks for the Best Electric Carving Knives

Top Choice

Homaider Electric Knife

This electric carving knife stands out for its ergonomic design and quality serrated blades.

Pros: Featuring an easy-to-grip design that minimizes vibration, the Homaider Electric Knife comes with two blades for efficiently cutting raw or cooked meat and bread. This electric carving knife scores points for its quiet operating volume and has a nifty safety switch to make it extra safe around children. That being said, its blades are incredibly sharp and effective when the unit’s powered up, so you won’t have any trouble carving your turkey or slicing up your homemade bread that’s fresh out of your bread machine.

Cons: Since this electric carving knife doesn’t come with a case, it can be fairly tricky to store for those with a cluttered kitchen with limited cabinet space. Also, its 5.9-foot power cord scored polarizing reviews, with some reviewers noting that it wasn’t long enough to meet their needs.

Bottom Line: Whether you plan on cutting meat or bread, the Homaider Electric Knife is up to the task. This electric carving knife might appear to be on the bulky side, but it’s extremely easy to handle, even for those with limited arm strength. Given its affordable price tag, this product also impresses in terms of build quality, so it should serve you well for years to come.


Best Wireless

BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

This electric fillet knife comes with a wide array of sharp blades and two long-lasting batteries.

Pros: If you like coming home with a cooler filled to the brim with freshly caught fish, the BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife should be right up your alley. This electric fillet knife helps you fillet fish as quickly and precisely as possible to minimize the amount of wasted meat. Its blades are sharp and powerful enough to cut through ribs, fins, and bone, but they also make quick work of just about any cooked meat you can throw at them. This product also stands out for its long-lasting batteries and insanely comfortable non-slip handle, making it an excellent pick for those in the market for a premium cordless electric carving knife.

Cons: This product is on the pricey side, so those seeking a basic electric carving knife for cutting roasts and turkeys in their kitchen can save some money by opting for a more budget-savvy product. However, it’s hard to knock this product in terms of quality, so those who frequently fillet fish will probably find that that knife will make their task a whole lot easier.

Bottom Line: From its sharp, corrosion-resistant blades to its two long-lasting batteries, this cordless electric fillet knife provides enough quality to justify its premium price tag. That being said, if you rarely catch and prepare fish, this product might be a little extravagant for your everyday needs.


Best Heavy-Duty

MIGHTY CARVER Electric Carving Knife

This unique electric carving knife is as fun as it is functional.

Pros: Featuring dual stainless steel blades that have no issues cutting a holiday ham or working their way through small bones, the MIGHTY CARVER Electric Carving Knife is sure to be a hit at your next big dinner. This powerful electric carving knife is an instant conversation starter thanks to its fun design, but don’t let its aesthetics fool you. It’s a versatile cutting machine that’s as effective at carving turkey as it is slicing watermelon. If you’re seeking a fun and effective electric carving knife that’s sure to be the talk of the party, this one is well worth the price.

Cons: This product’s bulky design won’t appeal to everyone, especially those looking for something compact and basic. It’s also worth noting that this electric carving knife is more expensive than other products on the market.

Bottom Line: Few electric carving knives are designed to really make a statement, but this one does exactly that and doesn’t skimp on performance, either. While its premium price tag will have some people searching for less expensive models, this electric carving knife’s heavy-duty design and powerful, clean cuts make it a great choice for those who want to make a statement.


Best Portable Design

NutriChef PKELKN16 Portable Electrical Knife Set

This compact electric carving knife is easy to store and comes with separate meat and bread knives.

Pros: If you’re looking for a quality electric carving knife that won’t break the bank, this model from NutriChef is worth considering. It comes with dedicated stainless steel bread and meat blades that cut well and are made to last. It also scores points for minimizing vibration and comes with a nifty storage block that can be situated vertically or horizontally to store your electric carving knife. While this isn’t the most heavy-duty model on the market, it’s certainly powerful enough to earn it a space in most kitchens.

Cons: Some reviewers mentioned having issues with cleanly inserting the blades into this electric knife, so it might not be the most user-friendly option on the market. That being said, that’s a pretty insignificant drawback given this product’s quality design and affordable price point.

Bottom Line: This no-frills electric carving knife offers excellent performance for the price and comes with a nifty storage block that is a rarity at its price point. It’s also surprisingly durable compared to other options at its price range, making it a great buy for those seeking something reliable and basic.


Best Bang for Your Buck

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

This reliable electric carving knife provides excellent performance for its budget price point.

Pros: Featuring an easy-to-hold design that works well with large or small hands, the Hamilton Beach Electric Knife is an excellent option for those looking to carve beautiful slices of meat on a budget. Despite its affordable price tag, this product comes with both a quality stainless steel fork and a handy case that makes storage a breeze. While this electric carving knife isn’t ideal for cutting bread, its sharp blade is adept at precisely cutting meat. This product also has a nice heft to it that affords the user excellent control without putting strain on your wrist.

Cons: While most of this product’s reviews are overwhelmingly positive, reviewers who used this electric carving knife for cutting bread tended to be much less satisfied with their purchase. As such, those seeking a dedicated electric bread-cutting knife should probably look elsewhere.

Bottom Line: Although this isn’t the most versatile electric carving knife you can buy, it’s an absolute steal at its current price. If you’re primarily looking for a reliable electric knife to carve meat, you won’t find one better than this at this product’s price point.

Final Thoughts

You might not use your electric carving knife every single day, but if you invest in the right model, you’re unlikely to be disappointed in the value it affords your kitchen. Be on the lookout for a durable model that offers versatile blades and dependable performance that can stand up to the test of time.

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