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The Best Electric Hearing Protection for Filtering Noise

Craftsman wearing a blue shirt and ear protection while drilling metal with drill in a workshop.

Electronic hearing protection offers you the option of controlling what noises you can and cannot hear. It allows you to block out any loud or obnoxious noises while amplifying quieter sounds. Canceling out these unnecessary sounds lets you focus more on any task that you are performing and not have to worry about potential disturbances. Purchasing electronic hearing protection will allow you to find solace and escape any loud and uncontrollable sounds. Here are some great electronic hearing protection options we recommend.

Purchasing Electronic Hearing Protection

Listed below are the key features of noise-canceling electronic hearing protection:

  • Directional Controls: This refers to a specific feature used for electronic hearing protection in which you can control the ambient sounds that you hear around you. The technology is incredibly intuitive and allows you to communicate with people thanks to an enhanced natural listening function.
  • Comfort: It may seem as though wearing this device will cause a lot of discomfort. However, electronic hearing protection often features an incredibly ergonomic design. This includes an adjustable headband that comes in several different sizes. The device will also fit snugly over your ears.
  • Multi-Functional Design: You can use electronic hearing protection for a wide range of different purposes. This includes hunting, hiking, and operating heavy machinery, such as a woodchipper or chainsaw. The device also comes in handy for certain labor-intensive jobs, such as carpentry or construction work.

Best Overall: Howard Leight Electronic Earmuff

Green electronic earmuffs with a wide headband.
Howard Leight

This is one of the best available options because it cancels out a wide range of ambient noises while providing you with enhanced amplification controls. It will also automatically shut off and on when background sounds reach a certain level. It comes with an adjustable headband, allowing the device to fit onto your head securely and comfortably.

Best Overall

Best Sound Amplification: OPSMEN Electronic Safety Earmuff

Electronic hearing protection with grey earmuffs and wire connections between the headband and muffs.

This particular device offers you optimal control when it comes to noise amplification and noise-canceling capabilities. It allows you to enhance sounds in the background that are coming in weakly. The earmuffs come with three adjustable levels for enhanced hearing, which will improve the clarity of voices that you hear from a distance.

Best Sound Amplification

OPSMEN Electronic Shooting Earmuffs Ear Muffs Safety Tactical Sound Amplification Noise Canceling Hearing Protection 22 NRR M31-V2 Brown

This device offers optimal control when it comes to targeted hearing and blocking out noises.

Most Comfortable: Walker’s Game Razor Electronic Muff

Black electronic earmuffs with a cartoon skull on the side of the headband.

These noise-canceling earmuffs provide you with incredible comfort, thanks to thin, rubberized cups and soft inner padding. It also comes with on and off value control and omnidirectional microphones. It features a foldable design that forms a slim profile so you can travel with it anywhere. The muffs also have an audio input jack for smartphones and MP3 players.

Most Comfortable

Walker's Razor Slim Electronic Muff, Black

Protect your hearing and your ears with the added padding of this design.

Best with Bluetooth: PROHEAR Bluetooth 5.0 Electronic Earmuffs

The packaging electronic hearing protection.

This is one of the best electronic hearing protection earmuffs you can find that has a Bluetooth function. It provides a reliable connection at all times, which allows you to stream music or videos from other Bluetooth-capable devices that you own. It also features wide ear coverings and ultra-soft inner padding to provide you with better comfort. The headband will also adapt to the shape of your head.

Best Value: ZOHAN Electronic Ear Protection

Green earmuffs with a black headband.

These earmuffs from ZOHAN are incredibly affordable and come with every feature you need to properly protect your ears from intrusive noises. The design includes a lightweight design, rubberized inner padding, omnidirectional microphones, and intuitive noise-canceling controls. You can use these electronic earmuffs for a wide range of activities.

Best Value
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