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The Best Electric Razors for Men

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🕚 Updated August 2021

When it comes to facial hair, guys are always trying to look their best. Whether you're grooming and moisturizing your beard with oils or prefer a clean, close shave, it's important to find a razor that will maintain your preferred look.

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  Best Rotary Electric Razor Best for Styling Best for Travel Best Foil Electric Razor Best Body Shaver
  Philips Norelco
6880/81 Electric Shaver
Philips Norelco
OneBlade Electric Trimmer and Shaver
M90 Mobile Electric Razor
Series 9 9370cc Electric Razor
Lithium Max Plus Body Groomer
Our SummaryEnjoy a convenient dry shave or a comfortable wet shave with this fantastic razor. This electric razor is great for styling and shaving any length of hair. This is a compact razor that will make shaving in a hurry really easy. This razor features amazing smart technology to adapt to your personal needs. Take man-scaping to the next level with this comfortable body razor.
ProsLED display is super intuitive, comes with a clip-on precision trimmer.Works fast, cuts any hair length. Saves you time, compact, lightweight, and easy to store.Comes with an automatic charging/cleaning base, fits in your hand comfortably, quiet operation. Can be used on all areas of the body, rechargeable battery lasts up to five times longer than standard batteries.
ConsComes with only one trimmer head, switching from the shaver to the trimmer takes work.Takes eight hours to fully charge, extra blades are expensive.Battery-operated, precision trimmer isn't strong or long enough for some.Can't shave when it's plugged in, expensive.Power button isn't in the most convenient spot.
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The Best Electric Razors for Men

A young man in a mirror shaves his face with an electric razor.
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With so many razors out there, it can be hard to tell which razor will make the cut. That’s where this list comes in. Here are some fantastic razors that are sure to get you that desirable shave.

Buying Guide for Men’s Electric Razors

A man uses an electric razor on his beard.

Why buy an electric razor?

Compared to cartridge razors, electric razors have a lower long-term cost, and they’re a lot easier to master if you’re new to shaving. A quality electric razor with the right attachments and case will last you for many years if you properly care for your equipment. Plus, you can save money by skipping your routine visits to the barbershop. Electric razors are also a safer alternative to cartridge razors since it’s a lot harder to cut yourself or get in-grown hairs with electric razors.

What should you look for in an electric razor?

  • Maintenance: If you’re a busy person who doesn’t want to deal with the maintenance and care that comes with shaving, many electric razors offer spectacular features to save you time on cleanup. The wet and dry razors are really popular, especially for those who enjoy shaving in the shower. Most of the razors in this article are waterproof and come with detachable blades and guards to make the cleaning process much easier. You should also consider keeping an old toothbrush around with your razor kit to specifically brush the dead hair from your blades after each session.
  • Beard Style: Do you just need a trim? Do you prefer a clean shave? Do you need to do some man-scaping? All of these are important questions to ask yourself when you’re shopping for a new electric razor. A razor specializing in removing stubble is perfect for a daily shaver, while a razor with better edging and shaping features could be more suited for someone who wants to style their beard or goatee. If you enjoy both a beard and a clean-shaven look, consider rotary razors that come with a precision trimmer.

What attachments and features come with an electric razor?

Some electric razors come with a cleaning and charging station. This is a wonderful feature to look for, as these stations automatically oil and charge your shaver. Snap-on trimming guard attachments are the most likely companion that you’ll find with your new razor. They come in a variety of sizes and can be used on your body, head, and face, with some designed specifically for fading as well. Extra blades aren’t uncommon, and a case or pouch of some kind is another nice feature.

Our Picks for the Best Men’s Electric Razors

Best Rotary Electric Razor

Philips Norelco 6880/81 Electric Shaver

Enjoy a convenient dry shave or a comfortable wet shave with this fantastic razor.

Pros: The LED display on this electric razor is super intuitive. It indicates four things: the battery life, when you need to replace the head, when you need to clean your razor, and when the travel lock is on. The multi-flex heads contour in eight directions, and they’re designed to shield your face from irritation while letting you shave hard-to-reach areas like the neck and the jawline. It also comes with a clip-on precision trimmer for a more detailed shave.

Cons: It only comes with one trimmer head and no extra attachments. Changing from the shaver to the trimmer isn’t a smooth transition, and it can take a while before the pieces click into place. It might leave stubble behind if you don’t go over the same area carefully or multiple times, which can be frustrating.

Bottom Line: If you don’t have a beard and shave daily, then this is a good razor for you. It’s designed for a clean shave, even though it takes a bit to get there. The flexible rotary heads and the intuitive LED display quite possibly overpower the negative aspect of the extra work that it takes to get to a clean shave, but for the price, it’s a good purchase for a guy who isn’t in a hurry.


Best for Styling

Philips Norelco OneBlade Electric Trimmer and Shaver

This electric razor is great for styling and shaving almost any length of hair.

Pros: This razor works efficiently. The fast-moving cutter moves 200 times per second and provides a comfortable shave. You can use it dry or wet, and it works both with or without foam. It cuts any hair length, so regardless of the length of your facial hair, you shouldn’t have trouble trimming it down. OneBlade is aptly named, as it only has one blade with one purpose—to style, so in that department, this razor is king.

Cons: Because it only has one blade, there’s not much diversity or options with this razor. Although it can shave you clean, its main purpose is to trim and edge facial hair, so if you’re looking for more, then this razor isn’t for you. It has no attachments. It takes eight hours to fully charge and can be used without a cord for 45 minutes after that. The replacement blades that you’ll eventually want to buy are also a bit expensive, even though the product itself is pretty affordable.

Bottom Line: This electric razor is designed for facial styling, and it does its job really well. Because of this, it’s a great razor for a guy who wants to trim their mustache and sideburns and change their facial hairstyle on occasion. It doesn’t come with a cleaning station or a bag and only has three click-on guards, but because of its basic design and purpose, it’s a very affordable electric razor with a fast and comfortable blade.


Best for Travel

Braun M90 Mobile Electric Razor

This is a compact razor that will make shaving in a hurry really easy.

Pros: The M90’s main selling point and its strongest quality is the fact that it will save you time. The wide floating foil will give you a comfortable shave when you’re in a rush or on the go. It’s compact, lightweight, and super easy to store, which makes it the perfect travel companion. It also features a small precision trimmer that’s ideal for trimming mustache and neck hair. The twist cap prevents the foil from damage when you’re not using it.

Cons: It’s battery-operated, and that can be a setback if you don’t have any extra batteries lying around. This isn’t the best option if you have a long beard. You’ll have to trim your beard down before using the M90, and the precision trimmer isn’t strong or long enough to be your best trimming option. Since it only has one foil and doesn’t rotate in different directions, you might have to shave the same areas multiple times to get a really clean shave.

Bottom Line: This is a very cost-effective, dependable, and convenient electric razor to own if you’re often traveling. It doesn’t come with any attachments or add much diversity besides the small precision trimmer, which we wouldn’t bet on for serious facial trimming anyway. The batteries are convenient for travel purposes, so if you have a quality razor at home and you’re looking for a travel companion, then we recommend the M90.


Best Foil Electric Razor

Braun Series 9 9370cc Electric Razor

This razor features amazing smart technology to adapt to your personal needs.

Pros: The Series 9 comes with many awesome features, like an automatic charging/cleaning base to clean, lubricate, and deodorize your razor. Other features include a solution cartridge, a hard travel case, a cleaning brush, and a manual. It’s also lightweight, quiet, and fits in your hand comfortably.

Cons: The head is larger compared to other foil electric razors, but that’s part of the reason why it shaves so well, so if you’re looking to trim around your beard or goatee, then this razor will give you problems. You can’t shave when it’s plugged in, and the razor must be dry to be cleaned in the cleaning station. It’s also expensive despite all of the extra add-ons that are included.

Bottom Line: Whether you use it dry or wet, this German-engineered electric razor is worth purchasing if you have the money. You’ll be impressed with the quality and performance, plus all of the extra features (like the cleaning station and the travel case) are wonderful additions that will prolong the lifespan of your razor.


Best Body Shaver

MANGROOMER Lithium Max Plus Body Groomer

Take man-scaping to the next level with this comfortable body razor.

Pros: Because it’s a body groomer, versatility is one of the main advantages of this electric razor. You can use it on all areas of the body, including the underarms, shoulders, chest, legs, arms, stomach, and more intimate areas. The two-sided design is pretty unique and goes hand-in-hand with its versatility. The rechargeable battery lasts up to five times longer than standard batteries.

Cons: One design flaw that will take some time to get used to is the location of the power button. It’s located near the curve of the handle, so you might accidentally turn off the device while you’re in the middle of a delicate shave, which can be annoying.

Bottom Line: This razor addresses multiple hairy problems in a single product. If you’re a guy who’s into keeping his private parts free of hair and you like to groom your entire body, then this is the best groomer you’ll find on the market. The design flaw is minor, and overall, it’s a reliable razor that will easily groom, shave, and style.


Best Kit

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

This razor kit includes 19 attachments that will ensure you'll be able to cut or trim any hair.

Pros: There are 19 attachments, 14 of which are trimming guards that are individually labeled and that vary in length to deliver a clean, even cut for your face, body, or head. Unlike other razors in this article, this device has a nose and ear attachment to trim away unwanted nose and ear hair. It has great battery life. It cleans easily, and it shaves really close to the skin.

Cons: Although it comes with so many trimming guards, there’s still plenty of other sizes that people need that don’t come with this razor. This somewhat limits the usefulness of this product. The sizes of the guards can also be hard to read. This model also has a poorly placed power button that will randomly turn off when you’re shaving at certain angles, so keep an eye on that.

Bottom Line: This is one of the best all-around razors on the market with plenty to offer. It has a great feel, it’s well-balanced, and it comes with a strong motor that will keep your razor charged for hours in a single charge. The nose and ear trimming attachment is a nice touch, plus the price is easy on the wallet.

Final Thoughts

An electric razor is a man’s own personal grooming buddy. Choose a razor that you’re comfortable with, that will tend to your every need, and that will complement your hairstyle. Look for razors that provide multiple combs and convenient features (like a cleaning station, for example), because this is great for the longevity of your machine and will save you money in the long run.

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