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The Best Electric Wine Openers

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🕚 Updated February 2022

Few things are worse than fishing pieces of cork out of a glass of your favorite wine. Don't worry; there is finally a better way! If uncorking wine is getting you down, check out these fantastic electric wine openers.

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Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener
Electric Wine Opener
Electric Wine Opener
Wine Gift Set
Electric Wine Opener
Our SummaryThis sleek electric wine opener sports impressive power for its budget-friendly price.Featuring a quiet operating volume and stellar design, this electric wine opener is a best-seller for a reason.This electric wine opener stands out thanks to its brushed stainless steel design and amazing battery life.This gift set comes with a reliable wine opener as well as handy tools to help preserve and enhance your wine tasting.This budget-friendly electric wine opener runs on AA batteries for your convenience.
ProsGreat price, sleek design, includes foil cutter, great for parties, works quickly.Easy to use, quiet operation, stainless steel construction, built to last.Awesome battery life, intuitive design, powerful and effective, attractive modern design.Easy-to-use design, includes awesome accessories, great gift for wine lovers, quiet operating volume.Affordable price, multiple style options, easy to use and store, includes foil cutter.
ConsLess intuitive than other models.Mediocre charging stand.Uncorks wine a little slowly.Expensive.Less powerful than other models.
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The Best Electric Wine Openers

Gray electric corkscrew made of metal lies next to a bottle of wine, aerators and a vacuum stopper on black fabric.
Iurii Korolev/Shutterstock.com

Electric wine openers are a popular way to uncork wine with dependable results and minimal effort. If you’re looking for an effortless and affordable solution to cracking open your favorite wine after grabbing a bottle from your wine cooler, you’ve come to the right place.

Buying Guide for Electric Wine Openers

Electric wine opener gift set sitting on coffee table next to bottles of wine in modern living room.

Why buy an electric wine opener?

While there are various types of wine openers on the market, from simple corkscrews to multifunctional wine openers, nothing beats the simplicity of an electric wine opener. These nifty products allow you to uncork wine at the touch of a button and are adept at recorking your wine so that you can enjoy it later. The best part is that electric wine openers minimize strain on your hands and wrists while minimizing the likelihood of breaking the cork and ruining your wine.

What should you look for in an electric wine opener?

  • Ease of Use: Although electric wine openers tend to be incredibly easy to use, some models are more intuitive to pick up and use than others. If guests at your home will be using your electric wine opener, it’s best to purchase a foolproof model that requires no guesswork. Misusing some electric wine openers can jeopardize your wine as well as the wine opener, so investing in an easy-to-use model is a good idea.
  • Battery Life: If you will be using your electric wine opener for parties or work, it is a wise choice to invest in a model with good battery life. While some models feature batteries that are drained after opening around 20 bottles, others can easily double that output without breaking a sweat. Models that use disposable or rechargeable batteries instead of an integrated rechargeable battery are also a great choice.
  • Extras: Many electric wine openers come with handy extra features that are perfect for wine lovers. Most include nifty foil cutters that prepare your bottle to be opened. Some even include next-level additions such as vacuum preservers and wine stoppers so that you can enjoy a bottle of wine for days without any drop in quality.

What are some other things to consider before buying an electric wine opener?

Although electric wine openers are pretty simple devices, there are several more factors to consider before choosing the model that’s right for you. One factor that often goes overlooked is corkscrew length. You’ll want the corkscrew to be at least 1.75 inches long to prevent your wine opener from breaking the cork and leaving its residue in your wine. Also, finding a gentle yet powerful model that effectively opens the wine bottle without shaking its contents will help preserve the taste of your wine.

Our Picks for the Best Electric Wine Openers

Pros: The Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener is a stellar option for most people, featuring a sleek, compact design and price tag that is hard to beat. This electric wine opener is reasonably powerful for the price and works quicker than similar budget models. It also sports an impressive battery life, which lasts long enough to uncork around 30 bottles of wine. This makes it a perfect option for those who throw parties where the wine flows like water.

Cons: While this electric wine opener is great at what it does, it might be somewhat less intuitive than other models. Many reviewers have noted that their device did not work properly until they took the time to read the instructions. Since using a device like this incorrectly can potentially break it, those who purchase this product should definitely read the instructions before taking it out for a spin.

Bottom Line: In terms of style and performance, it would be hard to find a better electric wine opener than this one at its current price point. While this model might not be the easiest to pick up and use, it’s hard to argue with the results when it is taken care of and used properly.


Best Design

Secura Electric Wine Opener

Featuring a quiet operating volume and stellar design, this electric wine opener is a best-seller for a reason.

Pros: Featuring an attractive stainless steel design that is as easy to use as it is effective, the Secura Electric Wine Opener scores points in terms of build quality and performance. This sturdy electric wine opener feels very robust for the price and operates incredibly quietly given its impressive power. This model also sports a high-capacity rechargeable battery, making it great for both entertaining and having a quiet night in.

Cons: While this product features an amazing overall design, its charger isn’t quite on par with the wine opener. Some have noted that charging the unit is slightly more complicated than they would like since the wine opener needs to be nested just right in order to charge. Thankfully, the product’s gorgeous LEDs illuminate when charging, so it’s easy to tell when the device is nested correctly.

Bottom Line: Those seeking a discreet and sturdy electric wine opener will find a lot to love in this offering from Secura. While this device’s charger keeps it from winning our Top Choice award, it’s still a stellar pick that is every bit as functional as it is stylish.


Popular Brand

Cuisinart Electric Wine Opener

This electric wine opener stands out thanks to its brushed stainless steel design and amazing battery life.

Pros: Featuring a battery life that surpasses most other rechargeable electric wine openers, this offering from Cuisinart is an excellent choice for your next party or catering gig. It’s also one of the sleekest products out there, thanks to its brushed stainless steel design and matching charging dock. This product also impresses in terms of its powerful, effective motor that never feels like it’s struggling while it’s diligently performing its function.

Cons: They say “slow and steady wins the race,” but this product’s slow uncorking speed may turn some away. Realistically, it only works a few seconds slower than other top wine openers, but those who are used to speedier products might take a while to adjust to their new device.

Bottom Line: Many people swear by Cuisinart for outfitting their kitchen, and this electric wine opener shows why. While this product is a bit pricier than similar models, its design and battery are a definite step up from your average electric wine opener. It’s also incredibly reliable, making it well worth the investment.


Best Gift Set

Ivation Wine Gift Set

This gift set comes with a reliable wine opener as well as handy tools to help preserve and enhance your wine tasting.

Pros: Featuring almost everything needed to make a wine lover’s weekend dreams come true, the Ivation Wine Gift Set stands apart from the competition by virtue of its next-level accessories. This electric wine opener works quietly and reliably and is packaged with an aerator pourer and vacuum preserver to enhance your wine tasting. It’s also incredibly intuitive, so you won’t have to struggle to learn how to use any of the components of this gift set.

Cons: Although this product comes with plenty to offer in terms of quality and nifty accessories, some may find the ensemble to be a little overpriced, especially if they are primarily in the market for an electric wine opener. All things considered, those who don’t care for the extra bells and whistles can probably find a more well-rounded wine opener and save a few dollars for their trouble.

Bottom Line: While this may not be the best choice for a casual wine drinker, experienced wine lovers will love the extra touches that go into this gift set. Its aerator pourer and vacuum preserver are worth the cost themselves.


Best Black Design

COKUNST Electric Wine Opener

This budget-friendly electric wine opener runs on AA batteries for your convenience.

Pros: For those wanting to save a little money, the COKUNST Electric Wine Opener features a few stylish color choices and is incredibly easy to use. It also uses AA batteries, so you’ll never run out of power when you need it as long as you’ve stocked up on batteries. This product is one of the most compact electric wine openers out there. Its included foil cutter nests into the wine opener’s base for easy storage.

Cons: This budget-friendly electric wine opener does come with some disadvantages. For one, it is less powerful than some other models and occasionally seems to struggle when removing a cork. Also, unless you invest in rechargeable AA batteries, the cost of replacing batteries every so often will add to your total cost of investment.

Bottom Line: While this isn’t the most powerful electric wine opener you will use, it performs admirably given its bargain price point. Also, despite its limited power, it’s still an instant upgrade over using a corkscrew, especially for those with arthritis.

Final Thoughts

Luckily for wine lovers, there are plenty of high-quality electric wine openers on the market, including some budget-friendly options that cost less than a bottle of your favorite wine. That being said, not all products age like fine wine. By doing your research, you’ll be more likely to find a great electric wine opener that serves you well for years to come.

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