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The Best Electrical Outlets for Every Home

an electrical outlet in the wall next to a couch and side table

If you are a homeowner or manage multiple properties, then at some point, you will need to replace your electrical outlets. That’s because older electrical fixtures are error-prone and not nearly as energy-efficient as some of the newer products. Now is the time for you to raise your standards and rid yourself of any faulty outlets. Investing in updated equipment will go a long in promoting everyone’s safety and well-being.

Purchasing Electrical Outlets

Here are some of the key features with every electrical outlet:

  • Safety: It is now impossible to tamper with most electrical outlets because they feature protective coverings that prevent you from shocking yourself. Also, many of the units are incredibly intuitive and provide you with continuous ground fault protection. Some of the more advanced outlets are also fire-resistant and can hold up in harsh conditions.
  • Simple Design: Electrical outlets are now easy to replace and install, even if you lack experience in doing the work yourself. Standard installations usually only take minutes to complete, and almost every outlet is sold with wall plates included.
  • Reliability: Engineered with performance in mind, newer electrical outlets are now incredibly resistant to corrosion, and you can install them in a wide range of settings. Newer units are also a lot more long-lasting; they can withstand a lot of use without experiencing any issues or breakdowns. Some wall plates are also made of unbreakable polycarbonate, which ensures greater durability and protection. Look for these features in a new outlet.

Best Overall: Leviton SmartlockPro Outlet

a white electrical outlet with a reset and test button in the center

This electrical outlet is a game-changer. It features a tamper-resistant shutter that will prevent young kids from shocking themselves. Its intuitive design makes it much easier to install, and you have test/reset buttons to check and regulate your power supply. This ensures that you can detect any hazardous electrical faults that can occur due to damage to the wiring.

Best Overall

Best Power Capacity: TOPGREENER 3-Port USB Wall Outlet

An electrical outlet with three USB ports in the center of two three-prong ports

Electrical outlets can now accommodate your needs in terms of output. This unit features three USB ports for optimal charging speeds for your smartphone and different devices. It is also accurate at providing ideal electrical efficiency no matter what you plug into it. This electrical outlet also has tamper-resistant shutters to ensure greater safety for everyone.

Optimal Safety: 20-Amp Outlet by ANKO

an electrical outlet with a white border and test and reset buttons in the center that are red and black

If you want to prioritize safety when replacing your outlets, then this is the best option for you. You can’t tamper with it, thanks to a special receptacle, and it periodically undergoes self-testing to ensure that your outlet is responding to a ground fault. This ensures greater protection by preventing corrosion, discoloration, and aging in your electrical wiring.

Best Value Pack: AbboTech Standard Wall Outlet

10 simple electrical outlets lined up, one has a larger view

This value set comes with 10 electrical outlets that are safe to use, reliable, and you can install them just about anywhere. They are made of a fire-resistant material and feature other premium components that will prevent any potential hazards. With a smart and compact design, they are easy to install and perfect for home renovations.

Most Affordable: Leviton White Duplex Receptacle

A basic white electric outlet with two three-prong ports

If you are searching for an affordable and budget-friendly replacement, then look no further. This outlet consists of rust-resistant steel for better durability and electrical efficiency. It offers an incredibly long service life, thanks to its ultrasonic heavy-duty construction. You can install this product in homes, schools, and commercial facilities.

Most Affordable
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