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The Best Embroidery Kits for Beginners

Close-up view of a floral headed women in an embroidery hoop with samples of thread below

Embroidery kits make for a great activity that uses imagination and dexterity. With these kits, you can create delicate projects to enjoy as decoration or give as a gift. Here are some of the best for beginners wanting to get into embroidery.

What to Consider in an Embroidery Kit

Here’s what to know before you buy:

  • Design: Consider if the kit has a premade design to follow a pattern or a blank canvas. Beginners would likely be most successful with patterns and instructions.
  • Tools: Determine if the kit comes with everything you need, such as needles, fabric, thread, etc.
  • Size: Consider if the embroidery hoop and fabric included are large enough for your intended design.

Top Pick: Caydo Full Range of Embroidery Starter Kit

A complete kit for embroidery including 50 colored threads, hoops, and tools

This embroidery kit is equipped with all the tools you need, including embroidery hoops, thread, white cotton sewing fabric, threading tools, embroidery needles, thimble, untwist tools, and instructions. The five embroidery hoops have brass adjustment screws, so you can tighten the fabric. The kit includes three sizes of embroidery needles and 50 colors of thread.

Most Unique Design: Harimau Beginner Embroidery Kit

Overview of three flower headed women with embroidery thread samples around it

This kit includes three floral women designs/patterns made with special ink that will disappear after contact with water. The kit includes three embroidery hoops, three sets of soft embroidery threads, six embroidery needles, a pair of scissors, and instructions for each piece. The hoops are adjustable with a screw to make the fabric tighter. The embroidery pattern can be framed in round, plastic embroidery hoops as a decoration or gift.

Best Floral Design: Caydo 3 Sets Embroidery Starter Kit

three floral embroidery hoops

This package includes both white, black, and blue cotton fabrics for three different botanical garden designs. This kit has embroidery hoops, scissors, needles, and threads included. The instructions are suitable for beginners, teaching you how to deal with the embroidery floss, printed pattern, and how to frame embroidery once complete.

Best Bag Design: Black Canvas Tote Bag Embroidery Kit for Beginners

A tote bag with floral embroidery, below it three close-up views of the floral embroidery

This kit has everything you need to embroider a tote bag, including an embroidery hoop, a canvas tote, a printed pattern, embroidery string, scissors, instructions, needles, and a threader. This fun set allows you to complete a pretty and unique tote bag, which can be used for many things. This craft kit has a unique color guide pattern, which helps embroidery beginners. It can be soaked in water after embroidering to remove the print.

Also Great: Santune Embroidery Starter Kit with Patterns

Three embroidery hoops with floral patterns and hanging plants

This floral embroidery kit includes three patterns with flowers and plants. The three different embroidery styles will let you experience more technique, and the pattern washes away after completion. This set comes complete with a bamboo embroidery hoop, cloth patterns, needles, and threads.

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