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The Best Erasable Pens for Imperfect Writers

On the left, a person filling in a bubble on a test sheet. In the center a person erasing words on a calendar. On the right, a person erasing part of an owl drawing.

Pens are great for creating clean lines that stand out. The multitude of color make notes clearer and almost never smudge. But, when you make a mistake, it means crossing it out or starting over. Not with erasable ink!

Designed for those of us who like to write with a pen but also sometimes make an occasional mistake, erasable pens are equipped with an erasable ink that won’t smudge when writing and can be neatly erased as though it were a pencil. Here are some fantastic erasable pens we recommend.

Purchasing Erasable Pens

An erasable pen should be erasable (of course, right?), but there are a few other things you should also consider:

  • Color: If colored ink is acceptable, then write in as much color as you can handle! Consider a pack with a rainbow of hues, as they can help you color-code your work with ease. If black or blue is preferred, then make sure the pack of pencils you choose has those colors. These colors are often more accepted in formal workplaces and on tests.
  • Point: From fine to medium to ballpoint, the point of the pen typically will come down to personal preference and how you are planning to use the pen.
  • Grips: Great on any writing device, proper grips are not always necessary for a secure hold. If you plan on doing a lot of writing, grips can save your finger from the soreness that comes from consistent use.
  • Eraser Included: If the eraser is included — great! If not, be sure you are prepared to purchase an eraser that will erase the pen ink.

Best Overall: PILOT FriXion Clicker Erasable Gel Ink Pens

Colorful erasable pens in translucent brand package.

Available in assorted pack styles, these clicker gel pens feature an erasing tip with a comfortable grip. They easily retract and are refillable with ten vibrant colors (including black and blue). The ink is designed to write smoothly and erase cleanly.

Best Overall

PILOT FriXion Clicker Erasable Gel Ink Pens

These colorful pens have an eraser tip, a comfortable grip, and a clip.

Best Black Ballpoint: Paper Mate Erasemate Ballpoint Pens

The white, blue, and red box of Paper Mate erasable pens with a black pen displayed beside it.
Paper Mate

This pen is designed with a pressurized ink cartridge that allows you to write from any angle while the medium point and erasable black ink create clear lines. There is a convenient carry clip, and the eraser is built right into the pen, so there is no searching when you need to correct. The medium point is great for writing almost anything, from plans to notes to anything in between, and there are multiple pack sizes as well as colors.

Best Black Ballpoint

Paper Mate Erasemate Ballpoint Pens

These pens are designed to write for both left and right-handed folks and comes with the eraser built-in.

Best Fine Point: PILOT FriXion Fineliner Erasable Marker Pens

A line of colorful erasable pens on white background.

Great for anything from journals to notes to doodles, these fine point marker pens have a unique thermo-sensitive ink formula that is designed to not wear on paper and easily erase if needed. The pen lines are crisp and come in 12 sharp colors that are great for home, school, or the office. The erasers are built right into the cap and match the color of the pen.

Best Fine Point

PILOT FriXion Fineliner Erasable Marker Pens

A fine point marker pen with a built-in eraser that offers multiple colors that won't ruin your paper.

Best Design: BunMo Erasable Pens

Baby ocean animal-themed erasable pens in a light blue package.

These adorably designed pens can make studying, writing, or drawing more fun for your kiddo (or you). Each pen features a cute baby ocean animal design with ink that is easily erasable! There is both blue and black ink, and there is a convenient clickable design that writes like a gel pen but erases like a pencil!

Best Design

BunMo Erasable Pens

Including blue ink with replaceable black ink cartridges, these pens have a cute animal topper and easily erase.

Best Luxury: ETCBUYS Erasable Pen

Five blue erasable pens in a line on white background.

This pack of six pens is designed to have the perfect ratio between a lightweight and comfortable feel for more relaxed and graceful writing. The ink easily erases and glides onto paper, and there is a soft grip. The eraser is attached right to the pen, making these pens great for anything from scrapbooking and sketching to diaries and business plans.

Best Luxury

ETCBUYS Erasable Pen

Designed to give a smooth writing experience on anything from diaries and journals to calendars and business reminders.

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