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The Best Essential Oil Roller Bottles to Help Your Ailments

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Essential oils are long believed to be some of the best cures for ailments, from sore muscles to headaches to nausea and just about anything in between. Roller bottles have become the preferred way to apply essential oils because they allow the right amount of oil to be applied to just the right area without any extra mess and are easy to mix into carrier oils. Here are some we recommend.

Purchasing Essential Oil Roller Bottles

What makes essential oil roller bottles so great? There are a few key things you can check for to make sure you’re getting the best roller bottle out there:

  • Material: Tinted glass (blue or amber) is generally the preferred bottle material, but some are made of plastic or stainless steel. Stainless steel or gemstones are the most preferred material for the roller.
  • Inner Additionals: Some roller bottles come with crystals inside to mix with your oil for added health benefits such as easing anxiety. They also help make sure your oils don’t separate.
  • Size: Depending on how much you plan to use your roller bottles or choose to travel with them, the size can be important.
  • UVA/UVB Protection: Ensure the roller offers both UVA and UVB protection so that no sunlight can damage your essential oils.
  • Bulk: Plan on using a lot of different oils for different remedies? Then perhaps you should get a larger quantity of bottles.

Best Overall: BonyTek Glass Bottles

amber-colored glass set of roller and spray oil bottles.

These amber bottles not only include roller bottles but are also great for aromatherapy! Thanks to their dark color, the bottles are UV protected and are not affected by any strong oils such as citrus. They are all BPA- and lead-free and completely reusable to help reduce chemicals in your home. Also available in blue or clear, this bottle set includes two 16-ounce spray bottles with two black trigger sprayers, 10 bottles with mist sprayers, 16 black chalk labels, 24 blank white labels, 12 10-milliliter roller bottles with one bottle opener, one cleaning brush, two 1-milliliter plastic dropper, and two essential oil plastic funnels.

Best Overall

Best Stainless Steel: MP Ultimate Essential Oil Roller Bottler

eight rose gold essential oil roller bottles, four with gold lids on, and four with gold lids resting next to them; there are other accessories in the background

This leakproof and corrosion-resistant set comes in a six-piece of blue and an eight-piece of rose gold bottles. The roller balls are completely stainless steel and perfect for use with essential oils, perfumes, or other liquids. The glass color protects your oils from any harmful light, and they are sized perfectly for travel. The bottle firmly snaps on and is easily removable. The glass is also shock-resistant, and the set includes some free accessories: a funnel, a cap remover, an extra roller bottle, and 192 label stickers!

Best Large Set: Maredash Glass Roller Bottles

Large display of dark amber colored roller bottles.

This set of glass roller bottles includes 60 10-milliliter essential oil bottles with stainless steel rollers and 60 labels, four bottle openers, two funnels, three droppers, one brush, and five extra roller balls. The bottles made of thick amber glass are anti-ultraviolent and anti-volatilization. They are great for making oil blends for your face or body and are designed to be both leakproof and anti-corrosion.

Best Colorful: INICE 24 (10 mL) THICK Glass Roller Bottles

Rainbow colored roller bottles in front of white box.

The stainless steel roller balls are corrosion resistant and perfect for applying just about any essential oil. The thick glass protects your oils from UV rays and quick volatilization, and the size makes them ideal for traveling so that you always have the oils you need. The set includes 24 roller bottles, 24 steel roller balls, three droppers, one bottle opener, one funnel, and 24 labels.

Best with Crystals: Eileen & Elisa 10 mL Roll-on Bottle with Gemstones

Neatly lined up wooden topped roller bottles with inner crystals.

This set of roller bottles is equipped with 10 colorful gemstones: lapis lazuli, green aventurine, rose quartz, clear quartz, colorful fluorite, black obsidian, sodalite, tiger eye, red jasper, and amethyst. Each lid is made of shockproof and environmentally friendly bamboo that keeps oxygen out of your oil and stops volatilization. The bottles are filled with tumbled gemstones that help prevent your essential oil mixtures from separating and can store just about anything from essential oils to cosmetics to perfume.

Best with Crystals

Wresty 10ml Roll On Bottle With Gemstone Rollerball&Crystal Chips Inside,10 Packs Glass Roller Bottles Essential Oil Sample Bottles(Bamboo Lids)

Ideal for just about anything, these glass bottles have crystals to promote easier oil mixing and stop separation.

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