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The Best Exercise Balls for Hamsters

hamster rolling in a clear plastic exercise ball on a table by a book

Like people, animals need exercise, even the smaller animals like hamsters! A good hamster cage will have an exercise wheel, but that can get boring. Hamster balls can be a perfect option to get your pet moving and give them a change of scenery. Plus, a ball comes in handy when you clean the cage and want to ensure your critter doesn’t sneak away. Here are some great hamster exercise balls we recommend for your pet.

Selecting a Hamster Ball

Here’s what you’ll want to consider:

  • Size: Not everyone knows that hamsters vary in size. Syrian hamsters range from 5 to 9 inches long, while dwarf hamsters average about 2 inches in length. Small hamsters may become disoriented in larger balls, and larger hamsters will feel cramped in smaller balls. Do your research or talk to your veterinarian before you select a ball.
  • Ball Color: Some hamsters experience stress if placed in darker-colored balls. Dark colors absorb more heat. You don’t want your pet to overheat, so err on the side of caution. Plus, the lighter-colored balls allow for better viewing. It’s fun to watch a hamster run!
  • Ventilation: Imagine how you’d feel if you were placed in a plastic ball with no holes for air. Then, imagine running around like that. Yes, it’s essential that the ball you choose has several holes or slits that bring in fresh air. Inadequate airflow can lead to dehydration and overheating.

Best Overall: Lee’s Kritter Krawler Standard Exercise Ball, 7-Inch

Lee’s Kritter Krawler is ribbed inside to give your hamster ideal gripping power. This means that as your hamster runs around, the ball gathers momentum. Keep your eye on the ball and the ball on the carpet and away from walls. While it is well-ventilated and made of shatter-resistant plastic, hamsters don’t enjoy sudden stops.

While hamsters react negatively to being stuck in a ball for extended periods of time, exercise is a must! You might be surprised to know that hamsters, like humans, are prone to weight gain and diabetes. While the ideal hamster cage offers fun options to encourage activity, hamsters can still get bored. This ball is useful, too, as you need a place to put your pet while you clean their cage.

Best Overall

Lee's Kritter Krawler Standard Exercise Ball, 7-Inch, Colored , Colors may Vary

This hamster exercise ball is shatter-resistant and well-ventilated.

Best for Safety: Kaytee Run-About 7″ Hamster Exercise Ball, Moon Glow

a hamster poking out of the door of a clear plastic hamster ball

The Moon Glow Run-About hamster ball gives both you and your pet the opportunity to release pent-up energy. You can do jumping jacks or chase your hamster while it runs around in this safe, 7-inch-diameter exercise ball. Seriously, this could be a good setup. By the time you tire out, your hamster will need a break from the ball. Hamsters can overheat and become disoriented if left inside too long. Perhaps a more likely scenario: you clean the cage while they get a vacation from their habitat. Just place your pet inside and turn the lid to lock.

Best for Safety

Kaytee 7" Moon Glow Run-About Exercise Ball For Pet Hamsters & Gerbils

This hamster ball is a great option for giving your pet a break from its habitat or a safe place to exercise.

Best for Tiny Hamsters: emours Running Wheel Mini

hamster inside of a clear plastic ball with two blue side panel doors

This ball is for tiny hamsters like the dwarf hamster, so check out a different ball if you’re shopping for a larger pet. The emours Running Wheel Mini is pretty darn cute, like your hamster. The 4.7-inch ball is made with durable plastic.

It provides a fun getaway from the cage. Hamsters get bored and lazy, too. And it can be made into a temporary den as well. Just place soft material like toilet paper inside the ball and set it in a secure place where it won’t roll over. Be cautious about how much toilet paper you use, as you don’t want to overcrowd your pet.

Before you place your little guy or gal inside, be sure you’ve correctly assembled the ball. The ball has two hemispheres. First, align the hemispheres by correctly positioning the four buckles in place. Then turn the pieces clockwise to lock them. Oh, and your order includes two balls: one orange, the other blue!

Best for Tiny Hamsters

Emours Running Wheel Mini 4.8 inch Small Animal Dwarf Hamster Run Exercise Ball, Pack of 2, Small

These two hamster balls are reliable options for tiny little friends.

Most Innovative Design: Kaytee Critter Cruiser Small Animal Toy

a hamster wheel built inside of a little toy carThe Critter Cruiser looks totally ridiculous, but seriously, give it a chance. Your hamster can experience a thrilling ride on this multifunctional toy owing to the adjustable racing wheel. It works in three different positions. When the wheel is in the top position, your hamster can spin around in a stationary position. In the second position, the cruiser functions like a regular exercise ball. Your pet can explore the safe spaces of your home, and you can watch them zoom around!

If you want to really treat your furry friend to an all-out fun and safer ride, adjust the wheel to the lowest position and place the ball on Kaytee’s Hamtrac raceway that’s sold separately. They can race round and round in a grooved, sturdy track without rolling off or bumping into walls and furniture.

The cruiser’s dimensions are 6 by 12 by 9 inches for larger hamsters. Choose your color from Racing Red, Passing Pink, Lightning Yellow, and Blazing Blue!

Most Innovative Design

Kaytee Critter Cruiser Pet Powered Exercise Car for Hamsters and Gerbils

This hamster ball that looks like a car is a unique way for your hamster to get some exercise.

Best Light-Up Ball: MXiiXM Silent Hamster Ball

hamster inside a clear and blue plastic exercise ball that's held still by a hand

Experienced hamster owners may doubt the existence of a silent hamster ball. While rolling along indoors, hamster balls frequently crash into walls, doors, and furniture. This ball will prove them wrong. And it lights up!

To assemble, install the two coin cell batteries inside each of the lids. Next, align the two hemispheres, and insert and tighten the four screws that secure the hemispheres together. Once completed, put one of the lids in place and turn to lock. Finally, put your pet inside and close the second lid! It’s the soft, plastic lids that work like bumpers to give your hamster a quiet ride.

Now for the cool factor. The lights activate when the ball moves at 0.3 meters per second and faster. They don’t glow but flash as your hamster gets their much-needed exercise.

Note: The MXiiXM ball is for the tiniest of hamsters. It’s only 4.92 inches in diameter—great for dwarf hamsters!

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