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The Best Exercise Dice

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🕚 Updated October 2022

Exercising with the same old routine and workout machines gets tiring after a while. It can get tough finding new ways to freshen up your workout schedule. Try these exercise dice to offer an element of surprise and excitement in your workout.

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  Best for Kids Best for Beginners Most Advanced Best for Yoga Most Versatile
Exercise Dice
Exercise Dice (6-Sided)
Workout Dice
Chronicle Books
Yoga Dice: 7 Wooden Dice
Exercise Dice
Our SummaryGive the kids a brain break from school or put their energy to useful fun with these exercise dice.Keep your fitness journey fun and exciting with these exercise dice.Add spontaneity and variety to your workouts with this four-pack of workout dice.Use these dice to add activity and relaxation into your day.Get a heart-pounding HIIT workout or unwind with a yoga workout, thanks to this versatile dice set.
Pros✓ One die with reps, the other with gross motor movements
✓ Easy and fun for kids to toss
✓ Encourage gross motor development and boost confidence
✓ One die has rep counts, one has bodyweight exercises
✓ Carrying bag and exercise guide
✓ Great way to keep workouts fresh
✓ 18 bodyweight movements, one die is for repetitions
✓ Water-resistant
✓ Easy to clean
✓ Great variety
✓ Seven wooden dice include poses and stretches
✓ Large illustrations make them easy to see
✓ Container can help roll the dice
✓ Includes pose and stretching guide
✓ 24 body weight HIIT movements, 12 yoga poses
✓ Great variety
✓ Includes carrying case
✓ Includes workout guide
Cons✗ Only geared toward young kids
✗ Keep away from pets
✗ Requires two hands to toss both dice✗ Movements may be too advanced for some
✗ No workout guide or carrying bag
✗ Best suited for someone familiar with yoga✗ Not all the poses and exercises are described well
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The Best Exercise Dice

A water bottle next to two neon yellow exercise dice--one reads 30 seconds, the other reads crunches.
Karen Culp/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Exercise Dice

Three pictures of different people using exercise dice to do different exercises.

Why should you buy exercise dice?

Exercise dice are a great way to add variety and fun to workouts. Whether you work out at home regularly or want to make exercise more fun for kids, they add a fun element to fitness for people of all ages and experience levels.

What should you consider when shopping for exercise dice?

  • Combinations: Exercise dice are a way to transform and rejuvenate your workout routine, so you want to make sure you spice it up with the most combinations possible. A six-sided die is common; however, if you’re looking for that extra push and excitement, get a 12-sided die or a set of multiple dice. The more combos you have, the more varied and dynamic your routine becomes.
  • Fitness Level: Some dice are great for kids with basic movements that they can take part in. Some offer more advanced exercises to challenge every part of the body. Some are full of yoga poses. Versatile dice that can cover the most amount of fitness levels should be highly considered.

Is there a specific way you have to play to get a good workout?

One of the best things about the workout dice is that it takes the guesswork out of programming a decent workout. When it comes to the workout dice, whatever effort you put in is how good your workout will be. You can choose to set a time limit or determine how many turns you or a workout buddy get to roll the dice. It will be helpful to have a watch or timer nearby to keep track of the time because several workout dice include seconds or minutes as a repetition option. For example, you might roll: 30 seconds of squats or 2 minutes of running, etc.

Our Picks for the Best Exercise Dice

Best for Kids

Kidnasium Exercise Dice

Give the kids a brain break from school or put their energy to useful fun with these exercise dice.

Pros: One die features numbers, while the other has a variety of gross motor movements to engage kids in fun physical activity. Kids get to toss the dice to discover what their movements will be, and the fun only continues while they jump, take giant steps, or walk like a crab. The dice are easy for little hands to hold, and they roll around with just enough bounce for a fun chase.

Cons: They can break if chewed on, and are attractive to pets and babies alike, so be sure those family members don’t get a hold of them unsupervised.

Bottom Line: These exercise dice are an easy and fun way for kids to burn energy without driving their parents crazy. Instead, join in on the fun to burn a few extra calories, laugh, and bond with your kiddo. The gross motor movements are not only great energy busters, but they can help build strength, coordination, and confidence in young kiddos.


Best for Beginners

SPRI Exercise Dice (6-Sided)

Keep your fitness journey fun and exciting with these exercise dice.

Pros: These two foam dice are easy to take with you inside, to the park, on vacation, or to a friend’s house for a fun workout. They also come with a carrying case, making them even more user-friendly. On one die is a variety of rep counts: 30, 60, and 90 seconds, and 10, 20, and 30 repetitions. On the other die is a variety of functional bodyweight movements that will increase your heart rate and help you build muscle. Rolling them provides an endless amount of combinations to keep exercise spontaneous and fun. The dice also come with an exercise guide with picture demonstrations of the movements.

Cons: With two dice, you will need to use two hands each time you toss them.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re new to your fitness program, are trying to inspire your kids, or want to freshen up your routine, these dice can give almost anyone a fun and effective workout. The manageable repetitions and variety of body weight exercises are accommodating to fitness enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels. The carrying case makes these exercise dice easy to tote around, so you never have to miss your chance to stay healthy and have a fun workout.


Most Advanced

Skywin Workout Dice

Add spontaneity and variety to your workouts with this four-pack of workout dice.

Pros: With four dice to create your workout, you’ll have tons of variety in your movements. One die covers the rep counts: 30, 60, 90 seconds or 10, 20, 30 repetitions. The other three dice include 18 different bodyweight movements. The dice are water-resistant, so you can easily keep them clean, and they won’t get stinky if sweat drips on them from your heart-pounding workout.

Cons: These dice are more advanced and may include movements that beginners are not ready to do safely. They do not come with a carrying bag.

Bottom Line: These exercise dice come in a pack of four, so they have an extensive range of movements and repetitions to keep your workouts varied and fun. They are waterproof, which makes them easy to clean, and they won’t soak up sweat.


Best for Yoga

Chronicle Books Yoga Dice: 7 Wooden Dice

Use these dice to add movement and stretching into your day.

Pros: Create your own yoga routine without having to plan it with these yoga dice. This pack includes seven wooden dice, allowing for plenty of sequences. The dice include seated, standing, balancing, twists, and other types of poses, so you’re sure to find a new pose or stretch to challenge yourself. The container can be used to shake and spill the dice, and it also comes with a guide that shows and discusses the proper positioning, so you can learn the poses.

Cons: These might be better suited for someone who is at least somewhat experienced with yoga.

Bottom Line: If you’re a regularly practicing yogi or want to get back into a routine, these yoga dice can help add variety and versatility to your practice. With so many poses to roll, the sequences are endless. A more experienced yogi will understand how to sequence each roll for a natural flow. The dice come with a guide that illustrates and explains the poses, which is helpful for less experienced users.


Most Versatile

Alexanta Exercise Dice

Get a heart-pounding HIIT workout or unwind with a yoga workout, thanks to this versatile dice set.

Pros: The two orange dice have 24 bodyweight HIIT workout options with repetitions for each exercise, while the green die has 12 yoga poses and stretches, giving you a variety of workout options. This set of dice comes with a mesh bag for easy portability and an illustrated guide of exercises and workout options.

Cons: Experienced fitness or yoga enthusiasts may find the poses or exercises poorly described.

Bottom Line: Get the whole family or a group of friends together to enjoy a HIIT workout or yoga practice anywhere. This set of three dice and a workout guide all come in an easy-to-carry mesh bag. While the variety of activities is hard to beat, some of the exercises may be too difficult for those who don’t know the movements.

Final Thoughts

Workout dice are a great way to add spontaneity and variety to your workouts. They’re great for making exercise fun and appealing to kids and adults of all ages. Since there are so many different workout dice on the market, you can find a set that fits your workout needs and take it anywhere to stick to your program.

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