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The Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

🕚 Updated October 2022

Staying healthy is important at any age. Seniors can comfortably continue their health journey with the many pieces of exercise equipment that can increase their strength and mobility, relieve joint pain, and improve blood circulation.

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  Healthy Seniors
Chair Exercise Program
Healthy Seniors
Squeeze Balls for Hand Therapy
Stationary Pedal Exerciser
Pedal Exerciser Bike
TF2000 Recovery Fitness Walking Treadmill
Our SummaryThis complete program can get any senior started and growing in their health journey.Keeping fingers flexible and strong is important for seniors and easy to do with this exercise program.Easily customize your workout to get the relief and health benefits you’re looking for.This bike provides a full body workout to keep you healthy from the comfort of your own chair.Stay healthy by walking all year long with this treadmill that puts safety at the forefront.
Pros✓ Designed by physical therapists
✓ Portable
✓ Two levels of resistance
✓ Includes printed workouts
✓ Handles for extra grip
✓ Designed by physical therapists
✓ Includes four levels of resistance
✓ Comes with carrying bag
✓ Includes printed book of workouts
✓ 5-pound flywheel creates stability
✓ Handle for portability
✓ Can be used for arms and legs
✓ Knob turns easily to adjust intensity
✓ LCD display to track stats
✓ Lightweight
✓ Adjustable height
✓ Adjustable intensity
✓ Full body workout
✓ Soft foam handles
✓ Comes with anti-slip mat and strap for stability
✓ 5 inches off the ground
✓ Full length side rails
✓ Max speed is 5 mph
✓ LCD display
✓ Shock-absorbing deck
✓ Slow start speed
Cons✗ Bands are thin and must be used gently
✗ Connecting bands to handles can be difficult
✗ Differences in firmness aren't really noticeable✗ Requires assembly
✗ Instructions are not clear
✗ Requires assembly
✗ Instructions are not clear
✗ Can't be moved or folded to save space
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The Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

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Buying Guide for Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Smiling older woman exercising with a purple elastic band at a white gym.
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Why should you buy exercise equipment geared toward seniors?

Instead of being intimidated by mainstream exercise equipment, consider the equipment that is specially designed to gently improve your health and fitness. Equipment for seniors is lightweight, so it’s easy to maneuver and low-impact, so it will be beneficial for all the body’s systems rather than causing stress on the body. Many options are either designed for use while sitting or have features that keep you safe while standing.

What should you consider when purchasing exercise equipment for seniors?

  • Type of Exercise & Benefits: One of the main considerations is what type of exercise you’re looking to do. If you want to increase the strength and mobility of your hands, consider hand therapy equipment. Bike pedal systems are a great way to increase blood circulation. Resistance bands are a gentle way to increase muscle strength. Treadmills provide a functional workout with a wide range of health benefits that can be used all year long.
  • Health Needs: Some seniors will consider exercise equipment for rehabilitation or when it’s recommended by a physical therapist. Many of the pieces of equipment in this post have either been designed or recommended by physical therapists. You can find options for both upper and lower extremities.
  • Portability: Equipment that is easy to move can be important for seniors who travel often or for those who want to use it in a common room but don’t want their exercise equipment to be out when others visit.

Should every senior consider exercise equipment?

Generally speaking, this list of equipment covers a wide range of health benefits for a variety of seniors. However, to be safe, it’s best to consider checking with your doctor or physical therapist to be sure they think the equipment is safe for your unique needs.

Our Picks for the Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Best Resistance Bands

Healthy Seniors Chair Exercise Program

This complete program can get any senior started and growing in their health journey.

Pros: This chair exercise program is designed specifically for seniors who need a gentle and low-impact workout. All you need at home is a sturdy chair! Included in this purchase is a book of printed workouts, two resistance bands, and handles for extra grip. The two different levels of resistance are great for progressions. The workouts are designed by a physical therapist and are low-impact, specifically addressing the concerns of elderly exercisers. This is also a very portable exercise program.

Cons: Getting the bands connected safely to the handles may take some practice. The bands are thin and may not last long if used frequently with intensity.

Bottom Line: These resistance bands with attachable handles are excellent for low-impact strength training from a chair. Use them at home or in a fitness class.


Best for Hand Exercises

Healthy Seniors Squeeze Balls for Hand Therapy

Keeping fingers flexible and strong is important for seniors and easy to do with this exercise program.

Pros: Hand exercises are incredibly important, especially for seniors. This hand therapy set includes four exercise eggs that range in firmness and a program to follow. It also comes with a convenient carrying bag to keep everything together. The exercises are purposeful and designed by a physical therapist. The exercise eggs are made of a premium composite silicone material that is odorless and latex-free and can be immersed in cold or hot water for therapeutic effects as well. The lightly textured exterior provides a secure, non-slip surface for gripping.

Cons: The range of the eggs’ firmness is quite small, and some people wanted a more noticeable difference between the softer three.

Bottom Line: These exercise eggs make hand therapy straightforward and enjoyable. The booklet of exercises is easy to understand, and the portability of the set makes it easy for seniors to keep up with their hand exercises no matter where they are.


Best for Seated Exercise

GOREDI Stationary Pedal Exerciser

Easily customize your workout to get the relief and health benefits you're looking for.

Pros: This stationary pedal exerciser stays in place thanks to the heavy flywheel. Sit and pedal it to help improve blood circulation and relieve muscle and joint fatigue. To adjust the intensity of your workout, you only need to turn a knob. The pedal exerciser can be used under a desk or table or while sitting on a couch. It can also be used on a sturdy table for the arms. It features a handle to simply carry it from one place to the next, wherever you want to do your exercising. The exerciser is equipped with an easy-to-read multifunctional LCD display that tracks time, distance, total rotation counts, and calories burned.

Cons: While this is a small piece of equipment, it still requires assembly, and unfortunately, the instructions aren’t very clear.

Bottom Line: The stationary pedal exerciser has a lot of promise. From increasing low-impact activity to improving blood circulation and relieving aches and pains, there are a lot of benefits to this compact and versatile piece of equipment. It can be used for the legs as well as the arms, and it’s easy to carry with a convenient handle. Before enjoying the benefits of this pedal exerciser, it does require assembly.


Best Exercise Bike

Nisdokr Pedal Exerciser Bike

This bike provides a full body workout to keep you healthy from the comfort of your own chair.

Pros: This lightweight exerciser bike is fully adjustable to provide the best low-impact workout for both the upper and lower extremities. There is a knob to adjust the height as well as a tension knob to customize the difficulty of your workouts. While this is a full-body piece of equipment, it is lightweight and easy to move out of the way when not in use. The handles feature soft foam, while the feet of the base have non-slip grips, so the bike is stable and safe to use. The exerciser bike also comes with a strap to attach to your chair and an anti-skid mat for extra stability.

Cons: The bike needs to be assembled, but the instructions are not the clearest to understand.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a piece of equipment that can work your upper and lower body simultaneously, this is a low-impact option that’s perfect for rehabilitation and regular health maintenance. Since the tension can be adjusted to fit your needs, this is a progressive piece of equipment that you won’t grow out of. The bike can be used securely with most stable chairs thanks to the extra strap and anti-slip mat for stability and the adjustable features. Once the bike is assembled, it’s easy to use and lightweight to move, but assembly might be tricky, especially since the instructions are not as clear as they could be.


Best Treadmill

EXERPEUTIC TF2000 Recovery Fitness Walking Treadmill

Stay healthy by walking all year long with this treadmill that puts safety at the forefront.

Pros: This treadmill includes several features making this a safe option for a very functional workout. The full-length side rails are important safety features for seniors to stay balanced or grab onto at any time during their walk. The low speed, a max of 5 miles per hour, makes it safe for seniors to use without accidentally going too fast. The treadmill is also only 5 inches off the ground, making it easy for seniors to step onto. It has 10 shock-absorbing cushions to reduce the impact on joints. You’ll be able to enjoy your walk thanks to its low noise. The backlit LCD display window features elapsed time, distance walked, calories burned, speed, and pulse information.

Cons: This treadmill takes up more space than other equipment and will need its own area since it does not fold or move easily.

Bottom Line: If you love a good walk and want a safe place to walk all year long, this treadmill is a great option. It includes several features that are perfectly designed for seniors to keep the workout low-impact, safe, and functional. While other treadmills may be able to fold or roll into a new place, this treadmill should stay in place once assembled.

Final Thoughts

These pieces of exercise equipment are great for helping those with mobility or strength limitations improve their overall health.

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