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The Best Explosion Boxes

🕚 Updated February 2023

If you're in the market for a great gift for a loved one, take some time to create a personalized gift that highlights your love for them, including photos of happy memories together. Check out our favorite explosion boxes below.

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  Best Overall Best with Lights Best Color Choices Best Pre-Assembled Best with Hearts
Explosion Box Set
Creative Explosion Box
Explosion Gift Large Box Set
Love Explosion Box
Explosion Box DIY Gift
Our SummaryBuild the perfect gift for your most treasured one with this large and intricate explosion box kit.For a special surprise, this unique explosion box includes sparkling lights.This large explosion box comes already assembled, so you can put together a personalized gift in no time!This heart-shaped box can be filled with photos and special trinkets for the person you love most.This explosion box has a hidden mini gift box at its core, so you can easily tuck away a special surprise for your loved one.
Pros✓ Larger than average
✓ Holds up to 60 photos
✓ Comes with tools and accessories
✓ Only box that comes with colored lights
✓ Larger gift box at center
✓ Holds up to 60 photos
✓ Extra large
✓ Comes fully assembled
✓ Accessories included
✓ Unique heart shape
✓ No assembly required
✓ Great for last-minute shoppers
✓ Three color choices
✓ Corners are heart-shaped
✓ Adorable accessories
Cons✗ Doesn't come with enough double-sided tape✗ Assembly directions are difficult for some
✗ May be time-consuming
✗ Only allows for small, nonstandard photo sizes✗ Mismatched accessories✗ Directions may be confusing for some
✗ Photo sizes are nonstandard
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The Best Explosion Boxes

A black explosion box filled with memorable photos and pink flowers.

Buying Guide for Explosion Boxes

A heart shaped gift box with a black ribbon held in tandem by a happy couple.

Why buy an explosion box?

An explosion box is not what it sounds like; it’s a safe and happy gift full of beautiful memories you can easily customize. It folds together like origami, then fans out when opened, surprising your loved one with whatever special surprises you put inside. You can pack a lifetime of fun memories and special moments into a uniquely made explosion box. These boxes display up to six layers of customized photos, notes, and decorations that will really wow the gift recipient.

What should you consider in an explosion box?

  • Photo Sizes: Each layer of the explosion boxes gets smaller in size as you reach the center. This means that your photos will not be the standard 4 by 6-inch dimensions and may require you to print special sizes or cut down the border of your favorite photos.
  • Number of Photos: Most standard explosion boxes hold 36 to 60 photos in total. Keep in mind that these will typically come in layers, which can each hold a different amount of photos as well.
  • Inner Box Size: Whether you are looking to hide a ring, watch, or flowers, remember that the trinket box at the center of these gifts reaches about 4 inches in length. Six-sided boxes allow for a little more wiggle room for soft items.

What are some extra decorations that are included in an explosion box?

If you want to add a custom touch to your box, consider choosing an explosion box with stickers, pens, and ribbon. Some boxes even offer upgrade options that include larger packs of stickers and colorful tape. Also, look for explosion boxes with special cards that can be hidden along with the photos.

Our Picks for the Best Explosion Boxes

Best Overall

Koogel Explosion Box Set

Build the perfect gift for your most treasured one with this large and intricate explosion box kit.

Pros: Get ready to wow your special someone with this larger-than-average explosion box. It can hold 36 to 60 of your favorite photos in varying sizes throughout its layers: The second layer holds 3.6 by 2.4-inch photos, the third layer holds 4.3 by 2.9-inch photos, the fourth layer holds 4.9 by 3-inch photos, and the fifth holds 5.9 by 4.9-inch photos. The kit also contains one roll of double-sided adhesive tape, ribbon, a heart-shaped card, 10 colored pens, two small rolls of photo-friendly adhesive tape, and stickers. And the box is made with thick black cardboard with a small gift box at its core.

Cons: You will need to purchase double-sided tape as the included tape will not be enough to adhere to 40 or more photos.

Bottom Line: With so many layers for photos, you have a ton of room to get creative. It comes equipped with all the accessories you need to make it as personal and unique as you want.


Best with Lights

ECTY Creative Explosion Box

For a special surprise, this unique explosion box includes sparkling lights.

Pros: At this time, this is the only explosion box that comes with colored lights, giving it a wow factor that other boxes don’t have. It has a larger-than-average gift box at the center, big enough to hide your partner’s favorite flowers or a larger gift, like a bracelet. It can hold up to 60 of your favorite smaller-sized photos, stickers, sports tickets, or other memorable items. The pack also comes with tape and a ribbon, so you don’t have to go out to the store and buy these items.

Cons: This box can be difficult for some people to assemble. It may be more time-consuming than some other options.

Bottom Line: This affordable explosion box features a larger-sized gift box at the center and a string of colorful lights, setting it apart from the competition. You’ll need to gather your own markers, glue, and other materials if the tape and ribbon are not enough for your project.


Best Color Options

Vienrose Explosion Gift Large Box Set

This large explosion box comes already assembled, so you can put together a personalized gift in no time.

Pros: This extra-large, multi-faceted explosion gift box comes fully assembled, saving you tons of time and headaches. All you need to do is add photos, stickers, or trinkets to personalize it. Fully expanded, this box measures a whopping 15.5 by 15 inches, displaying your photos in a hexagonal shape. This box has five layers and three pockets with a small gift box at the center, perfect for a ring, event tickets, or other fun surprises. The package includes six cards, fabric flowers, stickers, and a lovely ribbon.

Cons: Unfortunately, you may have to do some photo cropping. The photo sizes allowed in this box are not standard and are quite small.

Bottom Line: If you want a fully-assembled box that will save you time and effort, this one may be the way to go. It may be wise to choose smaller photos or to get creative with the way you print photos.


Best Pre-Assembled

RECUTMS Love Explosion Box

This heart-shaped box can be filled with photos and special trinkets for the person you love most.

Pros: This unique heart-shaped box contains three explosive layers to place your favorite photos, cards, and memories for an unforgettable surprise. There’s a small gift box at the center, perfect for hiding a ring or another small surprise. No assembly is required other than taping on or gluing in your favorite photos. And this box also contains nine cards, double-sided tape, faux sunflowers to make a bright and contrasting statement, stickers, and ribbon.

Cons: The accessories that come with this box are fairly mismatched to each other, so if you want a more cohesive design, you may consider picking a few things up from your local craft store.

Bottom Line: You can save a bunch of time with this fully-assembled explosion box. All you need to do is add pictures, and it fits wallet prints perfectly into its slots.


Best with Hearts

Wanateber Explosion Box DIY Gift

This explosion box has a hidden mini gift box at its core, so you can easily tuck away a special surprise for your loved one.

Pros: Unlike other explosion boxes, this one comes in three elegant color choices. When closed, this explosion box looks like a standard cube-shaped gift box, but when opened, it’s full of surprises! It comes with cards that can hold up to 20 photos. The layers fold out into heart shapes on the corners, adding an additional surprise perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, or a great Valentine’s Day gift. It also comes with ribbon, paper flowers, double-sided tape, and stickers.

Cons: The directions are a bit difficult for some people to follow. Also, you’ll need to crop your photos, as the photo sizes allowed in this configuration are not standard sizes.

Bottom Line: For a fantastic surprise for your most treasured person, this beautiful box features heart-shaped flaps, a beautiful ribbon, and a surprise box (perfect for a ring!) at the center. You’ll need to plan ahead and be prepared to print or crop your photos to odd sizes to make this work.

Final Thoughts

Explosion boxes are a unique gift to say “I love you.” They can hold many pictures, memories, trinkets, and even an engagement ring. Some take time to assemble, while others come pre-assembled, so you can put them together in one evening.

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