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The Best Eyebrow Trimmer

🕚 Updated October 2022

The size and shape of your eyebrows may be small details, but they're crucial ones that can completely alter your appearance. Check out our picks for the best eyebrow trimmers to give you a perfectly groomed look.

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  Best Electric Model Best Rechargeable Model Best Multi-Pack Best Kit Most Versatile
  Finishing Touch
Flawless Brows Eyebrow Pencil Hair Remover
Rechargeable Eyebrow Hair Remover
Hydro Silk Touch-Up Multipurpose Exfoliating Dermaplaning Tool
Eyebrow Kit
Studio Professional Eyebrow Kit
Hydro Silk Perfect Finish Trimmer
Our SummaryQuickly and painlessly remove unwanted eyebrow hairs with this electric eyebrow trimmer.This sleek, compact eyebrow trimmer comes with a rechargeable AAA battery.These three disposable, manual eyebrow razors come with a special precision shaping attachment.This eight-in-one eyebrow grooming kit includes everything you need for perfect eyebrows.Smooth and trim hair all over your face and body with this all-in-one trimming tool.
Pros✓ Available in fun colors
✓ Giftable box
✓ Comes with a AAA battery and a cleaning brush
✓ Easy to clean
✓ Cost-efficient
✓ Precise and easy to use ✓ Great for all unwanted facial hair
✓ Gets fine hairs
✓ Smoothes and exfoliates the skin
✓ Portable
✓ All-in-one kit
✓ Plush and portable case
✓ High-quality materials
✓ Multi-zone use
✓ Convenient and precise
✓ Comes with tools
✓ Nice zippered case
Cons✗ Time-consuming✗ Clogs quickly✗ May cause irritation or breakouts for some people✗ No color options with the eyebrow pencil✗ Doesn't last very long
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The Best Eyebrow Trimmer

Beautiful young woman trimming her eyebrow with an eyebrow razor at home.

Buying Guide for Eyebrow Trimmers

A woman uses a marker-shaped eyebrow trimmer to precisely trim her eyebrows.
Finishing Touch

Why buy an eyebrow trimmer?

Trimming your brow line can give your face a whole new look with pretty minimal effort. It’s no wonder that there are entire kits dedicated solely to maintaining the appearance of your eyebrows. The key tool in your arsenal is an eyebrow trimmer (also called a brow razor). They’re easy to use, and you may find you prefer them as a pain-free alternative to waxing or tweezing your brows.

What should you consider in an eyebrow trimmer?

  • Type: Eyebrow trimmers can be either electric or manual. Manual eyebrow trimmers are compact, inexpensive, easy to use, and don’t require batteries or cords, so they’re great for traveling and on-the-go eyebrow trimming. Some are reusable with proper washing; others are meant to be disposable. Disposable ones tend to be sold in packs, so you don’t have to buy new ones as often. Electric models will be larger, pricier, and require battery changes, an outlet, or charging in order to work, but they tend to offer more specialized care, precision removal, and extra settings and features.
  • Features: If you want to get more mileage out of your eyebrow trimmer, there are a few bonus features you can keep an eye out for. Some models will have micro guards to protect skin while you’re shaving or even exfoliate skin during use. Certain electric models are rechargeable, which can be more convenient and cost-efficient than plug-in or battery-powered ones. Others have pivoting heads that make it easier for you to achieve certain angles or hard-to-reach spots or specialty shaping tools or attachments that make it easier to precisely shape your brows. Some even come with a traveling bag or cleaning brush for better portability and maintenance.
  • Multipurpose: Some eyebrow trimmers can be used on more than just your brows. Since they’re made for fine hair, many will work on any type of facial hair, such as that pesky peach fuzz along the upper lip or jaw. Some people even find them useful to touch up small spots they might’ve missed when shaving their legs or underarms in the shower. Others have built-in combs or brushes that make it easier to shape and trim your brows. Some come as part of a larger grooming kit, which not only provides more bang for your buck but more versatility when it comes to trimming and shaping your brows. These kits often come with eyelash and makeup tools as well for even greater value.

Are there any side effects to using an eyebrow trimmer?

If you follow the directions and use your eyebrow trimmer properly, you shouldn’t experience any side effects. However, some people, particularly those with oily skin or skin issues, have reported worsening acne breakouts when using an eyebrow trimmer.

Our Picks for the Best Eyebrow Trimmers

Best Electric Model

Finishing Touch Flawless Brows Eyebrow Pencil Hair Remover

Quickly and painlessly remove unwanted eyebrow hairs with this electric eyebrow trimmer.

Pros: Why shouldn’t your eyebrow trimmer be cute? This trimmer is available in fun colors to suit your personality and dress up your vanity. It comes in a giftable box, and it comes with a AAA battery and a cleaning brush. It’s comfortable to hold since it’s shaped like a marker. It’s easy to use and feels painless on the skin; simply pull the skin tight and move the unit in small, circular motions or from side to side. Then, notice how smooth and soft your skin feels and how good your brows look. Plus, this eyebrow trimmer is easy to clean.

Cons: This eyebrow trimmer takes more time to remove the hair than some others, and you may have to go over the same area multiple times for the best results.

Bottom Line: Overall, this is a high-quality eyebrow trimmer. It’s a great, pain-free alternative to waxing or tweezing, and it’s super easy to use.


Best Rechargeable Model

Reazeal Rechargeable Eyebrow Hair Remover

This sleek, compact eyebrow trimmer comes with a rechargeable AAA battery.

Pros: Not only is this eyebrow razor cost-efficient, but it’s precise and easy to use, able to remove hair at the top, bottom, or between the eyebrows. The dual-edged, 360-degree rotating razor head can target even the smallest areas or gaps. To use, simply pull your skin tight and move the razor in a small circle. It won’t pull on your skin or hair, so you won’t feel any pain during use or have to worry about irritation or redness. The power button on the device lets you turn it on and off at will. The blades are made of sharp stainless steel for a clean shave every time. A matching cover keeps the blades safe and protected when not in use. And the small, lipstick-like body is lightweight enough to easily fit into a purse, clutch, or wrist wallet, so you can keep it on hand for use anywhere at any time. It will work on the hair on other parts of the face as well, like the upper lip, chin, nose, and more.

Cons: This trimmer can clog with hair pretty quickly, so you’ll have to shake it out after a few strokes and go back over the area for the best results.

Bottom Line: Unlike many other battery-powered eyebrow razors, this model is rechargeable rather than needing replacement batteries every couple of weeks, which will save you money in the long run. Both the rechargeable AAA battery and compatible Android charger come included with your purchase, so you don’t have to spend extra money on either.


Best Multi-Pack

Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up Multipurpose Exfoliating Dermaplaning Tool

These three disposable, manual eyebrow razors come with a special precision shaping attachment.

Pros: Whether you need an eyebrow trimmer for regular grooming, for touch-ups in between waxing sessions, or to bring on the go in case of emergencies, these handheld eyebrow razors can do it all. They shave away unwanted fine hairs and help shape your brows and even smooth and exfoliate the skin during use. For an even better exfoliation result, apply lotion or shaving cream before use if able. The blades on each of the three razors are designed with unique micro guards that protect your skin from nicks and cuts during use. The slender, essentially weightless bodies are highly portable and can fit pretty much anywhere, so you can touch up or shape your eyebrows at any time. You also get a precision attachment with your purchase. This handy little tool fits over the razor head and partially covers the blade. This essentially shortens the blade for those times when you need to fit it into a smaller area or need an especially precise shave.

Cons: These trimmers may cause irritation or breakouts, especially if you have oily skin.

Bottom Line: If you prefer a manual eyebrow razor to an electric one, this triple pack of eyebrow razors is a worthwhile, high-value investment. And they make it easy for beginners to trim and shape their eyebrows because they’re so simple to use.


Best Kit

Eyebrow Kit Studio Professional Eyebrow Kit

This eight-in-one eyebrow grooming kit includes everything you need for perfect eyebrows.

Pros: This all-in-one kit is perfect for your daily beauty routine. It has four different pairs of precision tweezers, a trimming razor, eyebrow trimming scissors, a dark brown eyebrow pencil, and a luxurious eyebrow brush. These professional grooming tools are perfect for hair removal, trimming, shaping, or derma planning. And they come in a plush, portable case that’s perfect for traveling and gifting. There are separate slots for all your tools inside, so nothing will get lost or damaged. Each tool is made from high-quality, durable materials.

Cons: There are no other color options for the eyebrow pencil.

Bottom Line: All things considered, this is a fantastic eyebrow shaping kit. It’s got everything you might need to create gorgeous looks for your brows.


Most Versatile

Schick Hydro Silk Perfect Finish Trimmer

Smooth and trim hair all over your face and body with this all-in-one trimming tool.

Pros: From a trusted name in skin care and grooming products, this Schick multi-zone face and body hair trimmer is uniquely designed for convenient and precise hair removal. You get more than just a trimmer when you buy this product; it comes with one handle, five attachments, a beauty bag, a cleaning brush, and a touch-up razor to meet all of your grooming and product care needs. To perfectly shape and trim your eyebrows, use the dual-sided trimmer for precise shaping and the brow comb to achieve the perfect length. And when you’re finished perfecting your brows, you can gently and quickly smooth away unwanted hair from your upper lip, chin, and face with the facial trimmer. And the trimmer can be used in other ways: cleaning up after a rushed shaving job on your legs, underarms, or arms, or cleaning up your bikini area. Plus, this trimmer and all its accessories come in a nice, zippered case that you can travel with!

Cons: Unfortunately, this trimmer doesn’t last as long as some people would prefer.

Bottom Line: This painless trimmer is a great tool for cleaning up facial hair and body hair. It’s easy to use, and it’s a good buy for the price.

Final Thoughts

Why spend hundreds of dollars on threading or waxing when you can make your eyebrows look fierce at home? Once you find the right at-home tools for you, you may never go back. Because with the perfect eyebrow trimmer, you can achieve salon-quality looks at a fraction of the cost.

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