The Best Eyelash Curlers for Gorgeous Lashes

A close up of woman using metal mechanical eyelash curler.
Brilliant Beauty

Ready to help make your eyelashes look better than ever? Specially designed to help lashes look fuller, longer, and thicker, eyelash curlers have become a staple for many beauty enthusiasts, and for good reason! Who doesn’t want gorgeous eyelashes? We have gathered up the best eyelash curlers for your next morning or evening routine to help you achieve the lashes you have always wanted. Read on to see them!

What to Consider When Purchasing Eyelash Curlers

The quality of an eyelash curler will be the key to the results you get, but there are other key points to consider before your eyelash curler purchase:

  • Comfort: A good eyelash curler will be comfortable for you to use. Based on the curve of your eye and the length of your lashes, choose one that is comfortable for you to use. The pads on the eyelash curler should be soft to gentle curl each lash. The design should not stick to or pull lashes.
  • Additional Care: Some eyelash curlers will be equipped with combs or other tools to help with additional care and flawless style while perfectly positioning eyelashes.
  • Type: Although it is arguable that all eyelash curlers are great, consider the type of curler you are going to be purchasing and the different effects each may offer. A metal mechanical curler is easy to find just about anywhere and is very easy to use. A plastic mechanical curler is ideal for those who want a cute colored tool or have reactions to metal. A precision point curler is specially designed to allow more flexibility with curling. These curlers have a variety of uses, such as curling small portions of lashes, applying false lashes, and can also be handy for those who have a difficult time finding a lash curler with the right curve for their eye. Designed along the lines of a curling iron, heated curlers help keep the curl longer and are available in multiple styles of their own.

Best Overall: Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler

A rose gold metal mechanical eyelash curler with replacement pads.
Brilliant Beauty

Available in multiple colors, this lash curler is made to never pinch lashes and only gives you a gorgeous lift and curl! The hinge is calibrated for uniform pressure every time, and the curler itself is made of certified high-quality surgical-grade stainless steel. Designed for all eye shapes and sizes, this curler only takes seconds to achieve a glorious look. Your purchase comes with the eyelash curler, a satin travel pouch, two extra silicone refill pads, and even an instruction manual.

Best Overall

Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler

Pretty colors options that are designed to not pinch or crimp lashes while giving a gorgeous lift and curl.

Best Set: MODUSKYE Eyelash Curler Kit

A complete set of black and purple eyelash curler tools.

This seven-in-one set offers a combination of tools to help achieve almost any look! The main eyelash curler offers no tugging or pulling and a calibrated hinge for even curling pressure every time. The design also offers a longer curl surface and soft silicone cushions that are made to be user-friendly. This set also includes a mini eyelash curler that is great for curling smaller and harder-to-reach lashes, extended tweezers that allow you to easily pull on, adjust, or remove false lashes, an eyelash comb that helps to smooth any lashes, scissors, and replacement pads.

Best Set

MODUSKYE Eyelash Curler Kit

A seven-in-one set that includes multiple tools for flawless eye-styling.

Best Heated: TOUCHBeauty Heated Eyelash Curler

A side view of a white and red heated eyelashes curler.

Quick, painless, and long-lasting, this heated eyelash curler is safe to use on almost all eyelashes. Comb shaped for greater curling, the tip is designed to not pinch, crimp, or damage eyelashes, and the temperature is set on the safest setting as not to damage or burn eyelashes. The pad is made of soft heated silicone and changes color when it is fully heated. The compact design can easily fit in a bag or purse for curled and flawless lashes even on the go! The curler quickly heats to the desired setting and is comfortable to hold while styling.

Best Heated

TOUCHBeauty Heated Eyelash Curler

Quickly heating to a range of heat settings that are safe, this eyelash curler helps keep lashes curled and fits almost every eye shape.

Best Wand: Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler Wand-Style

A blue and black wand eyelash curler with a case.

Designed to softly lift and curl lashes, this curler easily fits in your hand for maximum comfort and easy use. This curler operates on only a single AAA battery. It also combs lashes while styling and offers a gentle heat for naturally gorgeous-looking lashes. The circular comb smoothly curls from base to tip without pinching or crimping and easily fits in make-up bags or purses for stylish lashes almost anywhere.

Best Wand

Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler Wand

Gentle heat with a comb design that lifts and curls lashes without crimping or pinching from base to tip.

Best Comb: Docolor Eyelash Comb Curler

Two black eyelash curler combs on white background.

Most curlers force you to apply mascara after curling or remove all mascara for re-curling, but not this convenient brush! Simply apply mascara and allow it to partially dry before running the teeth of this comb curler through your lashes — creating lift and neatly styled lashes. The comfortable plastic handle and anti-rust metal teeth are easy to clean.

Best Comb

Docolor Eyelash Comb Curler

Able to be easily used with mascara for a style and lift at the same time.

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