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The Best Face Rollers

🕚 Updated January 2023

Facial rollers are all the rage in the dermatology and beauty industries because many provide outstanding results. If you've ever been curious about using a face roller, we've done the research and found some great products for you to try.

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  Best Stone Roller Best Ice Roller Best with Lights Best Electric Roller Best for Beards
Rose Quartz Massager
Ice Roller
Pure Daily Care
Luma - 4 in 1 Skin Therapy Wand
Face Massager Roller
Derma Roller
Our SummaryThese unique natural tools are used to soothe the skin and reduce puffiness, great for morning and evening use.Relieve stress, under-eye bags, and the pain of migraines with this freezer-friendly face roller.Improve your skin's condition with light therapy and cell stimulation with this skincare wand.This two-piece face roller kit comes in a stunning gold design and provides a delicate way to apply your skincare products.Keep a healthy-looking complexion and promote facial hair growth with this all-in-one stimulating derma roller.
Pros✓ Two products per package
✓ Several different color choices
✓ Two different head sizes
✓ Great value
✓ Easy to clean and store
✓ Roller stays cold for a long time
✓ Soothing
✓ Four modes: light therapy, wave penetration technology, ionic/galvanic channeling, and massage
✓ Fight off signs of aging, calms irritation, and improves complexion
✓ LED screen, rechargeable battery, and built-in timer
✓ Two rollers with two heads
✓ Waterproof design and can be used on any part of your body
✓ Combine with and apply any serum, lotion, or oil
✓ Has an ergonomic, no-slip grip
✓ Has microneedles that are 0.25 millimeters long
✓ Stimulates roots for hair growth
✓ Regenerates cell growth for improved complexion
Cons✗ Delicate
✗ Doesn't come with cleaning instructions
✗ Gel may leak
✗ May be a bit big if you need it for nose and eyes
✗ Instruction manual may be inconsistent and hard to understand
✗ May not last for more than six months
✗ Batteries are not included, and not all brands of batteries will work✗ Microneedles may be too small to be effective for some
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The Best Face Rollers

A woman with a towel on her head uses a face roller on her cheekbone.

Face rollers are facial massage tools used to tone and lift the skin to maintain a more youthful appearance. They increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, reduce toxins, and release tension in the face. Some can even stimulate hair growth and cell regeneration. We recommend checking out these options to incorporate into your facial skincare routine.

Buying Guide for Face Rollers

A woman uses a green jade roller on her jawline.
LightField Studios/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a face roller?

If you enjoy a spa-like beauty regimen, you might enjoy owning a face roller. Face rollers help keep moisture in, reduce puffiness, and massage facial muscles. Some facial rollers are made to reduce pain or puffiness, stimulate hair growth, reduce wrinkles, and even fight acne. There are various reasons to purchase a face roller, but ultimately, they can help you look and feel your best.

What should you consider in face rollers?

  • Type: Face rollers are made from a variety of materials. Some common options include gemstones like jade, rose quartz, and obsidian. Make your decision based on your skin needs and different materials’ benefits.
  • Design: Some face rollers are dual-sided, with one larger roller and one smaller roller to better fit certain areas of the face, like under the eyes. However, another tool called a gua sha is also commonly used to perform contoured and pressured facial massage.
  • Use: Most face rollers benefit from being stored in the fridge for a cool massage. Professionals recommend rolling in one direction at a time for best results rather than rolling in an up-and-down motion.

How do you care for a face roller?

Face rollers can be cleaned and stored easily. It’s good practice to sanitize your facial roller after every use with isopropyl alcohol. This will wash off the remaining moisturizer or serum as well as germs. Don’t share them with others so that you can avoid sharing bacteria. You can also store your roller in the refrigerator or a bathroom cabinet in a clean Ziploc bag.

Our Picks for the Best Face Rollers

Best Stone Roller

BAIMEI Rose Quartz Massager

These unique natural tools are used to soothe the skin and reduce puffiness, great for morning and evening use.

Pros: You get a rose quartz face roller and a matching gua sha tool in this purchase, each bringing different results. The roller helps with lymphatic drainage, and the gua sha tool massages a bit deeper and works on other muscles of your body, too. You can choose from several different colored stones for your perfect match. The roller has two different-sized heads to massage all areas of your face and neck.

Cons: The roller is delicate and must be handled with care. It doesn’t come with cleaning instructions.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a facial roller made from real, beautiful stones, this is a great product for you. There are tons of benefits to using real stone rollers, including locking in moisture. Plus, it comes in gift-worthy packaging.


Best Ice Roller

ESARORA Ice Roller

Relieve stress, under-eye bags, and the pain of migraines with this freezer-friendly face roller.

Pros: This freezable face roller is a great value. It’s easy to clean, store, and reuse. The gel inside the roller stays cold for a long time, so you can soothe sinuses, migraines, redness, puffiness, or muscle soreness for longer than some other products.

Cons: The roller can’t handle more than a couple of pounds of pressure. It may be a bit big if you need to use it around the nose and eyes.

Bottom Line: For cool, soothing relief, this is the best roller. You can easily wipe it off after using it with soap and water or a simple sanitizing solution. It’s great for sunburns, headaches, or swelling.


Best with Lights

Pros: The Luma skincare wand is a proactive step toward better and healthier skin. It’s equipped with four modes of technology: light therapy, wave penetration technology, ionic/galvanic channeling, and massage. Light therapy uses red, green, and blue to fight off signs of aging, calm any irritation, and provide a better complexion. The wave penetration technology allows your skin to lift and firm by stimulating collagen and elastin. The ionic/galvanic channeling uses positive or negative ions to pull out impurities from the skin or apply serums and/or lotions. The massaging mode has two settings to provide ultimate relaxation and improve muscle tone in your face. Some features include an LED screen, a rechargeable battery, and a built-in timer.

Cons: The instruction manual is inconsistent and may be difficult to understand and read. Also, the wand may not last for more than six months.

Bottom Line: For those who want to streamline their skincare routine, the Luma light therapy wand is a wonderful solution that has many benefits. You can customize your experience to meet your needs, whether it’s fighting wrinkles or improving your overall appearance.


Best Electric Roller

Face Massager Roller Golden 3D Electric T Shape Facial Massager Kit

This two-piece face roller kit comes in a stunning gold design and provides a delicate way to apply your skincare products.

Pros: If you’re on the hunt for a simple but luxurious experience, this facial roller kit is what you need. It comes with two rollers with two heads: a 3D roller with two balls and a T-shape electric roller. Both are made with a waterproof design and can be used on any part of your body due to their shapes. Combine with and apply any serum, lotion, or oil to tighten skin, fight wrinkles, and brighten your appearance.

Cons: You need to buy your own batteries for the electric roller, and not all brands of batteries work.

Bottom Line: Although it may not provide the full facial experience you’d get at a spa, this facial roller kit comes pretty close. You get total control over how you use them, whether on your face or another part of your body.


Best for Beards


Keep a healthy-looking complexion and promote facial hair growth with this all-in-one stimulating derma roller.

Pros: This derma roller provides more than just skin care with its ability to regenerate hair growth. The roller has an ergonomic, no-slip grip and has microneedles that are 0.25 millimeters long. In areas you lack hair, just roll over five to ten times to stimulate the roots. For skin care, you’ll do the same and then add an oil or serum to the face and massage gently.

Cons: Some may find the microneedles too small to be effective for their needs, especially for fine lines and wrinkles.

Bottom Line: Great for beards, skin, and thinning hairlines, this facial roller features microneedles set to minimize discomfort while stimulating cell regeneration.

Final Thoughts

If you want to roll the tension and inflammation out of your face,  promote hair growth around your beard, or minimize your pores, a face roller can be a convenient and effective tool to add to your skincare routine. Our selections should serve you well.

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