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The Best Fake Security Cameras

🕚 Updated February 2022

Home security can be a hassle with setting up real cameras and sensors; instead, consider a fake security camera to look threatening without splurging on the real thing. These cameras are as convincing as the real deal, and they may just save your home or business from unwanted intruders.

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Fake Security Cameras
Bullet Fake Surveillance Cameras
Fake Security CCTV Dome Cameras
Fake Security Bullet Cameras
Solar Powered Fake Security Cameras
Our SummaryWhite fake security cameras with a built-in photoelectric sensors that activate the red LED light.A four-pack of fake security cameras that look like real ones and have no wiring.This two-pack of dummy dome cameras have a contemporary and convincing design and can be used both indoors and outdoors.These cameras feature 24 LEDs, a blinking red light, and a water-resistant build.A solar-powered option that saves energy and looks at least as real as other comparable fake security cameras.
ProsSingle red LED light, built-in photoelectric sensor, two-axis rotation feature for setting your desired angle.Look real, no motorized pan movement, high-quality material, red LED blinking lights, no wiring, easy to install on ceiling or wall, security alert sticker decals.Inexpensive four-pack, compact and contemporary look, each has red flashing light, installs easily to ceiling or wall with included screws, for indoor and outdoor.Blinking red LED light in dark, ceiling- and wall-mountable, three-axis mounting bracket, slidable IP66 metal housing is weather-resistant.Solar-powered, flashing red LED light, easy to install, adjustable mounting bracket, stainless steel screws, mount on ceiling or wall, inside or outside.
ConsEach camera requires two AA batteries, which aren't included.Lack of visible wiring.Batteries not included.Won't last forever.Doesn't come with backup batteries.
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The Best Fake Security Cameras

a security camera attached to a home next to an outdoor light.

Buying Guide for the Best Fake Security Cameras

Security CCTV camera on ceiling.

Why buy a fake security camera?

A quality fake security camera looks so close to the real thing that an approaching thief won’t be able to discern the difference. Just the presence of a camera, real or fake, will deter intruders. However, fake security cameras are by far the more affordable version. Plus, fake security cameras are much less expensive to replace if they’re accidentally broken by your child’s frisbee.

What should you consider when buying a fake security camera?

  • Type: You should weigh the pros and cons of dome and bullet security cameras. Bullet cameras are known for their longer-range monitoring, while dome cameras offer a wider field of view. Bullet cameras are larger and, therefore, more visible, while dome cameras are more subtle. An experienced vandal will know the risks of each camera. From their point of view, a bullet camera will catch their movements from a distance as they approach your home. Dome cameras can deter thefts because they won’t know which angle the camera is pointing.
  • Accessories: Some fake security cameras come with fake cable cords and cord holes which improve their disguise. Many of the products we review come with warning security alert sticker decals. If the camera you select doesn’t, you may want to consider buying some separately. Another effective detail for bullet cameras is convincing slidable housing. This detail may go unnoticed by a novice, but it may stop an experienced intruder.
  • Indoor or Outdoor: If you’re more interested in preventing unwanted entrance to your home or business, it makes sense to get an outdoor bullet camera. That said, it may not be adequate to have indoor cameras only. If a thief manages to enter your home, they’re a step closer to successfully stealing or damaging property. The best solution may be a mix of outdoor and indoor cameras.

What additional products should you consider for optimal protection?

Ideally, you want a mix of fake and real security cameras, striking a balance between the best security and cost. While counterfeit security cameras can be incredibly effective in deterring intruders, they’re not foolproof. Don’t take a chance; add one or two real security cameras into the mix if your budget allows. Also, you may want to choose cameras that closely resemble one another to avoid causing suspicion in the intruder.

Our Picks for the Best Fake Security Cameras

Best White Option

BNT Fake Security Cameras

White fake security cameras with a built-in photoelectric sensors that activate the red LED light.

Pros: Perhaps the highlight of these two dummy security cameras is the single red LED light because, at night, it attracts attention. The built-in photoelectric sensor is behind the night-time only illumination, a feature that helps save battery energy. Realistic in appearance, the white cameras will cause potential intruders to hesitate before moving into action, protecting your home or business twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Also beneficial is the two-axis rotation feature, which allows you to fix your desired angle.

Cons: Each camera requires two AA batteries, which aren’t included.

Bottom Line: These realistic-looking fake security cameras are easy to install—no wires needed. The two-pack is a great buy. These cameras are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Best Four-Pack

WALI Bullet Fake Surveillance Security Cameras

A four-pack of fake security cameras that look like real ones and have no wiring.

Pros: These simulated security cameras are an inexpensive solution for security or theft problems. The cameras look real, have no motorized pan movement, and are made with high-quality and durable material. Each has one red LED blinking light that illuminates only in the dark. With no wiring, it’s easy to install these cameras on the ceiling or wall with the included screws. Use indoors or outdoors and install two AA batteries for operation. This product also comes with a warning security alert sticker decal.

Cons: The lack of visible wiring may tip off experienced intruders if they’re looking closely.

Bottom Line: This four-pack of convincingly realistic dummy cameras also features an equally realistic-looking video cable and video cable hole.


Best Dome Option

WALI Fake Security CCTV Dome Cameras

This two-pack of dummy dome cameras have a contemporary and convincing design and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Pros: A fake dome camera can make potential intruders nervous because they can’t tell where it’s pointed. That’s just part of the value of this inexpensive four-pack of black dome cameras. The compact and contemporary design makes these cameras look like the real deal; plus, each has one red flashing light. Protect your home or shop by installing these quickly and easily to the ceiling or wall with the included screws. The cameras require two AA batteries for operation and work for both indoor and outdoor security.

Cons: The two AA batteries needed for each camera are not included.

Bottom Line: This is a nice set of reasonably priced dome cameras you can use to protect your home or business. They’re easy to install; plus, you get four security alert decals.


Best Black Option

ZOSI Fake Security Bullet Cameras

These cameras feature 24 LEDs, a blinking red light, and a water-resistant build.

Pros: Unlike other life-like security cameras, these feature 24 LEDs. The one blinking red LED remains lighted only in the dark to further the disguise. Ceiling and wall-mountable, the camera’s three-axis mounting bracket allows you to point the camera at the ideal angle. In addition, there’s a slidable, IP66 metal housing that’s weather-resistant, making the camera ideal for indoors or outdoors.

Cons: Some people had issues with the lights working long-term. They don’t have the best construction.

Bottom Line: An economically sound approach to keeping your stuff and loved ones safe, this bullet camera set is both eye-catching and sufficiently attractive to add to your home.


Best Solar-Powered

F FINDERS & CO Solar-Powered Fake Security Camera

A solar-powered option that saves energy and looks at least as real as other comparable fake security cameras.

Pros: This unique solar-powered dummy camera automatically charges rechargeable batteries. If the sun isn’t strong enough, two AA batteries are on the ready. While the lens and LED lights are fake, the one red LED light flashes every two seconds to simulate an actual security camera. Thanks to the fully adjustable mounting bracket, it’s impressively easy to install. The needed stainless-steel screws come with the camera. You can mount the camera on the ceiling or wall, but the solar-powered feature only works outside.

Cons: The product doesn’t come with rechargeable or two AA backup batteries. They’re not ideal for indoor use.

Bottom Line: These solar-powered fake security cameras are a novelty among similar products and are a great choice if you want the red LED light to run during the day. Included with the package are four warning security alert decals.

Final Thoughts

Many of us get nervous about home and business security, but spending hundreds or thousands on security cameras isn’t always possible. These fake security cameras can be a real lifesaver.

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